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  1. Not that I could find. unless it's under some of the velcro there's no marking on the vest aside from the brown logo. Would love to know who it had belonged to.
  2. I'm trying to find out what bearing are used in the verticle shaft of the 3A arm (at the elbow). I've had some foreign particles cause some binding on one of the bearings. I've cleaned it out but still not all the internal pins spin so I'm going to replace the bearing. Does anyone have an idea of what bearing was used here. There are no markings on the bearing itself. Thanks Hutch
  3. I just picked up an old vest on ebay thinking to make a speedrail vehicle mount with the socket block. When I received it I became very curious as to where it falls in the timeline of vests and if it's the oringal steadicam vest. I found the attached picture of Garrett Brown wearing a very similar vest in The Shining. I noticed the Logo in the picture on the front of the vest and peeled back the velcro over the font of mine to find the same Brown steadicam logo.
  4. Looks like the socket block gave out. Bad day for someone.
  5. Buddy of mine showed me this video today. Reason to only put your trust in known and proven systems: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KXYULFs5w-M
  6. Dropped some change and picked a DP7HB up about a month ago now. Very impressed as far as viewability in the sun goes. Flying with no sunshade because I hardly need one. Overall color and picture reproduction is also very nice. Buttons are stiff which means no pushing to check tools while operating. I liked being able to do that on a touch screen O7Q. Wonder if they could make a mode so that the proximity sensors for the smart keys would actually activate the feature instead of just pulling up the menu (4 proximity sensors would mean 4 light touch keys). The horizon indicator does in f
  7. No steadicam listed on the credits I could find. Still looking.. CREDITS Client: Peanut Butter Cheerios, General Mills Agency: Tribal Worldwide, Toronto Creative Director: Josh Stein Associate Creative Director: Rob Sturch Copywriters: Rob Sturch, Tracy Wan Art Director: Amy O’Neill Agency Producers: Stef Fabich, Bonnie Chung Account Team: Stephanie Wall, Samantha Murphy Strategy: Sandra Moretti, Dino Demopoulos Media Company: Cossette Media Production Company: Radke Film Group Director: Michael Clowater Director of Photography: Andrij Parekh Line Producer: Gillian Gardner Postproduction
  8. I've been wondering if this was Steadicam or Movi too. It does at time seem to have the inertial feel of steadicam vs the robotic feel of the Movi unit but it's hard to say. Really would like to hear who shot it.
  9. It's a handy feature to have on hand. I like being able to check my last shot without taking the camera offline or struggling how to do that on a new camera I'm not familiar with. I've been usings the Odyssey 7Q a lot lately when I want to have something to review but it's very lacking as an outdoor monitor. It's too bad this was dropped from the DP7HB would have made this a beast of a monitor, thought it's other qualities are still pretty fantastic. How do you that own them find it's image overall as far as color reproduction and accuracy goes? It seems like the OLED is touted more for t
  10. I saw some references early on about the DP7HB being able to record h264 proxy files to the SD card but don't see any mention of it on the website. Has this feature been dropped?
  11. I have a DCE Donkeybox at the top of my sled and need to make some new cables from the Auxpower port. Does anyone know what size lemos I need. I've been going through the mouser catalog but have know why of judging what size these two pin lemos actually are. Thanks
  12. Apparently I did remember correctly. It seems though electrons flow from Negative to Positive through some quirk in history we have come to define Current flow as being from positive to negative. I didn't find out exactly how this came to be but did find a few places that referenced it.
  13. I'm adding a second battery to my rig and was looking into wiring to prevent backcharge so this thread is of interest to me. I am however concerned over it's acuracy as electrons are negatively charged particles and therefore attracted to the positive terminal so the electrons flow from negative to postive and not from the postive to the negative. It's been a while since I've studied electronics so I can't say anything more than that or what should work with diodes but thought someone who know more than I do might explain in more detail how the diodes function in this circuit to protect form
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