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  1. Hey everybody, just making my first post to say hello and introduce myself. :) I'm new to the Steadicamming side of production, but did do some in film school (and shot the majority of my senior film off of a Steadi). I've read a ton of the posts on here regarding the life of a Steadicam operator, the majority of which seem to focus on day rates and the low-ballers/undercutters. I'm letting it be known that I'll be doing none of this and that I'll definitely be getting my chops in the film school world and on low-budg music vids. If anybody has any further advice/do's/dont's, please feel free to post here, and if there is something specific that warrants privacy please don't hesitate to send a PM. :ph34r: I'm creating a Frankenrig right now with personal funds and money from a business partner; looking forward to practicing my ass off and meeting other operators. Looking to take a workshop, along with private instruction, also. Hopefully I won't commit to many newb mistakes as far as forum etiquette is concerned. Should I do so, would you please consider using some lube on the reaming?! Thanks! :D *2*
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