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  1. As new. I just prefer the Jerry Hill. 750$USD shipped free in USA and Canada. Paypal and taxes added for canadian sale. Reach out to info@frederic.ca Cheers
  2. I would definitely go digital ; Focus puller are now used to lens mapping , automatic calibration. You might get a couple dollars from the Bartechs but most of the ones still on sets are probably buried in cases as backups of backups .... They once were great units and I used them too ,as most here , but I have not seen one in years on set . Time to move on .
  3. 9/10 cosmetics . Been collecting dust since I went Trinity for the past 4 years . price new is 6500$ 3000$ USD . 100% working . there is black Sugru over the plugs I never used from day one . you just peel it off if needed . paypal only as friends. info@frederic.ca free shipping ANYWHERE on this planet.
  4. Hi, This is a unique item here , up for sale is my beloved Maxima that I literally chopped in half : I am a Trinity owner operator and wanted a stabilized head to go on the dolly and cranes super fast from Trintiy . Since the Maxima shares all of the electronics, cables , and technology , the decision was simple. Sadly , the Maxima is designed to be a gimbal with both handles on each side. This prevents the pan to go anywhere if it's not hand operated. I took the thing to my machinist and we took away one side of the handles , we now have almost 300 degrees of pan. Problem solved. The tilt is still not very convincing but I would say it does the job 80% of the time . I really loved the thing but it's time to move to the big sister : I am getting an SRH head next week . Time to let this one go . You will get: ( in the video , you see accessories not included , please refer to this list only ) •Modified Maxima head with gold mount plate (transport case included) •mitchell base on the bottom and mitchell mount on top •Short QL Plate Gen2 for SRH-3, TRINITY, MAXIMA with two set screws •(2) power cables (Arri mini and RED ) •rods and plates to go back to original mode(*) •Veracity wheels in perfect condition •JETI(arri) and Spectrum radio (, MOVI and LETUS gimbals) •Wheels Dtap power cable, cable to link both wheels, cable for upgrades, PPM cable •Maxima manual •Veracity Wheels Manual YOU WILL NEED : a laptop with FOMA software to make changes to the rig. I am keeping my laptop for my trinity . The fine prints : The Spektrum radio module with the wheels was never tested , I bought the wheels with that module on, but changed it right away withthe JETI one. Price reflects this. The top Maxima pan motor is unplugged from the board : while we disassembled the rig , both motors were off sync and fighting each other when put back together. After a call to FOMA , they were super helpful and we decided to unplug one of the motors (the top one since the weight of the rig is at the bottom). It does not affect at all the performance of the rig. I have never experienced lag or anyhting related to having one motor less . (*)This modification to the frame was never intended to be reverted back to normal : we deliberately decided to do it once and used locktite to make sure the rig would be rock solid . Of course, if you REALLY wanted to go back , I guess it could be done but be warned this will be a venture. Since we have messed with the integrity of the unit, messed with the motors, you understand there is NO WARRANTY at all on this particular piece of equipment. The unit is 100% working right now. ASKING 11000 $USD Payment will be thru wire or credit card . Paypal is accepted using friends option . Sale in Canada will have taxes applied to the sale . Shipping thru FEDEX on your account . The Veracity wheels will be sold with the Maxima only. All the pictures and video : https://www.icloud.com/sharedalbum/#B0iJ058xyJujAtN Email me: info@frederic.ca with questions
  5. I missed the one Planning Camera sold earlier a couple of months ago. Looking for something similar, with or without AKS. Thanks
  6. 3000 USD / SHIPPING INCLUDED IN NORTH AMERICA In good condition, many start/stop cables. Everything is 100% working. Knob is smooth . What you see on the pics is what you get, perfect single channel unit . Great backup also. 100' range interior, 500' exterior. -Compact one handunit -CLM4 motor with cable and 15mm bracket -5 blank ring -15mm to rosette adapter -0.4,0.5,0.6 mm gears -3 batteries and 2 chargers (one shown only) -MDR CAMIN ONE -Cable set (, Arri 3 pin, Sony F55, Red EPIC, Ptap power, motor cable extra) -Cmotion soft bag Payment thru credit card only (thru invoicing app) , I will charge taxes if sold in Canada. Free shipping in North America https://www.icloud.com/sharedalbum/fr-fr/#B0iJ5HumnGhHAa2 •
  7. I LOVE my SOS plate and had the exact same thing modified for my Trinity plates. I'm pretty sure you could get a few sales also from Trinity ops if you offer them . Cheers, https://www.icloud.com/sharedalbum/fr-fr/#B0iGAfJVYGQsI4k Frederic
  8. OPEN TO OFFERS . Don't forget I will pay shipping in USA and CANADA thru FEDEX .
  9. Asking 1700$USD + shipping PLEASE READ CAREFULLY the description: Here's my used Segway Transporter with everything to put it back to stock . See pictures: everything you see on the pics will be delivered. •batteries are not included ; I removed them because they were dead . Haven't used it in a year and forgot to charge it .... You will need to buy new batteries (around 2000$ for a fresh pair or 1000$ for used ones) . •cosmetics are 7/10 ; few scuffs here and there, nothing serious. Missing the AC power connector cover on the base. Also missing one battery screw (it snapped in the socket) . •One key (you will need a replacement CR2430 battery (3$) •Everything else is fine, charger works, left right steering is fluid . •Pelicase included , as you can see on the pics ; the whole thing was disassembled to fit in two cases : I don't have a manual to reassemble it but it's not rocket science , a few tools and some patience and you should be flying in no time. Visa-Mastercard-AMEX and Apple Pay are welcome, my billing software will bill you in canadian funds . Shipping worldwide thru FEDEX . Tax will be added to a Canadian sale. Pelicase is 85 lbs, plastic box is 20lbs and tires are 45lbs. Cheers Info@frederic.ca Frederic https://www.icloud.com/sharedalbum/fr-fr/#B0iGVfZ2vGv7VPx
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