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  1. please get rid of the authenticator its literally more work to get into steadicam forum than into my bank account.
  2. Hey Kevin I mite be putting mine up for sale come May or so. Im probably looking at around $19,000 feel free to circle back around then if youre still hunting. brett.
  3. maybe i’m an admin...unlikely i’d be selected as the salty fellow i am, but maybe this is my peak in the steadicam community... not sure why i am getting hit with it on both mac and iphone. anyways. just had to put it out there
  4. i hear ya, but we’ve managed to handle this site for twenty years without it. not that i need to hear the whole backstory, it i’m curious if there was some egregious hacking to prompt this. anyways...more apps
  5. ADMINS- Please get rid of this. there is just absolutely no reason why I should have to use a 3rd party app to get into a website. unless this is some setting that ive got on my omputer that ive never encountered before, i think that this is a result of the website. i just absolutely cannot stand stuff like this and there is no reason that on a discussion forum, not a place where any real important or secure information is secured, that there sould be some kind of authentication beyond username and password. sorry, this is extremely frustrating and annoying. hopefully im being an idiot and this is something having to do with my computer or internet browser settings... brett.
  6. I have been waiting on a repair to a motorized monitor arm for over 6 months. I also have a gig coming up that wants to utilize the app but I have not gotten a response. I have emailed Ruben in the past with no success. can yall share any info on the app? this job is hinging on the ability to use it.
  7. but these xcs versions are gone now rite? i did hear that David Hable has done some wave mods to upper junction boxes reducing the height by about an inch
  8. these are sold. i thought i’d closed the thread. sorry!
  9. charger works. i had two batteries on it but they were old. i tested and it charges properly $5 plus shipping
  10. this is a handheld dslr shoulder mount. it uses bicycle brake handles to turn the gear which is attached to a lens. the gear, of which there are two, is mounted to an aluminum block that attaches to 15mm rods. i also have a mount here for the camera so that you can attach 15mm rods to the camera. it’s pretty homemade but is fun to use. no instructions or anything, just figure it out. i can talk you through it. theres a spot for mounting a small monitor. the whole thing can be reconfigured, it’s very modular. anyways, fun toy. $25 plus shipping
  11. hey dude i have one let me know if youre interested brett.
  12. i have one, not for sale but willing to get it to you to use
  13. mine is old school, but it has 8x one-inch 1/4"-20 hex screws. janice machines really nice hardware.
  14. what size gyros and what kind of stuff do you have with them?
  15. hey yall this is a monitor mount that i got with my first pro cinelive a few moons ago. the only reason to get rid of it is that i run 2" posts all around... so the last structural vestige of my first rig, i bid you farewell. telescoping monitor arm with center post mount and delrin ring/collet and monitor spud receiver. i replaced one screw. rods are 8.25" long. $1000 lemme know! brett.
  16. hey yall i have 8 hcx batteries the were recelled by john ritter in july 2017. they were really only used for about 9 months. theyve been used lightly on and off since then. only getting rid of them because im pretty swamped with batteries. one has a busted screen. all of them take charge and output at 14.4 volts. some have dionic 160 electronics and some are hcx electronics. this would frankly be a great music video package for newer operators. i particularly like hcx and and 150wh batteries for the smal amount of extra bulk to that keeps the post shorter. anyways, $200 each and willing to make deals on multiples. would love to sell the lot. brett.
  17. hey yall ive got a used super post cable. 33.5" -65+" it came in a used super post that i purchased. my cinelive connection is not compatible with this connection. the previous owner let me know that its a modded cable with a single line of hd. im pretty sure it fits Pro 2 models. since im not 100% sure about the cable, if you want it, let me know and if it works for ya then $400. the cable is in great shape, just cosmetic wear. the connections are tight, the lemo slide action works well, and the connector face is not at all misshapen. the pins are straight. have a good one! brett.
  18. i just finished gaspar noe's climax and ho ly cow. but who is the operator? wild stuff, radical perspectives. the dp is benoit debie. does he also operate? brett.
  19. hey y’all i’ve replaced the firmware on many twin simultaneous chargers to v22 or whatever is latest to handle the new batteries. but are there other 2 and 4 back chargers that will work? I am looking at a bunch of used ones on eBay and figure I will have to replace the firmware but I also noticed some are end of life for Anton Bauer. The 2702 2722 and 2000 interactive seem like good choices. Any thoughts?
  20. is there a wave 2? i see wave 1... whats the difference?
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