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  1. It’s sold sorry.. cramped attic makes them though was made for gen3 not gen4
  2. GPI Pro Cinelive - Betz Topstage w/ Rods - Pro Cinelive Electronics - Telescoping Post - Gen 3 Battery Base (Anton Bauer) - Pro Gimbal (Long Handle + Short Handle + Upgraded Yoke) - Cam-Jam Quattro Monitor Bracket (+ Spare monitor mount)? - Small HD DP7 Pro High Brightness monitor (+ AB Plate) - 4x Pro Jumper Blocks (3 standard + 1 custom parallel) - Hill Docking Bracket - Short Betz Camera Plate - PRO Low mode bracket - Gimbal + Post Tools + Allen Keys - Spare Screw set - 2x Cinelive > 4pin XLR Cables - 1x 8 Pin Lemo > SmallHD Power/Tally Cable - 1x SDI Cable - 1x Cinelive Tally Cab
  3. Cramped Attic Pro Jumper Block - 12v Parallel mode - allows all 3 battery positions to be used in parallel - diodes on each battery position isolate each battery - heatsink $600USD new $400USD + shipping
  4. as new XSC Ergo Handle for a regular (right hand) operator new $1500USD selling $1200USD + shipping (approx $50 to USA)
  5. G-Zoom Custom Edition for 1.023inch Gimbal (Pro, Betz) Canon>Fuji Zoom Adapter Case $600USD+Shipping (approx $40 to USA) In near to new condition except for small repair done on cable sleeve Need to purchase a focus adapter from G-Zoom OR Can include a brand new Canon Focus Adapter for $160
  6. GPI Pro DB3 Topstage - 3x Pro Plates (Long, Short, Arri) - Nose Mount + Bartech Reciever $3100USD + Shipping (approx $50 to US)
  7. apologies, wasn't bad language .. merely a statement of shock . appreciate it Ken.
  8. Uh WTF? There is an upgraded version? How? Howard has been uncontactable for a year.. can you please pass on his details as there are a number of people that would like to get in contact with him..
  9. thinking about purchasing a gyro setup, for those vehicle mounted shots and really windy days.. with the 6x6 X-mount configuration is there any way to mount them onto the sled post itself? or would it be better to use 2 seperate ks6 so as to have the ability to spread the mass ? new with the idea of gyros, so looking for any information, have already read previous posts on this..
  10. Interesting.. essentially your just using the omega frame.. was there a particular board you went with? Did that fit into the existing shell or is it mounted on the outside as with the motor?
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