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  1. Hi Laurent, I don't know the specific sites. Whatever brand you own, look at the website owned by them.
  2. This came in from Dean Smollar, S.O.C. He informed me that he'd transitioned from a back-mounted vest to a front and missed the arm clearance offered by that design. He decided to try my A.R.M. Arm Repo Mount. I did not design it to compete with the back-mounted vests. I just wanted to solve two 30-year-old problems I'd always faced, no matter what vest/arm/sled combo: 1. The arm bumps into the monitor corner sometimes. 2. The arm blocks a portion of my view of the monitor. The A.R.M. resolves both of these issues. Dean has permitted me to use his words and photos below.
  3. I'd be so glad to fly down to the island to work on-site..... ;) Logical that you'd feel rocking when inertia the bottom is reduced. Spreading out the weight tends to suppress any rocking. It's very similar to balancing the rig. The faster the drop-time, the more minimized any off-balanced issues are to your fingers because the mass of the pendulum has been increased top to bottom, and the rig is holding itself upright rather aggressively. ( A 1 second drop opposed to a 3 second drop, for example ) I am a HUGE fan of taking an extra 2 minutes when doing a build to build the rig and th
  4. Pleased to bump this because more and more of this new Longplate-M are finding their way onto people's rigs. PM me with any questions ! Exciting update- for Flyer owners, a possible inexpensive solution for the gear rack needed to engage your Fore/Aft with the Longplate-M !! Keep an eye out here for details.
  5. I am a HUGE fan of this system !! As the designer of the Zalex Longplate and Longplate-M, I'm delighted that Justin has designed this robust clamp for all of those medium sized stage plates on the planet. Going to link through to this product on my Facebook Zalex page ! If you own a rig that uses that sized plate, this SOS is INDISPENSABLE !!! The SOS is something I wanted for decades. Was happy from the first day on set with mine. Peter Abraham, S.O.C.
  6. I am the manufacturer of the Longplate and the Longplate-M. The M fits all Medium Tiffen stages including the Zephyr. The Longplate-M has been shipping for several months now. It comes with a custom-built kit of hardware that allows direct mounting of a Sony broadcast or Alexa type of camera bottom to the Longplate-M. Feel free to PM me with any questions. Best, Peter Abraham, S.O.C.
  7. Hi Preston, I'm pretty familiar with the Zephyr. Indeed at that weight you are already severely over what it is designed to carry. You risk cracking the bearings in the arm ( it sounds a bit like popcorn when they crack ) because of the excessive pressure on them. You also risk having the main pin that holds the gimbal into the handle snap. You also can damage the bearing races in the gimbal itself. In all, a bit of a risk. Adding more weight only increases the chance of damaging components. Might be time to strip down the camera/ setup a bit or look for another used rig that's a bit larg
  8. My two cents. It is not the gimbal. It is the fore/aft travel adjustment machine screw/ nut combination. Unless you've already resolved this, send me a PM and I can talk you through working it out. Takes about 3 minutes but a bit of prep to make a custom tool. Best, Peter Abraham, S.O.C.
  9. Sure looks like a hand-built prototype of the Model II.
  10. Hi Will, You may have heard it from me- I shared that quote at every workshop I taught. A pretty good mantra.
  11. 25 years ago today, Ted Churchill died. For those of us who knew him it was a painful day and time in our personal lives and in our careers. For those who knew of him back then, it was a shocker and made them want to know more. There will be links coming in here that will provide nuance and detail and some incredible clips and videos of him. As Garrett Brown has often said, " I invented the Steadicam. Ted invented the Steadicam Operator ". Hope you're resting in peace, Teddy.
  12. What Kat and Alec said. And I'll add this. Yeah, what was $ 30K 12 years ago is now found in good shape for a LOT less. If you have a reasonable pile of funding or cash around and want to dive into this, here's what I recommend. Everyone has strong thoughts on this, but we all respect each other's brand loyalties and efforts. Important to keep in mind if you're new to our community ! My two cents before I dive in? The Gimbal and the Arm are the heart of any stabilizer. Everything else kneels before those two elements. Why? Because they are the points of isolation between the movements
  13. Ahh this is good stuff. Always love learning WHY something came up and how it was approached, and what failed as an approach on the path to a successful concept and design. Thanks for this Jerry.
  14. Hi, I'm quite familiar with that rig- I worked for Tiffen for a while and was there when it was designed. It is fair to say that you would want to avoid working up a very long post for that arm. The torque increased quite dramatically as the arm post is lengthened. Here's a whacky but much safer solution: find another Scout arm to buy. In 10 minutes' time you can make yourself a 3-segment arm. This accomplishes a few things all at once. It keeps the arm post short, and greatly increases your boom range. Just a thought. Best, Peter Abraham, S.O.C.
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