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  1. Hey guys, I have some things for sale. ARRI artemis Post Extension ø1.8 in, 3B , 16pin length 8.5 in (K2.0041976) NEW, never used €850.00 OBO Ted Churchill Monitor Bracket - including 1.5ø adapter Like NEW condition, used once €800.00 OBO TERADEK RT 1 x 1 channel hand unit -CTRL.1 (including lens mapping and cable for small HD Cine7, Indie) - including monitor mount - including batteries and charger 1 x 3 channel receiver - MDR. X - including power cable 3 x Motor X - including cable 1 x Zommrocker X -including cable The Wireless Focus has wear and tear commensurate with age. It is currently being checked by Teradek prior to sale. It will be available from mid-August. The whole set 6000.00€ OBO Feel free and Please send me your price suggestions. All prices without VAT. The buyer receives an invoice with VAT. Sell preferably to buyers from the EU, not the continent but the economic area. Sorry UK. pictures will follow
  2. Hello everyone, I currently have a Small HD 703 UB on my rig. Unfortunately, this has been in service for 1.5 months and there is currently no reliable statement as to when this could come back. the display sometimes went black for no reason and you had to restart it, the joystick sometimes stopped working and in my opinion it was too dark at full brightness. Do I now have to buy a second 703 UB so that I always have a working one or should I rather take a different one? The problem is that I also love the transvideo monitors but I don't want to have a 6" monitor and I've had pretty bad experiences with the 8". is there anyone here who has the stargate and can recommend it? I mean 800nit in sunlight, maybe someone from California ;) (by the way, the transvideo would also have tally and horizon) or then as a backup or as the first monitor the TVLogic with 3600nit? I work outside a lot. Thank you guys
  3. here are the pictures. from the installation of the monitor on the steadicam there are some scratches from the cage. everything else is fine. it comes in a case and has a plastic cover. there are no scratches on the screen i don't know what it is on the screen in the photo IMG_9100.jpg IMG_9101.jpg IMG_9102.jpg
  4. My backup monitor from Transvideo is for sale. CineMonitorHD6 SBL Evolution 2800 € OBO He is in good conditions. I would prefer shipping within Europe. The buyer receives an invoice. If you are interested, just send a PM I'm still uploading pictures
  5. Hey guys, I'm looking for a Betz Ted Churchill Mount. Get in touch if you have anything. thanks :)
  6. Hey Folks i am selling my one-time used Flowcine X Bone. Then I realized that I'm not the type for backmounted. No scratches, no quirks. It has only been in the office since then. Shipping within the EU. 1.200 € OBO new is 1.500€ (excluding VAT and shipping) The xBONE is a back mount adjustable arm, that is mounted on vests that allows this type of configuration. INCLUDED IN THE BOX 1 pcs Back bone 1 pcs Extension block Short 1 pcs Extension block Middle 1 pcs Extension block Long 1 pcs Adjustable Socket block stage 2 pcs M6 Roll adjustment knobs 1 pcs Exo Vest mount (Two parts) 1 pcs Adjustable Lever 3/8-16″ 60mm For Exo Vest mount 1 pcs Walter Klassen mount 1 pcs Adjustable Lever 3/8-16″ 50mm For Walter Klassen mount 1 pcs Action Products mount 1 pcs Adjustable Lever 3/8-16″ 35mm For Hard mount/Action Products 2 pcs M8x16 for Action Products mount 1 pcs Hard mount with 2 x 48-52mm Speedrail clamps 4 pcs M8x10 for Extension block lock 4 pcs M6x12 for Extension block angle lock For more Information go to... https://www.flowcine.com/product/xbone/
  7. I´m looking for Flowcine xBone maybe there is someone who wants to sell. THX
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