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  1. i just finished gaspar noe's climax and ho ly cow. but who is the operator? wild stuff, radical perspectives. the dp is benoit debie. does he also operate? brett.
  2. hey y’all i’ve replaced the firmware on many twin simultaneous chargers to v22 or whatever is latest to handle the new batteries. but are there other 2 and 4 back chargers that will work? I am looking at a bunch of used ones on eBay and figure I will have to replace the firmware but I also noticed some are end of life for Anton Bauer. The 2702 2722 and 2000 interactive seem like good choices. Any thoughts?
  3. is there a wave 2? i see wave 1... whats the difference?
  4. ive bought from matthias several times, cam jam is great.
  5. everything I keep hearing is that it's a No from tiffen because it's a rebuild for the gimbal handle, etc. Which is interesting because isn't the volt gimbal handle actually a wider diameter than the xcs post? I don't imagine that Greg Bubb would be building something off of their design. I've been curious about all this as well because rite before it was released I had doubled down on more than a few xcs posts.
  6. Hi Brett,


      Is the ready rig still for sale? Please let me know. 



    Rick Drapkin.  (818)261-6977

  7. thanks Mike. yes, lithium, hcx batteries. how would I maintain 40%?
  8. hey y'all I have some newly recelled batteries that aren't going to be used for about a year. will they be in the same / good shape after a year of sitting on twin simultaneous chargers?
  9. consider reaching out to Paul dudeck of Anton Bauer. AB produces vmount and gold mount batteries sinus bet it's the same but he may be able to give you some insight
  10. hey y'all anyone got suggestions for a vertical vibration isolator for a remote head, speficially for dolly? I run a MoSys L40 with a Venice so total payload is over 60lbs I know I can go black arm but it's so long and I'm more interested in something like this ProAim but with Mitchell on both ends https://www.proaim.com/proaim-mitchell-vibration-isolator-for-camera-gimbals-15-50kg.html brett.
  11. it's not awesome to fly a rig heavier than the payload of your arm or rig but it's doable. just puts pressure on your arm to lift the rig a bit and also puts pressure on your hardware. bring a bathroom scale but don't freak out if your over 23. it may be that your warranty isn't covered on heavier payloads but I truly don't know about that aspect
  12. usually the camera has arri plates, some kind of cage, top handle, etc. but perhaps you can get it all down to nothing. but you'll need to attach your follow focus and wireless to something...
  13. hey yall ill give ya a good deal on this. just wanna move stuff out. brett.
  14. hey dude dunno if youve already done this job or not. nonetheless, ive been shooting on the venice for 18 months now. payload of the zephyr is twenty pounds rite? im sure its possible but unlikely to get that camera under weight, then consider batteries. to trim weight, try flying it with an anton bauer to 4pin xlr plate that you can power off your sled. if youve got an arm that will handle it then go for it. i do think that its will likely pickup vibrations pretty easily, so you may need to be especially considerate of your gait and speed. its not a tricky camera. japanese manufacturer so the menu is such, a little deep. get a clean feed to your monitor, i believe it can be set to sdi 2. you dont want to deal with the camera info clutter. this will kill your surround view, but i think that its worth it. i like the inertia of a good build on this body. have fun! brett.
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