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  1. brett.mayfield

    Low mode - docking position

    the pro cinelive has a built-in collar on which you can dock. however when im using that sled i have added a collar anyways. on my xcs post i have a lower docking collar and i bring the stand up high. just easier to mount up the rig, however you obviously have to adjust the height of the stand between balancing etc...ahem 2AC...
  2. brett.mayfield

    ready rig gs

    hey yall ive got a ready rig gs here. well cared for, its in great shape. used a dozen or so times. non smoking environment. its got a few signs of wear and tear, some pictured, but the harness is a beast and is ready for more. negotiable 1500 plus shipping from atlanta, or local pickup. lemme know if you have any questions brett.
  3. brett.mayfield

    Gloves. Why wear them?

    please submit a photo of yourself operating with a sweatband and fingerless gloves.
  4. brett.mayfield

    unknown arm/broken spring

    i truly dont know, but i would consider chinese manufactured rigs. there is some info on this forum about that brett.
  5. brett.mayfield

    Sony Venice

    sony hasn't released firmware with any sensor flip or flop, so you can only shoot in a conventional orientation. if you want to shoot in low mode, you need to mount your plate to the top of the camera, unless you're outputting to video village through a decimator (or other). brett.
  6. brett.mayfield

    Sony Venice

    all around good camera, but no flip and flop! so no low mode unless you mount the camera like a film camera. also, if you are using the wooden camera cage, then beware of static electricity, especially when using dance floor on dolly. if you walk on the dance floor then touch a camera accessory, you will blow the fuse. ive done it about a half dozen times this month. the DBox has a thermally resetting fuse, so it will reset, but its annoying. weight is great for steadicam. use 12v through your sled into the DBox using and Anton Bauer plate and youre set! at least thats how im running it. not great for handheld, as it is very front heavy, so i use a shark fin on the back to double up on heavy batteries. also, use HCX batteries if you can. The camera burns through HC batteries. Cine150s are also good.
  7. brett.mayfield

    rig bed on the truck

    for this show my 2AC really wanted to get it off the cart so that he's got space to drop some of my other set gear. I figure since he's really the one to deal with it that I can't really complain. i will say that on one show the truck had some work done on the AC over a weekend and transpo didn't ratchet down the carts that they unratcheted. well my cart spilled out of the side door when we opened it Monday morning on set, including my rig. I think that this is exceedingly rare, but I won't be a sucker a second time so I like shelves now. brett.
  8. im all in for bushings brett.
  9. brett.mayfield

    Atlas Pro Arm For Sale

    rad idea. how'd you go about this...? brett.
  10. brett.mayfield

    Anton Bauer Logic series twin charger $350 obo

    you can send the batteries to john ritter for a bit of a discount on new batteries or recelling these. he has a banner on the side of the page brett.
  11. brett.mayfield

    Mo-Sys L40 // Remote head

    Hey Cedric Sent an email brett.
  12. highly recommend this system. if anyone hasnt tried the atom, this system rules. rock solid signal, stupid simple to use. i burned through teradeks and wont ever buy another, but ive done some soccer fields with the atom and also probably 150' or more doing car-to-car work without a blip. brett.
  13. brett.mayfield

    FS : Hypercam HC3 700$USD

    what a steal
  14. brett.mayfield

    Fried HDMI Port

    ...im confused...
  15. brett.mayfield

    Body exercises

    jiu jitsu! and judo. anything to understand a mass attached to yourself