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  1. Hello James, how are you? do you still have those batteries? I wonder if you sell only 3? thanks in advance, all the best J
  2. Hi Osman! do you still has this one available? i`m interested. let me know..all the best.
  3. Hello guys Thank you all for your replies and share your experience. i will get a PRO. I´m so happy.
  4. jorge manzur

    XCS or PRO

    Hi Guys, I´ve been operating since 2010 with a small Sachtler rig and I think that has been a good experience because I´vnt learned to operate with a non top of the line sled. it´s like when you play the worst guitar from younger and then you want to buy the real SG because you know how to fly on it... I`m soon to be able to get my first and last big rig. I have seen all the models in the market but I have tried just a few. what about the arm, I have no doubts, PRO. ( I´m talking about to get an equipment to work for 25 years more ) what I think just in inspiration mode I li
  5. Hello Aaron, do you still has the Sled? thanks
  6. Hello Hugo, do you still has this one?
  7. hello Hugo, do you still has this one?
  8. Hello Eric, which is the price for the arm? Thanks
  9. Hello David, Do you still have this arm for sale? regards J
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