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  1. Hi Tom, I would be interested in your mdr2. Ist ist 4G? do you have any pics? Best Daniel
  2. As I have moved on to working as a DOP, I am selling my entire GPI PRO Steadicam package. The gear is in excellent condition. I had bought it new, only used myself and never rented out. I am selling as a package only. Asking EUR 42.000,- for the package. (19% VAT applies for sales in Europe). Located in Munich, Germany. Buyer pays insured shipping and handling. Below is just a summary. For pics and a more detailed list check out the dropbox link below. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/181lkiecr3u8epr/AABakpFuqqED_09C7lREwh2ma?dl=0 GPI PRO POST (upgraded to HD by Betz Tools) Telescoping Centerpost II, Donkeybox III, Upper J-box VZ Gimbal, 3 jumper blocks Sled SII with PRO Electronic Level Sensor (Anton Bauer mount) GPI PRO SUPERPOST II (upgraded to HD by Betz-Tools MONITORS Transvideo 6" CineMonitor HD SBL+ Video Monitor w/ virtual horizon GPI PRO 5” High Intensity GEN III SD Monitor including Frameline Generator Redbyte Decimator HD/SD downconverter BATTERIES & CHARGER 2x AB Dual # 2722 Simultaneous PowerCharger 3x AB DIONIC HC Batteries PRO ARM PRO Arm Chassis 4x Blue Canisters 4x Black Canisters PRO VEST My Size: hight-186cm (6’4”), slim built Chest-105cm (42”), Waist-87cm (34”), Hip-96cm (38”) WALTER KLASSEN FLEX HARNESS WK Backmounted Harness ARM w/ SocketBlock Soft bag Pump/ Replacement kit CASES Storm: Storm2975 foamed for Sled Black Storm: Storm2720 foamed for Batteries Black Storm Case 29"x 18"x 13.8 Carpet lined Black for Vest/Arm ACCESSORIES (more in PDF) Docking Bracket Jerry Hill Arri 435 Lowmode Bracket LMB with 15mm Rod and Pouch Jerry Hill Arri SR-3 with IVS LMB Jerry Hill Arri SR-3 Iris Mount CatGriller Vehicle Hard Mount PRESTON RCU Kit Hand Unit 3 (3G) MDR-2 (3G) DM-1 Motor DM-2 Motor Accessories & Cables TRANSVIDEO (SD) WIRELESS VIDEO 1x Titan Tx 2x Titan Rx 6.5” Rainbow II Anamorphic SB monitor Monitorcase with handgrip CABLES BNC / Video Cables 2x Arri 435 Cable 2x Arri III Cable 2x Panavision Platinum, G, Millennium Cable 2x Panavision Millennium XL, LW Cable 2x Moviecam Cable 2x Preston Power Cable Please check out the PDF in the Dropbox link for a detailed list. Cheers!
  3. Selling my Pro Vest. It's in very good condition. my waist is 34" and Chest 40,5". located in Munich Germany buyer pays insured shipping 3800€ (+19% VAT for EU sale) https://www.dropbox.com/sh/mdlgz0s976ag2du/AADOcvmUAtqQPK-0616QkXSba?dl=0
  4. Selling my Wave1. It's in an exellent condition - rarely used & fully working, 1st hand. 1x Wave 1 (SW Vers. 2) 1x Power Cable AB D-Tap-12V - WAVE1 (AB D-Tap/3pin Lemo 1B 45 cm/17.7“) 1x Power Cable Pro-12V - Wave1 (2Pin Lemo 1S/3pin Lemo 1B 45cm/17.5") 1x Case 4600 Euros ( additional 19% VAT applies in EU countries) buyer pays shipping or pickup in Munich
  5. Anyone in need of a SD Transvideo Titan Tx/Rx/RX Kit with a Rainbow II 6,5" SB Montior? Stripping off some gear I haven't used in a while. This Kit is in an excellent condition. Rarely used. 1x Transvideo Titan Tx 2x Transvideo Titan Rx 1x Tansvideo Rainbox II 6,5" SB Monitor with Directors Handheldmount 1x Sunhood All sorts of cables incl. Tx - GPI Pro, ARRi 3-Pin, D-Tap, Best Offer, Buyer pays shipping and fees
  6. Im selling my beloved Preston FIZ System. Its in very good shape and working condition. It was my backup on most shoots and beiing honest to myself, I don't need it. It's still 3G and works great as a system. I never had any problems... its Preston, what else to expect. Should you want to upgrade to 4G, Pretson can do the HU3 for about $.300. However you would need to find a new/used G4 MDR Unit. Some of the parts have never left the case. The package contains... Pelcian Case #4060 Hand Unit 3 [w/6xRings, 2xLi Batteries, Charger, Grip #4102 MDR-2 Motor Driver w/ Tranceiver Lid, Antenna, 24v #4200 DM-1 Digital Motor [with 15mm rod & .80m output gear #4201 DM-2 Digital Motor [with 15mm rod & .80m output gear #4221 0.80M output gear .50" wide 2x #4240 0.50M gear Canon Video - Focus, Iris, Zoom #4241 0.60M gear Fuji Video - Focus, Zoom #4242 0.40M gear Fuji Video - Iris #4301 Arri 19mm Swing Arm [side rod #4302 Arri/Panavision 19mm Swing Arm [top rod 3x #4320 Step Down Bushing 19mm/15mm Arri #4333 Moviecam/ Arri Bracket #4400 Main Command Cable 30' 2x #4410 Motor Cable [w/straight Lemo connectors 24“ 2x Motor Cable [w/right angle Lemo connectors 24“ #4435 Camera Cable: Sony Hi Def (MDR-2) #4499 Motor Driver Power from Arri 24Volt/Moviecam #4521 Camera Cable: Arriflex 435/535/SR3/ Mvcm 3 pin (MDR Not on Pics but included: 2x GPI PRO Power 9“ for MDR GPI PRO H-Bracket for MDR asking 10.000€ or best offer buyer pays shipping & transaction fee / additional 19% VAT apply for european buyers
  7. Hey Kyle, are you happy with the iBaird. I have replaced my provest with the WK backmounted vest as the Pro socketblock is way too high. However I find the Pro vest so much more comfortable. Are you happy with the iBaird? What is the weight distribution like. Any pressure points? The WK vest squeezes a nerve in my left groin quite badly, leading to stinging and tingling in my upper leg. Nothing I do seems to improve it. So now considering the iBaird... Thanks best regards Daniel
  8. This is an old topic but I do have some questions about the ibaird. I have replaced my Pro vest with a WK backmounted vest due to the high socketblock and have been using that for a while. I find that the WK vest puts lots of pressure on my left groin squeezing a nerve and causing pain and fatigue in my left leg. I have tried different sizes and cut out some padding but the nerve still gets thoroughly squeezed. So today I pulled out my Pro vest and find it so much more comfy and light weight. However, the socket block is way too high. I'm 6'4 and fairly skinny. So now I'm considering the ibaird but there is no place I can try it in Munich, Germany. I would like to hear of your general experience and the weightdistribution. Cheers Daniel
  9. I have been using the Transvideo HD6 SBL for a few years now and besides that it is indestructable and has many great features, the glossy screen is a nightmare outside. On a sunny/cloudy day all I see is the sky above me. I helped myself by sticking one of those antigloss screens for ipads on the glass which helped a fair bit with reflections but made the picture very "unsharp". I dealt with that for the last two years but for some stupid reason decided to take it off hoping to be positively surprised. Once again it was a battle to see anything besides the sky and clouds. For my next shoot I'll wake my ananolg GPI green montior from hibernation. This thing just rocks outside :-)
  10. Hi again, I'm also selling off my Transvideo Starlite HD5 monitor. It's in very good shape. I had used it with a gimbal only a few times. Specs: 3G / HD-SDI input + reclocked output 5" OLED touch screen with wide color gamut (EBU) Extremely lightweight: 190g / 0.4lbs 6-30v DC power input through Lemo2 "mini" Low power consumption (approx. 6W) Built-in tools: high-resolution waveform monitor, a precise vectorscope histogram of the luminance embedded SD card recorder delivers dailies in H.264 Package includes: 1 x StarliteHD 1 x Power cable mini-Lemo2 to D-Tap 1 x Noga Arm for Monitor 1x Sunhood 1 x HD BNC Cable 1 x 8Gb class10 SD card 1 x microfiber pouch 1 x hard case with custom foam See Transvideo website for more info. Euros 900,- (plus additional 19% VAT in Europe) Free Shipping within Germany if interested email me... mail@dploher.com
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