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  1. OPEN TO OFFERS . Don't forget I will pay shipping in USA and CANADA thru FEDEX .
  2. Asking 1700$USD + shipping PLEASE READ CAREFULLY the description: Here's my used Segway Transporter with everything to put it back to stock . See pictures: everything you see on the pics will be delivered. •batteries are not included ; I removed them because they were dead . Haven't used it in a year and forgot to charge it .... You will need to buy new batteries (around 2000$ for a fresh pair or 1000$ for used ones) . •cosmetics are 7/10 ; few scuffs here and there, nothing serious. Missing the AC power connector cover on the base. Also missing one battery screw (it snapped in the socket) . •One key (you will need a replacement CR2430 battery (3$) •Everything else is fine, charger works, left right steering is fluid . •Pelicase included , as you can see on the pics ; the whole thing was disassembled to fit in two cases : I don't have a manual to reassemble it but it's not rocket science , a few tools and some patience and you should be flying in no time. Visa-Mastercard-AMEX and Apple Pay are welcome, my billing software will bill you in canadian funds . Shipping worldwide thru FEDEX . Tax will be added to a Canadian sale. Pelicase is 85 lbs, plastic box is 20lbs and tires are 45lbs. Cheers Info@frederic.ca Frederic https://www.icloud.com/sharedalbum/fr-fr/#B0iGVfZ2vGv7VPx
  3. Looking for 2 systems. Send me lists and asking price. Thanks. info@frederic.ca
  4. 15000$USD Free shipping worldwide . Many interested . No one pulled the trigger . Still available .
  5. Selling for my 1stAC, we are using this kit right now and it's flawless. Email me at info@frederic.ca Pics here: https://www.icloud.com/sharedalbum/fr-fr/#B0i5BydzFjY1Os Preston Remote Focus Systeme for sale Very fine Preston remote package for sale. In great condition with some cosmetic wear. Everything is 100% working.. Was bought and own by a friend steadicam operator and was not used often for couples of years, never been in a rental house. I bought it last fall and send it to Bluestar Precision Cables Phil Cramer in Toronto for a complete check-up and updates. The DM1X motor was sent to Preston for a re-built as almost brand new motor with old housing. Wire transfer only. If sold in Canada, GST will be added to the invoice. Asking 17000 USD (22800 CND) Unit - FI + Z 3 Remote Focus Unit S/N #2237 - MDR- 2 S/N #2538 - Focus/Iris Single channel Unit S/N #1990 - Micro Force Digital 2 S/N #D26236 - Preston Bluetooth module for memory and software updates S/N #0130 Motors - DM1X S/N #3643 (Came back from Preston, fully re-built / like new) - DM 2 S/N #5342 Rings - 4 x Pre-mark rings - 8 x Large Focus rings - 8 x small blank rings Câbles - 4 x Angle to straight motor cable 24 inches - 2 x Angler to angle motor cables 24 inches - 1 x custom made angle to straight motor cables 20 inches - 2 x custom made angle to angle motor cables 20 inches - 2 x Micro Force / Arri zoom control (Arri, Fisher 3, motor) 8’ - 1 x Arri 24V 24 inches - 1 x DMF to Fiz 8’ - 1 x Arri on/off 24 inches - 1 x Arri on/off - 2 x Arri power 15 inches - 1 x Arri MDR Run 24V 24 inches - 1 x D-Tap MDR Power 24 inches - 2 x Run Red Epic cables 24 inches - 1 P-Tap/ XLR 4 12 inches / XLR4/ MDR power 28 inches - Cine tape cable for MDR 2 Extras - 6 x Jerry Hill brakes ( 3 x15mm + 3 x 19mm + 3 x blue reducer, 3 x extension post ) - 6 x random gear pitch ( gear 64 pitch 144, gear 48 dp 20, canon video, fujinon video, etc) - Mirco force / FIZ braket - FIZ handle - Shape Micro Force holder - Shoulder Strap for remote - Battery chargers (single + double), 8 sony batteries - NANUK case 945 with separator
  6. Hi, Spring cleaning : My own kit, never rented, always on my jobs. One of the receivers has seen better days but everything is 100% working. Great 700' distance system. What you see is what I am selling. True workhorse , used it with not one single glitch last year on an 80 day tv series. Paired with the Array antenna, it's flawless. 1•Arrow X sender 00013 (new board changed in 2015) 2•Arrow X receivers (blue Sugru holding one of the receiver, that's one weakness of that system: the plastic casings are fragile. Sugru has no impact on performance, just cosmetics, also not shown on pics: there is also some brown Sugru on one side, it's fugly but it does the job of holding the casing together) 15•regular antennas 15•short antennas 2•mushroom antennas 2•Ptap to Lemo 2pins pwr cables 2•Perch brackets to put on a c-stand 1•Universal sender bracket with many 1/4 & 3/8 holes 1•Array antenna (pizza box antenna) 15•Array antenna cables 1•Array antenna attenuator 1•Paralinx branded Pelican case Asking 3000$USD Paypal only . Free shipping in USA and Canada. On your FEDEX or UPS account for the rest of the world. This system cost me 12K in 2013. Time to move . info@frederic.ca Pictures here: https://www.icloud.com/sharedalbum/fr-fr/#B0iJu8EH6J08KDL
  7. Building another rig . Just need the 1.8 post, gimbal and top stage. I have everything else. Let me know if you have something Thanks info@frederic.ca
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