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  1. Not just one shot, but an entire commercial in NY! The commercial used a lot of stage jam and the stuff was ridiculously slippery. We pretty much slathered an entire block in Bushwick in the stuff. A lot of my shots were fast moving and I was sliding about. Shockingly, I didn't go down (more than a few extras did), and I was tiptoe'ing about the entire shoot. Here's a link to a pretty whiny article written about the spot, along with a bunch of pics, one of which shows my heightened interest in the cops shutting down the shoot ^_^ : http://bushwickdaily...-bogart-street/ And here's the spot: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JKU00S9XAV8
  2. No we can't, that's why Tiffen had to "Fix" the G- Series arm. Oh. Right. Almost forgot about that. How has the "fix" worked out for those that have had it done and have worked (a lot, please) with the upgraded arm? Are any of those arm-owners running a de-tuned arm? Asking purely out of curiosity as I'm a de-tuner myself. Hope everybody's bells have been jangled on this sleepy Boxing Day!
  3. That makes sense, Matteo. You're increasing either upward or downward pressure when you're anticipating the clunk to happen. I use a PRO arm, myself. I never see footsteps, or this "clunk" unless my feet either get tangled or I take an overly long step. With the level that our gear is at (at an industry-wide level), I think we can almost always take the equipment out of the equation and look at our operating as the variable that is inducing any unwanted motion within the frame. Happy Holidays!
  4. Gentlemen, Would you mind elaborating on how you remove footsteps with your boom hand? I run a de-tuned arm and have only seen my footsteps show on the screen when I really mess up my footwork. It ends up being more of a single, solitary, soft clunk and not the more pronounced jogging bounce. Thanks much for any light you can shed on this. *2*
  5. Just ask Sal Sr. when you call down there. He has them; They're an un-listed item for now.
  6. BPA 1 -- way too many jobs when this has not been included. 15mm iris rods -- stubbies; Again 3 jobs that didn't have them (prepped out of Pana). Also, for Pana Primo lenses I always request a hot swap plate just so that I can put the focal plane closer to the centre of my post. I have bought my own BPA (CinematicPrecision.com) and have my own 15mm rods because I have come so riculously close to having my arse handed to me in the past. An Alexa Steadicam plate (again, CinematicPrecision) should be a part of your standard kit. I don't, and I won't for a good while longer This is the part of my "required" kit that pisses me off the most. And it's about $30k. I want to start asking my 1st AC's to bring a PRO arm with 4 black and 4 blue cylinders and -- while they're at it -- 8 AB HC's with dual quad-chargers and book me a room for three nights at the nearest 5 star, drinks for me and my chick (single serving chick each night, please) included. Sounds about like an even trade. Everytime an AC gives me the, "I hope you have a FIZ THREEEEE" bollocks, I want to drop kick them into a pit of ultra-low-budget producers that want them to work for meal/credit.
  7. Just wanted to give a follow-up: the children had a ball!!! Met a ton of folks that are actively involved in the community. Thank you all for coming out and giving your time and experise!!!!!
  8. Oh, right. I should have totally got that from the inlcuded "literature".
  9. www.omgeverywhere.org Starts at 5pm PST at Prettybird in Culver City until 8pm PST. This is not for personal gain and I beg everybody to help make a collective, massive, presence known. I mean that; Show up with another agenda and I'll point my pinky to the sky, scream "For the Queen!!!" as I tear open your sterum and shit on your spleen. All jokes aside, this is a great opportunity for the Cam Community to give back to a rapidly disappearing curiculum. Thank you; We're all in this together; Please, let's be allies first, if not for us, for them. *2*
  10. I had the unit inside a shower (another Op was on Camera) and the signal was going through 2 walls (and a tiled-shower) and about 45' away to village with only one case of breakup in the 15 minutes it was in there. Sucks to hear that others aren't having as good luck as I've had. That said, I think one of the 4 battery level lights has died or was stillborn.
  11. I haven't had a chance to power the Tx from my rig and have just been using p-tap power from the v-locks I was using and there was no issue for me.
  12. Cells do not ned to be inside, really just looking for the case. Please let me know what you have; I have an idea for a winter project/experiment. Thanks! *2*
  13. In a nutshell: the first test went VERY VERY well. Once connection was established I walked around freely within a house (one floor above the Rx and at the other end of the house. The house is open and airy, but the room village was setup in can almost be considered to be like a basement wine cellar without a door needed for access. Google "House of Voo" for pics & info on the location. I'm heading to my next set in 30 minutes to block and shoot a oner. It will be in a large open backyard with around 45 people and a residential wall between me/the Tx and the Rx. Updates to come in the evening after a bowl of Pho! Oh, and the delay was nearly imperceptible with the following setup: F35 outputting video into a KiPro mini (sp?!) which was then outputting the signal to the BOLT. Plenty of chances for some additional delay there. We were running really far behind yesterday so setting up cams for video proof of delay -- or lack thereof -- was out of the question. I'll try for that on Sunday.
  14. Thanks for the info! Luckily, Teradek ships the BOLT w/ a p-tap connector and an AC plug for the receiver so I'll be able to power it for its initial test, tonight.
  15. I'm booked through this Sunday but my Bolt arrives tomorrow a.m. and I will be putting it through the wringer and reporting back. *2*
  16. In the Commercial Production world I would often see Steadi Ops showing up to set to help get the Op on the callsheet out of a bind and came to believe that to be normal. I think that's a major reason why I feel that loaning gear and helping other Ops out that find themselves in a jam is part and parcel of being a Steadi Op. Pay it forward.
  17. I was at a prep last week with a DIT buddy, who was on a commercial shoot with one of the beta models. It was on Steadicam and he said it absolutely spanked the performance of my Recon (we both worked on a shoot w/ my old Recon). He said line-of-sight was over 200' and it was dealing with walls very well. Also, he said latency was zero, or next to it... This is the kind of stuff that had/has me excited about this product! If all goes well, I'll def be getting a second unit to just keep with my camera.
  18. 'Twas I, however, I was booked onto a job the night before I was supposed to go test. I ordered mine, also. Heading down to Irvine on Monday to go and do the test!
  19. Mike, please read below; Would Teradek be willing to do a real-world test and record the results? Will, let's head down there and test this thing out! It would be nice to wrangle up an HD camera and take our rigs and put it to a real-world test. Or perhaps Teradek is willing to make a professional HD camera available for our test and record said test???
  20. I was beyond stoked for the Bolt. Upon seeing "it" at Creatasphere, I was quite disappointed. I, along with another Op, tested both the frame delay and its range. The delay was absolutely NOT 1-1.5 frames. Whether this delay (eyeballed at ~ 3 frames) is attributable to the Canon c300/500 that it was mated to is beyond my rudimentary knowledge of those particular cameras. The range was laughable, at best. The other Op took the camera rig out of the pop-up and walked maybe 15 yards away from the receiver and it cut out before he managed to duck behind the boat. Reconnection time was very long. On the order of 30-40 seconds. Further, the advertised discount that was to be granted to folks that pre-ordered has vaporized. Now, instead of a discount, you get a full-featured Bolt for the price of the non-full-featured-Bolt (just below $2k). The difference between the full-featured Bolt and the non-full-featured Bolt, once these things finally pop their heads out of the birthing canal, is merely loop-though on the Tx and Rx. Bait & switch much? I was highly unimpressed with the build quality of the Switronix (still am...), but now that the other "options" are apparent, I'll take a cheaply-housed unit that actually does what it claims (impresively so) over vapour.
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