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  1. The image on this video looks terrible but I would be scared to think about a studio executives response to this presentation...
  2. Hey Rod I just got mine. It's great but might but it's too small for a pro/XCS sled with a gen 2 base. Gen 3 might work but the Artemis compresses quite a bit more.
  3. Selling a full Archer2 kit here. Includes: Sled with stock SD monitor (rig has 3 independent hdsdi lines) G50 with X bearings upgrade LX vest with newly replaced front straps 4x steadicam power cubes and dual charger (One of these batteries was recently dropped and cracked on a job but is in the process of getting replaced by production. Once the new battery comes you will get it sent to you) Long arm post adapter for higher lens heights low mode bracket Tiffen accessory balance weight to keep the sled short Arri 2 pin to 3pin lemo 3pin lemo to 4pin XLR Travel Case for the entire rig The rig was recently serviced and refurbished by TIffen. Email michaelhauer@gmail.com for info Asking 18k. Located in NYC. Buyer pays shipping
  4. Bob I totally agree. The reason given to me was that folks thought it was A) too heavy and B) that it worked better with slower drop times so they thought we wouldn't want to change our preferred drop times. I don't know about you guys but I alter the drop time for each shot. Increased inertia with a slow drop time seems like a win-win to me. Hopefully they will change their tune
  5. James I was also interested in testing out the WXB but it seems Tiffen has decided to shelve it...
  6. What do we make of this? For starters its seems inevitable to me that some form of brushless gimbal technology (or whatever Tiffen is calling the tech behind the WXB) will end up on the top or bottom of our sleds in the coming years. All of us have spent countless, hours, months, years perfecting the craft of gently holding this damn stick level in the wake of some unfriendly forces, be it wind, an overeager member of the grip department, or simply the sudden changes in momentum that a truly dynamic shot can necessitate. Keeping a perfect horizon in these situations can be the most technically difficult part of our jobs and to a degree its what separates the men from the boys. So, what happens when technology, pardon the pun, levels this playing field? I've had a few spirited discussions with other ops about this and feel extremely mixed emotions about it. We have all been in situations, where some form of this technology would be super helpful. The obvious example is wind but there are others. On the other hand we all charge a premium for our ability to "get the shot" no matter the obstacles. I'm of the opinion that, to quote Alec "10% of the job is tilting and panning." Still if the perception becomes (especially among line producers) that the hard part of our jobs can be 'solved' by the tech then we are kind of fucked. Sometimes I find myself watching a film or series trying to spot a steadicam shot by the minute imperfections in horizon when coming around a corner or even ever so slight wobble inherent in even a "perfect" lock-off. On the other hand we can easily spot a brushless gimbal shot by its strange framing, the often apparent footsteps of the operator, and drumroll... its clinically perfect horizon. So while we all complain that new technology is bringing us back rather than further, bringing step skippers on to sets where they don't belong, I'm more curious about what some of these advancements in technology can do to the tool we all fell in love with.
  7. Just seeking some clarification here. Netflix doesn't allow UHD Alexa footage?! What about Raw? Is this true of other up and streaming players like Hulu and such? Does this mean the push to 4k is finally an actual thing brought on by the streaming vs cable competition? Will we soon have to use inferior cameras until Arri releases a true 4k camera?
  8. Libor that's true. He doesn't discriminate here and disrespects the whole crew. Can we run with this and make cotton ball t-shirts?
  9. Thats true of course but then its just a ball at the end of a stick. Like with an epic I would never run power to the camera because then its too small.
  10. The only thing that seems problematic for us is that it looks like the fan is on the back so how would one mount anton bauer or similar? Looks like it would be cabled to another battery plate mounted separate from the camera. Thats just conjecture though, hoping arri has a solution so its not just a drone/gimbal/hothead camera.
  11. I'll ask what we are thinking. Has this been put on sled to achieve AR like shots???
  12. Hey All, As the topics suggests, I am selling an as-new Exovest. It has been used on a handful of gigs and has some very minor cosmetic signs of use. To those in the know of such things, this is the most recent version of the vest with the newest designed hip latches. I think Chris' design is wonderful and innovative but I'm selling it because it just wasn't for me. If you are New York based or in town, feel free to come check it out. The last time I checked there was a huge waiting list for one of these so this a great opportunity for the right person. Comes with soft case from Tiffen and booster pad Price is 6300 firm. All interested parties please email michaelhauer@gmail.com
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