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  1. Another goofy op here :) We predominantly operate cameras with them on the right side of our face/body, so why switch? And Steadicam, as marvelous and wondrous as it is, is simply another tool to get the shot. Not many Directors and/or DoP's will setup a shot with the fact that Steadicam is/was predominantly operated on the left side at the forefront of their thought process. In fact, if you pay attention, you will almost always see them set it up as if phantom operating a handheld cam (on the right side), as is evidenced by watching the way they look through their magic-hands or the stick when auditioning lenses. I've found op'ing with the rig on my right to not only feel very natural to me, but also (perhaps unknowingly) to others on-set involved with the design/creation of the shot. And, as CC has pointed out above, the terms goofy and regular really only exist within the alt-definition used in our tiny -- yet expanding -- microcosm. Cheers!
  2. Sale fell through on the battery hanger -- it's available.
  3. I'll take the right angle, please Greg. Can Paypal or meet in-person. Cheers! 510-708-8576
  4. Selling off a few items: XCS TB-6: $3000. As many of you know I love this monitor. It just works. And you can see it under any conditions and from nearly any angle. Duo-frameline generator model. This monitor was gone over by Greg Bubb and the XCS engineers and given a 100% clean bill of health back in November of 2015. I used it for a few weeks after that and then it has been in a Pelican and unused. I did go down in the rig with this monitor (it was examined by Greg after the fall) and it has the tiniest scrape on the bottom of the rear housing. Other than that cosmetic imperfection, the monitor is A-1. XCS PDL: $1500. Analog. You know what it is and you know it's a workhorse. 8 pin in and out. Decimator Downconverter (1st Gen). 2 of them with power cables from the PRO sled. $250 each. Work seamlessly. Never had a problem with either. No power cycling these puppies! Buy the TB-6 and PDL together and I'll sell as a package for $4000.00 Gen 3 Battery Rack (does NOT come with electronics): $4500 (will include all 3 jumper blocks for this price -- they are $160.xx each from PRO) Used this for a few years. Been sitting in a Pelican for about a year. Terry West drilled one tiny hole in it (obviously in an area where it would have no impact on structural integrity). Has Anton Bauer plates. With all three jumper blocks, and factoring in tax, this package is a $1520 savings over buying new. http://www.xcsinc.com/ultimate/ult_compnts_TB6.html http://s781.photobucket.com/user/B-263-54/media/Steadi/IMG_2293.jpg.html (PDL) All gear located on the Westside of Los Angeles. No Paypal. Not happening. We can meet and go to the bank. If I know you, like really well, I might consider cash ;) I have First Entertainment and also have Wells Schmargo. Many of you know I'm a stickler for keeping my gear in top-top shape. These items fall under that description. Cheers! Last pic has the small hole with the bottom half highlighted in white
  5. PayPal or cashier's check. I'm in Los Angeles on the WestSide. 510-708-8576
  6. $1000 Original BOLT. With AC adapter and one p-tap. Cash talks; Los Angeles pickup only; I'm on the WestSide. Cheers!
  7. Hi Rich. Is the full-size Connex available with rod antennas? Also, what is the dB of the fan when turned on, when does it turn on (does it recognize SDI flagging and only turn on when camera cuts?). Cheers.
  8. I'm asking for an AC pal (Nic Restrepo). Does anyone know where I can or who I can rent a Kenyon gyro from? Preferable the ks-8x8. Picking up in L.A. If you know Nic, respond to him directly, if not I can put you in touch. Cheers.
  9. Going up for sale in a few weeks. HC's: 6 of them. 5 of them are 4-ish years old and have about 180 cycles on them. I will list by serial # and exact charge cycle # per batt. 1 HC is a recell from Ritter Battery (about 6 months old) and *might* have 50-ish cycles. Dionic 90's: 6 are 4-ish years old and roughly 120 cycles. I will list by serial # and exact charge cycle # per batt. Looking to sell the HC's and the 90's as 2 sets, per type. $600 for the HC's. $500 for the 90's. If one person should buy both sets, then I'll sell all for $1,000. Local pickup in L.A. only. Either on the WestSide or Santa Clarita-ish. Cheers :)
  10. Looking for a GPI PRO Gen 2 or 3 lower electronic box. Must be HD and have bayonet mount. I do not need the battery hanger or jumper blocks. Cheers!
  11. Looking for a PDL mount. I remember seeing it on the forum a while back. Any leads appreciated. Cheers!
  12. Ron, I really dig that lower platform to support the bottom of the rig. Do you happen to have part numbers, or do you know where you got it from? Very cool idea. Cheers.
  13. Hey guys and girls, Seeing if anybody has gotten bored and/or funemployed enough to try and figure out how to remove the slop from the red release tabs on the Hill docking bracket. I figured the slop was no big deal until I saw an AC trying to get my rig out of the dock. They shook my rig like a rag doll trying to get it out of there :'( I had to show them that the little red tabs have to go allllll the way down to release the rig. Any help/write-ups appreciated!
  14. If you want to try one out for free, check out Invoice2Go You can have up to three active invoices (hint, hint...), plus you can print, email, etc., etc..
  15. Wow. What a massive insult to every crew member. I think Chase needs to shove some kerosene-soaked cotton balls past his starfish and then perform a "fine-arts" dance by a bonfire.
  16. We're rocking XL2's out of Pana Woodie for the current feature!
  17. Alas, for us goofy ops, the PRO drop-down doo-hickey is pretty bloody expensive -_-
  18. It's been sitting in an overflow case for over a year. Figuring somebody else can put it to better use. $192.60 + tax from the excellent team over at GPI. $165 from me. Cash only; LA-local deals preferred. Cheers. Text me at 510-708-8576 for a few pics. I can't upload from my iPhone or iPad as the site keeps saying the files are too large.
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