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  1. Seems incredibly dangerous should the Op trip and fall forward. Facial reconstruction and perhaps some shoulder surgery may be on the agenda. Why not hire an Op that can hold the gimbal-contraption on their own accord?
  2. I got the call from Toilet Paper Studios. Also demanded that I come with a Preston and that the preferred Operator that "Mr. Perry" was looking for was an ex-Marine. DECLINED, despite needing hours.
  3. Okay, apparently I am not Speedy Gonzales. However, I impressed the poop out of the last few DoP's I've worked with... With an Alexa -- going into poor man's low-mode -- on a PRO III with a TB-6, it took me 2 and a half minutes flat. That is with a 4.5 to 5 second drop time and putting a wrap-grip onto the post. I always tell DoP's (and my AC's) that the flip will take 6 minutes I'd rather under-promise and over-deliver.
  4. Purchased a few years ago and I just do not use them enough to warrant keeping them, despite their versatility. They have been used for *maybe* 6 commercial days. No need for downsizers and no need to pull the mattebox off to add a motor :) Comes with 3 2 1/4" and 2 4 3/4" shafts. Each UniClamp retails for $165.00 and each additional shaft retails for $35.00. Total retail price of $565.00 before sales tax. My price is $450. Located in Los Angeles. Shipping will be an additional charge (can't see it being more than $7 USPS flat-rate). Thanks!
  5. Looking for a Gen 2 Hill/Gorelock docking bracket w/ balance stud (stud for a GPI PRO preferred). Thx!
  6. Just got done working on a high fashion still/motion commercial campaign. Many countries represented at the AD/DoP/Op/Director positions. Things were getting pretty out of hand on the first two takes of the day, with zero adherence/calling of the cadence. I had a quick chat with the DoP and AD (we laughed about it, no frowning or pursed lips), and from there on out it was standard US nomenclatured cadence calls. Not the most difficult thing to convey to folks, but I have a feeling the fact that we were shooting film helped the request immensely.
  7. Can't get a pic to post from my phone, plz text and I will text a pic of the rings to you. Located in L.A.
  8. Fits HU2 and 1. Excellent condition. No ghosting at all on any of the 6. $150 obo. Thx! 510-708-8576
  9. Very cool product -- beats the heck out of my pencil pouch setup. May have to pick one up when I'm back there.
  10. Very similar situation happened to me twice this year, except the Producer wouldn't even agree to a weekly rental rate -- Steadicam was to be a la carte at some absurd daily rental rate. Oh, and the job was three states away from CA. My agent and I stuck to our guns and did our best to negotiate the deals to some level of respectability, but "My way or the highway" were the responses. The movies went on without me, so obviously they found somebody to take that "rate". Thanks for posting this topic, Mark.
  11. Oh, and buy PRO. ONCE. Last arm you'll ever buy.
  12. Curves shmurves... Point the glass and shoot. Too much technical BS on here nowadays. Work with an arm long enough and you'll have muscle-memory for the range, both up and down. Paralysis through analysis: avoid it like the f'ing plague.
  13. Southwest has been, hands-down, the most accommodating airline. Between the Rapid Rewards card offer and the fact that you can change your reservation without paying a penalty (only the difference in ticket price, if one exists), they are very media friendly. A little tip, since most folks consider Southwest airlines to be the Greyhound of the skies: be very very nice to the ladies at the ticket counter as they have probably encountered a whole bunch of disgruntled and angry people before you. Your smiling face and calm demeanour may very well get you excellent customer service as a reward. I have had extra pelican cases chucked into the plane at no charge more than a few times simply because my religion is DBAD. I have shown my SOC card and my Safety Passport and I always have either a call sheet or a signed Deal Memo to show them. I try and keep it on the up and up at all times because it is very cool that we can load our gigantic and heavy cases into the plane for nothing or next to nothing. Very nice list you compiled there, Victor. Kudos.
  14. Jess, Definitely let your trainer friend know what you do for a living and EXACTLY what that entails. Traditional bodybuilding style workouts are quite counter-effective for Steadicam, I've found. An olympic-lifting-based system will have much carryover to your work, not simply rounder, fuller, muscle-bellies. While those muscles look great on the beach, they tend to be a hindrance rather than an asset in our line of work. My $0.02
  15. Alfeo -- that's excellent, I'm switching to this format of billing today.
  16. Very cool invention! I believe that MotoGP is currently using a design that is similar and they are achieving amazing results (although they don't use GoPro cams). As an aside, but absolutely not as a discouragement: my good friend just left GoPro a short while ago; while there he was the Sponsorship Coordinator. I visited their HQ on behalf of the SOC: GoPro has next to zero interest in the professional market. Their market and marketing is clearly not in our world, but in spite of this we use their products. That's how cool and unique GoPros are. Looking forward to seeing your finished product, Ed! B)
  17. Tom, Try everything, and I mean everything out there and then consider what works best for you based on service, parts availability, what are other Ops in your immediate work area (where you work most of the time) using for gear (of course this would mean it has to be easily removed/modular). I'm sure you'll get a ton of different answers but at the end of the day you're the one that's going to have to run around with the rig on, not others. And by run around, I mean run around! And accidents happen and stuff gets broken. You want your gear and the manufacturer to be an asset and not a hindrance during those tumultuous times we all eventually go through, so def take that into account. Cheers.
  18. All you need is some choroplast and some soft side velcro for your shade and a small amount of hard side for your monitor. I took my original measurements off the old PRO shade and then simply widened the center measurement for the added width of my TB-6. EDIT: I also trimmed the operating-side verical shade (left side of monitor for us goofy ops) so that I had a slightly better viewing angle. One time I was asked to hard-side an actor and couldn't see next to nothing! Out came the razor.
  19. I have one of these, and while it doesn't permanently live on my rig, it is an excellent tool for PRO and/or MK-V owners to have in their kit. Really does help in Ultra High and Ultra Low Mode. Good luck with sale! EDIT: I can install mine onto my PRO in under 10 minutes, including removing camera, removing D-Box, installation and replacing D-Box and cam, FYI.
  20. Darren the Bear's a Glaswegian?!!!!?!! :D :lol: :lol: :lol: And of course there's a fight on set and he had a curry the night before!@!!! Excellent!!!
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