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  1. Looking for primarily the 1" extension, but will take the 2 and 3" ones as well, if you have them. Located in L.A.
  2. Hey All. I am not on the FB, so posting here. Looking for a T-Handle holder for the full-length Volt padded dock. Would not be upset if it holds more than just the T-Handles. Cheers.
  3. Tyler, Feel free to answer by DM: Do you do bulk discount? I have roughly 12 Dionic HC's that need recelled.
  4. Hey Jerry. Just sent you an email for a few bits & bobs I'd like to pickup. Cheers.
  5. I love the short gimbal from the older PRO days. I'm tempted to make one/buy one (does one exist?) for my Volt. The input to the rig and the feedback from the rig just seems "more correct" with a short handle.
  6. Hey All. Hoping somebody can shed some light and possibly offer a fix to the following: I'll set the rig up, balance, yada yada yada. Walk to one. Operate the first take. Operate the second take. Then as I'm walking back to one I'll notice that the Volt has decided that the level is now a bit to the left or right of the center which was previously set. Sometimes more than a bit to the left or right. Sometimes it's way off. Annoying AF. Constantly asking for 5 seconds when I'm settling into my 1. The AD's and I now have an unspoken language where I pretend I'm Sterling Archer and just hold up an index finger to denote the Volt is currently being told where center is. It happens regardless of whether I have thrown the rig on my shoulder or not. I rarely hand my rig off to the grips, so that's a non-factor. All bolts/screws/do-hickeys are tight. And I have upgraded to the latest firmware. Cheers.
  7. Always great to see work from Guvvie. Where do you see the potential break? Cheers!
  8. Hey all. Looking for something that I can use for my reel and for recording zoom meetings. Needs to record in h264 & mov. **I will NOT be carrying this around on my rig** Hyperdeck, etc.. Cheers. Located in L.A. 510-708-8576
  9. Stirling, what's up man?! I am working on this right now. looks like I can buy the fork separately and then mate it up to the magdock bit from a Hill MagDock. I'll let you know what I come up with.
  10. Hey Tom, hope all's well out there in VortexVille! I was initially toying with the idea of punching another hole in the low mode posts but thought that might somehow compromise the integrity. I'll give one armpost a go with your technique and report back. Cheers.
  11. Has anybody found a workaround for the incompatibility of the Volt's gimbal handle and low mode for GPI PRO users? The cross drilling on the Tiffen handle is perpendicular to the way PRO armposts (and, consequently, the low-mode handles and offset handles) are drilled. The Tiffen handle has some pretty thick walls -- if a workaround isn't available I think it's time to jam out to Sal & The CNC Machines.
  12. Hey all. Seeing if anybody makes a Preston MDR Mount in the style of the Cinema Hardware item, but one that can convert between the MDR2 thickness (chunky-monkey) and the MDR3 (been on the diet coke and flu diet) thickness. I am assuming that would be accomplished by switching out the side panels for lack of a better way of wording it. Pass-through power a must. Cheers.
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