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  1. Fawcett Exovest I am selling my Exovest that I purchased in the Fall of 2015. Unfortunately I am not doing Steadicam much these days so I am selling off my kit. I have only used the vest on 5 days of shooting since purchasing it. $4,200.00 Shipping in the Lower 48 States in the USA is included with purchase Buyers elsewhere pay for shipping Included Exovest Extra pads Soft Carry Case
  2. Analog Bartech Focus With M-One Motor $1,800.00 Shipping in the Lower 48 States in the USA is included with purchase Buyers elsewhere pay for shipping Meticulously maintained. This was my backup and very seldom used. - BFD Transmitter - BFD Receiver/amplifier - M-One Analog Focus motor - Matte box rod receiver/amp mounting bracket - Steadicam Motor Rod Set - 6 Lens gears - Various rod adapters - 19mm universal mounting bracket - 2.5" universal extension/offset bracket with 19mm attachment tubes (1.12" and 2.12" length) - 3 spare antennas for Transmitter - 2 spare ant
  3. Tiffen – Steadicam – Archer 2 – For Sale I am selling my rig because I am no longer doing Steadicam for a living. Focusing on that underwater stuff these days. Complete Kit - $19,000.00 (I do not want to part it out, it goes complete) Pick-Up in Los Angeles (15 minutes South of LAX) Buyer Pays For Shipping if needed The whole rig was serviced in Fall of 2015. It has only been used 5 days since the service. Main Components -Archer 2 Sled with camera plate, Anton Bauer battery mounts, Non-Motorized tilting stage. 12V or 24V output (Also providing V-Lock mount plate so y
  4. I was using a Teradek Bolt on a shoot last week and it worked great, for the most part. In the afternoon hours it appears that the transmitter was overheating and would stop transmitting. When we let it cool for a bit, it operated fine, but then would heat up and stop working again. Has anyone else had this occur?
  5. Near the end there, I meant to say... From here you may want to adjust your Lift, in subtle turns, to further enlighten yourself.
  6. The way to fine tune my G-50 was explained to me like this (or at least this is what I heard). First get a camera on your rig and balance your rig as you usually would. Then set-up the arm as you would typically have it in terms of Ride and Lift, work with it for a bit and get a feel for it. I like my Lift set so that both segments of the arm have a bit of rise in them bringing them just above horizontal (yes, basic stuff). Then back out your Ride counterclockwise almost all the way (don't force the stop at the end). Now again spend some time flying it to feel the difference. Then give t
  7. I purchased a used Archer2 last year (I'm told it was one of the first 5 built and sold) and I was very frustrated from the get-go with the G-50 arm. Soon there after my producers on the two NBC shows I shoot for noticed a bounce in my slow shots, and while they didn't beat me up too bad about it, they wanted me to fix it quickly. So I have been keeping tabs on this thread with great interest. And fortunate for me our offices are just down the street from Tiffen. I just got my G-50 back from Tiffen with the upgrade and I am very happy with it. I was fortunate to be able to borrow a G-5
  8. I tip my hat to John too. He communicates with when he gets the stuff in and checks in out, as well as when he ships it. I am really happy with his service and recommend him too.
  9. or maybe that was last year.

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