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  1. Good day. I need to replace the cables inside my Master series arm. Trouble is, I am finding it near impossible to find replacements, or have working ones made. Any advice on where I can look to either buy or manufacture replacement cables?
  2. Hi, everyone. I recently was given an old Master series vest which needs some attention. I am at a loss when it comes to sourcing the 'ratchet straps'. I have considered using straps from a snowboard, but can't buy the spares in my country (we lack the snow for the sport). I have ordered some from the US, but I am still waiting for delivery. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated, Link to photos http://imgur.com/a/2ZVIv
  3. I have an EFP and a Master arm. I know the RFP can carry up to 37lbs, I am not too sure about the master arm. They are both in good condition, but, which one is the better arm? Or rather, how much can the master arm carry? Thank you for any responses.
  4. Hi all. I recently bought a master series sled and I want to change to a more modern monitor. So I am looking for a monitor mount/bracket that will clamp onto the post. ThThankou.
  5. Hi, I have not been able to find out through Google searches, but is it possible to upgrade an oldish 3A arm to have 'Gold springs'? Cheers.
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