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  1. brett.mayfield

    ready rig gs

    down to negotiate
  2. brett.mayfield

    1.5" docking brackets, ARRI (?) camera plate

    all sold thanks yall! moderators can delete this post brett.
  3. brett.mayfield

    1.5" docking brackets, ARRI (?) camera plate

    CP (small) docking bracket and plate have sold. the larger docking bracket is available!
  4. brett.mayfield

    WTB Monitor yoke and docking bracket

    hey dani ive got two docking brackets for sale:
  5. hey yall ive got two brackets here for 1.5" posts. giving them up because all my rigs are 2" otherwise these are great. the smaller is a Cinema Products fork with an aircraft pin. the green is just a paper tape guide. i used this on my cart - 50 buckaroos the larger i believe is one of a small batch by justin browne. tons of options, good for balancing rig and hanging vest. ill miss this one, 15" - 400 big ones steadicam plate, very standard, 3 through-holes for mounting, removable slide-stop screws on each side, 9" - 50 greenbacks buyer pays shipping from atlanta, international is fine for me have a good one! brett.
  6. brett.mayfield

    wtb 2" docking bracket

    come onnnn would love to buy yours
  7. brett.mayfield

    FS Transvideo 6" Monitor

    which model?
  8. brett.mayfield

    wtb transvideo cinemonitor hd6

    two are available in the for sale section rite now
  9. brett.mayfield

    Gen 4 Batt Rack with Two jumper blocks

    That was a great explanation
  10. brett.mayfield

    Heden Motor questions

    I absolutely love the heden motors. maybe a year or two ago they were purchased and the customer service is a little quicker i believe. i think that preston motors are only common because they are an american institution, but frankly i think that they are way behind the curve. so many positives to heden: -very easy to swap the gear to the other side of the unit (snaps in and out) -size -doesnt require any screw drivers for mounting, changing orientation, etc. -mounting is super quick and easy; can flip upside in seconds (the only arguable disadvantage is if you need to mount to a dogbone or something like the preston mounting congiuration, youll have to get creative, but i have never had an issue) -package comes with all sorts of gear sizes as well as collets for 15mm and panavision size (the motors are standard 19mm) -quiet the only advantage preston may have its that their beefiest motors probably has a bit more torque, but i never had an issue. ive owned 6 hedens i believe. i dunno what your kit would be but i carried 1xM26 and 3xM21 but that LM30 looks rad. total disclaimer - i no longer own them because i sold off all monitors, wireless, and fiz units because i like buying remote heads and rigs brett.
  11. hey yall looking to buy a 2" docking bracket, preferably xcs since its will work with my setup, however will consider others. no gorelock also wouldnt mind just a set of forks (bracket without balancing post, arm hanger etc.) brett.
  12. brett.mayfield

    Gen 4 Batt Rack with Two jumper blocks

    Hey Nico The Gen4 rack is the best in my opinion, Ive had a few different hangers. its slim, lightweight, and keeps the rig short. the only thing that i dont like is that extending the back two batteries is a little tough to do precisely when the rig is on the arm, as it binds a bit, but really this is not a deal breaker. it only works with the gen4 power block, so batteries only power the sled and aks in one configuration, except shawn seems to have a cool power block that allows for all plates to run 12v power. it will work on the cinemaHD configuration and cinelive. to my knowledge, the only difference is the added line of HD on the cinelive. hope youre well dude! brett.
  13. brett.mayfield

    Garfield Mount Wanted

    walter klassen arguably makes the best the Jerry Hill version is great. I have two, but they are basic and will require more on your part to keep things level, etc.
  14. hey dude Is this still a thing? I could have something for ya in a few days, just have to receive some other stuff first. brett.
  15. brett.mayfield

    15mm rod bracket for PRO dovetail

    how about making a small dovetail with threading so that you can marry the dovetail and the rod bracket that you have? then slide the dovetail into the pro mdr T bracket. that way all you need is a to have a machinist grind down and 1" piece of metal with threads