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  1. brett.mayfield

    ready rig gs

    hey yall ill give ya a good deal on this. just wanna move stuff out. brett.
  2. brett.mayfield

    Flying a Sony Venice

    hey dude dunno if youve already done this job or not. nonetheless, ive been shooting on the venice for 18 months now. payload of the zephyr is twenty pounds rite? im sure its possible but unlikely to get that camera under weight, then consider batteries. to trim weight, try flying it with an anton bauer to 4pin xlr plate that you can power off your sled. if youve got an arm that will handle it then go for it. i do think that its will likely pickup vibrations pretty easily, so you may need to be especially considerate of your gait and speed. its not a tricky camera. japanese manufacturer so the menu is such, a little deep. get a clean feed to your monitor, i believe it can be set to sdi 2. you dont want to deal with the camera info clutter. this will kill your surround view, but i think that its worth it. i like the inertia of a good build on this body. have fun! brett.
  3. brett.mayfield

    any 2" docking bracket (cept gorelock)

    Thanks Matthias I’ll check this out
  4. brett.mayfield

    Pro Docking Bracket

    two just went up for sale
  5. brett.mayfield

    Anton Bauer HCX batteries

    twin chargers are sold 6 HCX batteries still available. 200 each or all 6 for 1000
  6. brett.mayfield

    Walter Klassen Tradition Deluxe Harness

    groovy, I'm keen to know. I'm interested in the vest. I operate with the rig on my left, not goofy.
  7. is the mkv dock also gone?
  8. brett.mayfield

    Walter Klassen Tradition Deluxe Harness

    i don’t know much about these vest, but is it reversible, so that the rig can be flown on the other side? even if the vest’s arm could swing around to the other side, would it keep the user from being able to use the waist strap?
  9. hey yall id like to pickup another 2" docking bracket. i dont use the gorelock system, so xcs, mkv, or otherwise. please lemme know! brett.
  10. hey yall ive got a handful of cables from my gyro kit that i wont be using. 2x ptap to 4pin xlr (21in, 31in) $25 each 2x 4pin xlr extension (10-11 ft) $40 each 2x pro (NOT CINELIVE) to 4pin xlr $50 each all of em for $200, plus shipping from atlanta brett.
  11. brett.mayfield

    Hello - Newb Op here w/ newbie footage

    hey dude i watched your video, and kudos to you for getting out so early in the morning to do some practice! you actually do a good job of maintaining a consistent distance from your subject. here are a few things to watch out for, which im sure youve already identified: -cutting into the head and face, especially on the wide shots -horizon when going around the trees, moving sideways. this can be due to the force of your hand on the post. how much drop time did you have when balancing? getting a neutral drop time and being able to operate that way is the golden egg, but i only know of one operator who does that. so you may want a 3-4 second drop time. -if you and your partner are operating the same way, then check your stance. generally the rig isnt right out in front of the operator. its should be in front of your hip, sort of at a 45 degree angle from your belly button, your knee passing by it. if you can hook the monitor up to the camera then that will help, rather than looking at the back of the camera. -consider purchasing the steadicam operators handbook. there are a whole bunch of really good practice techniques in there. as much as youll want to dance and roll around to create nice foreground and flowing shots, you need to nail down the fundamentals like moving in a straight path without the horizon moving, and maintaining a good composition. keep practicing! its all about time in the vest. brett.
  12. brett.mayfield

    The Rolls Royce of Steadicams.

    those trinity rigs look like they could be a rolls royce. so much technology though. the smooth ride of the ergo gimbal, the colors of the electronics...id say that the ultimate 2hd is like the rolls royce ghost. my sled is xcs chassis and steering, pro suspension and body, and a betz roof rack so im going with mine being a land cruiser. diesel. brett.
  13. brett.mayfield

    Anton bauer twin simultaneous chargers

    hey jonathan these just sold the other day, sorry i forgot to post that they had been shipped anyways SOLD
  14. brett.mayfield

    WTB Arrihead 2

    mike heathcote was selling one late last year...
  15. brett.mayfield

    Gorelock Docking Clamp 2”

    some were just listed in the marketplace