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  1. My two cents. It is not the gimbal. It is the fore/aft travel adjustment machine screw/ nut combination. Unless you've already resolved this, send me a PM and I can talk you through working it out. Takes about 3 minutes but a bit of prep to make a custom tool. Best, Peter Abraham, S.O.C.
  2. Sure looks like a hand-built prototype of the Model II.
  3. Hi Will, You may have heard it from me- I shared that quote at every workshop I taught. A pretty good mantra.
  4. 25 years ago today, Ted Churchill died. For those of us who knew him it was a painful day and time in our personal lives and in our careers. For those who knew of him back then, it was a shocker and made them want to know more. There will be links coming in here that will provide nuance and detail and some incredible clips and videos of him. As Garrett Brown has often said, " I invented the Steadicam. Ted invented the Steadicam Operator ". Hope you're resting in peace, Teddy.
  5. What Kat and Alec said. And I'll add this. Yeah, what was $ 30K 12 years ago is now found in good shape for a LOT less. If you have a reasonable pile of funding or cash around and want to dive into this, here's what I recommend. Everyone has strong thoughts on this, but we all respect each other's brand loyalties and efforts. Important to keep in mind if you're new to our community ! My two cents before I dive in? The Gimbal and the Arm are the heart of any stabilizer. Everything else kneels before those two elements. Why? Because they are the points of isolation between the movements of your body and the lens. Keep this in mind as you wade into brands, opinions, recommendations. My other two cents? If you have $ 30K to spend on a system and accessories, you really have $ 25K. Because there is no single investment that is more valuable and will give you a greater and longer-lasting return on your investment than a Steadicam Workshop. None. Now, I know I'm saying this during a temporary period of time when you cannot actually TAKE a Workshop. Trust me- and all others who chime in on this area- learning to operate from experienced Operators who are also good Instructors is a life-long gift. You will be 6 years in and realize you're drawing on some trick or tip you heard about or were shown at your Workshop. Start your career off right- learn the right muscle memory, the right approach, the right set of skills. SERVICE: A biggie. Use the Forum here. Ask around. If you buy into a solid design but cannot get it serviced by the manufacturer or service is onerous, think long and hard about it. Things break, fail, burn out on all brands and all models. Not to scare you or anyone reading this away. It's a fact of working with gear. There are only a few brands worldwide whose high-end design and engineering and manufacturing AND very granular support from working Ops make them good choices. This is truly a world-wide community of people who do this and support all others. The Internet is useful in this regard, because you could be in Tel Aviv ( a far location for me but it may be where you live ! ) and your arm breaks. Who do you call? Likely you put out the All-Call for help and sometimes ( literally ) within minutes a stranger is in touch, making arrangements to bail you out. It is what we do. These are very broad-stroke comments. In addition to the brand names, there is a small group across the planet of people and cottage industry companies that do extremely fine upgrade/ modification work. Recommendations and photos of work to be found here on the Forum by asking in this thread, etc. So- if you find an older rig that needs work, but the price seems very good, don't despair. It's like buying a house. Love the house but need a new roof? Fine. Get a roof put on and enjoy the house !! You will find people who post into this conversation who are intensely passionate about their brand ( in a positive manner ) AND/OR intensely negative about some other brand. It's human nature. This isn't a device like a car or a camera or a boat or something. We strap it against our bodies and dance with it to make our art, make a living and make the clients happy. It engenders intensely strong feelings and loyalties. In NO particular order: Any Steadicam brand rig from the Master Series moving forward. Great gimbals, great arms. Lots to chose from. Vests fit well, adjustable, etc. GPI-PRO. Started in the early to mid 1990's. Superb all around. Beware of Gen 1 battery hangars- only because those original batteries need to be re-celled or the hangar needs to be upgraded to newer battery technology. XCS- A high-end sled design. Those who own them LOVE them, far as I can tell. I've only flown them once or twice. Remarkably rugged, well-engineered, etc. Sachtler- A sled that has some respect from full-time Ops worldwide. I've flown them at trade shows. Some amazing design ideas. There are other brands that I have never touched and so cannot remark upon. Welcome to the community. There are NO silly or unreasonable questions. Ask away. Where are you located? Do you have access to anyone's rig to try it out? It's difficult to get to a stranger and be safe in terms of COVID-19, but there may be ways. Best, Peter Abraham, S.O.C.
  6. Ahh this is good stuff. Always love learning WHY something came up and how it was approached, and what failed as an approach on the path to a successful concept and design. Thanks for this Jerry.
  7. Hi, I'm quite familiar with that rig- I worked for Tiffen for a while and was there when it was designed. It is fair to say that you would want to avoid working up a very long post for that arm. The torque increased quite dramatically as the arm post is lengthened. Here's a whacky but much safer solution: find another Scout arm to buy. In 10 minutes' time you can make yourself a 3-segment arm. This accomplishes a few things all at once. It keeps the arm post short, and greatly increases your boom range. Just a thought. Best, Peter Abraham, S.O.C.
  8. I took 3 long sections of tie line and braided them through the gap in the socket block assembly. I take it off and hang it from this short " rope" that isn't in the way at all when I'm operating. I use a segment of Home Depot hot water pipe foam insulator to pad the part of my stand that the arm ( and sled ) would bang against with constant docking motions. Works like a charm !!
  9. The micro-panning side to side may be your hand. Or it may be something in the centering and set of your gimbal. As Kat said, what rig- and specifically what sled/ gimbal are you flying? To find out if it's your hand or the rig making the micro-panning motions, start a normal walking shot and after a few steps, completely remove your sled hand. The rig should remain aimed where you last aimed it. If it starts shimmying side to side, you will know you have a hardware issue. Let us know what you find !
  10. A few weeks ago we started shipping the 160th Longplate ! They're in use all over the world on a great variety of sleds and stages. They are designed to fit snugly into the following stages: Tiffen GPI/PRO Sachtler Betz -- And any other stage that accomodates the full-sized mounting plate. These are 18 inches long and are thick enough that there's no vibration when using them. Whether the goal is to support long lenses or pack lots of accessories onto the front and back or mount a teleprompter and/ or Obie light at the far front end, the Longplate allows for endless variations. One of the main features is the accessory package. The hardware that comes with allows the Operator to mount either an Alexa or Sony broadcast type of camera foot DIRECTLY to the plate. This bypasses 2-3 pounds of metal plate, saves roughly 1" of vertical and removes the vibration from many quick-release plates. Below find a few shots of the Longplate in use. It sells for $ 325.00 USD and includes free shipping to the Lower 48 United States. International sales are welcomed and shipping is processed per order- and is never marked up. Payment is by Venmo or PayPal. For more information email me please at: Peter@SteadicamProduductionServices.com Best to all ! Peter Abraham, S.O.C,.
  11. Finally- a Longplate for the medium-sized stages from Tiffen. This Longplate-M will work with quite a variety of stages. Some require that a locking mechanism be removed. Others allow it to drop right in. Here’s the list of drop-in stages: Archer 2 Zephyr Clipper 312/ 324 Vector Here’s the partial list of stages that might requite removal of a locking tab or gear wheel: Archer 1 Aero Scout Flyer LE Flyer The Longplate-M lists for $ 325.00 USD and shipping is included in the Lower 48 United States. Overseas sales are welcome of course- the original Longplate is used on every continent right now. I accept Venmo and PayPal. Local sales to the NYC area can be done by cash. Please do email me with any questions. Photos below of the new Longplate- M ! Peter@SteadicamProductionServices.com
  12. Dunno about the vest- John Porter is right it looks like a modified Ultra Vest. Then again, I know nothing about that brand named above. Tim Tyler is our board Admin. I'd guess he might be able to change your name. Go to Messages and send him one !
  13. THIS is a fascinating idea. Wondering how long it took to figure out how to arm in/ arm out by yourself?? Any tricks and tips to this?
  14. I've given away a bunch of very old bits. I used to have the steel ball-socket and T-Handle grips for the Model I Vehicle Mount Kit. You know-- Sitting down and wearing and aiming with the normal posts removed? That came with my rig when I bought it from Ruxton, LTD. in Burbank. Put it together once. So I'd know how. Since Garrett told me at my workshop at house house NOT to sit down while wearing a rig- and especially in a moving vehicle- it was an antique the day I got it. Just about everything else went to others when I sold my Frankenrig Model IIA and bought the Master Series rig.
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