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  1. Do these Kenyon gyros? I have 2 k-6's and 2 k-4's that need mounts
  2. I have just purchased 2 K-6 Kenyon gyros and 1 K-4 Kenyon gyro. They have Lemo connectors, but no Bracketry. Pro no longer sells these. I have a 1.5" pro post. I'm hoping someone has some leftover from the days when Pro gave a shit.
  3. Chris, please text me if this is still available. Or email me. chris@crookedsmilefilms.com 404-630-8200
  4. For Sale (Obviously) Recon Ultra TX/RX Kit (Everything shown included) I've had this guy on the shelf for a while and need to give it a new home. ASKING $2,000 OBO Perfect working order. This has been a solid device for me - on par with Bolt Pro (not Bolt 2000 or Tomahawk). Extra set of rubber ducky antennas in addition to the fan-blade antennas that came with it. Wiring upgrade to allow the AB mounts to pass power through to the p-taps. Quieter fan installed than what it came with (factory install).
  5. For sale... Hyperdeck Mounting Plate (cheeseplate) with 1/4-20 and 3/8-16 holes. This is for the Blackmagic Hyperdeck. New it's $100. I'm selling it for $50. 404-630-8200
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