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  1. BUMP - Open to Seller Finance - hit me up at 404-630-8200 if interested
  2. BUMP - Open to Seller finance... Hit me up at 404-630-8200 if interested...
  3. NEW PRICE UNDER $20k... $19,900 takes it! Let me know! 404-630-8200
  4. Asking Price: $21,000 Now: $18,900 New and Used Equipment Project Examples: http://www.steadicampbell.com/ Call me! (404) 630-8200 steadiCAMPBELL Preston FIZ3 Inventory - Sheet1.pdf
  5. Well shucks, I did not realize it was not in marketplace!!! Thanks you @Andre Perron SOC!!!! I will make that change!
  6. Your Price $22,000 This is a Cine HD Sled that was modified by Tommy Stork to be dual HD lines. I am retired and no longer need it. I do have jumper blocks (2 not in photos but I do have them for you). This sled is in great condition, it's last job was "The Falcon and The Winter Soldier" for Marvel Studios. It is a DBIII, it has dual HD lines. The battery hanger is Gen 3. It has a Pro Gimbal with normal handle. I do have a pelican case with custom foam that also holds your arm and some tools and your monitor. NO MONITOR IS SOLD WITH THIS SLED. Here are prices If you were buying new from Pro... Center post - $3950 DB-III - $5255 Pro Gimbal - $4180 Handle Sleeve with Kip. Handle - $500 Gen 3 batt hanger - $5500 Upper J - $3355 Lower J - $3542 Center Post Cable - $1050 Jumper Blocks - $540 Pelican Case with custom foam - $650 Total (if purchased new): $28,522 Test me at 404-630-8200 with any questions. I also have LOADS of cables that we can discuss a la carte.
  7. Asking Price: $350 Retired Used Product! Still two of my favorites pieces of equipment. Project Examples: http://steadicampbell.com
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