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  1. New and Used Paralinx and Teradek Accessories and Cases - Brand new in box Bolt XT 3000 panel antenna with gold mount plate and receiver antennae cables - Brand new in box Bolt XT 3000 custom SKB iCase for 2 receiver, panel and transmitter kit - Brand new in box Teradek Tomahawk panel antenna with gold mount plate and receiver antennae cables - Used, in very good condition Tomahawk panel antenna with gold mount plate and receiver antennae cables - Used Tomahawk custom Pelican 1550 case for 2 receiver, panel and transmitter kit - Various Tomahawk mounting solutions for transmitters and receivers - Tomahawk transmitter mounting bracket - Tomahawk receiver bracket for stand mounting - 2 receiver speed rail mounts - 3 c-stand mounts - receiver remote, usb cable, 2 AC adapters $1500 for everything or best offer. Individual items can be sold separately as well for best offer.
  2. MKV Humming Bird SD Monitor. Very good condition. Robust waterproof construction. Good weight for sled. Daylight viewable. All control knob waterproofing gaskets new. Tilt bracket and spigot attached. 2 4' MKV combo power video cables included. Could be a great back up monitor when used with downconverter for HD cameras. Could also be used in rain/wet conditions when covering a monitor is not possible or wanted for visibility. Decimator 2 video downconverter. Will convert from 3G/HD/SD SDI to HDMI or Composite video for standard definition monitors. Also great if you have an HDMI only monitor or transmitter and are using a HDSDI Camera. 3 pin Lemo (MKV accessory power) cable included. The Decimator can be used in conjunction with the Hummingbird monitor for a robust/waterproof backup monitor system or an inexpensive primary Steadicam monitor. Will sell both for $500 or individually for a reasonable offer.
  3. Yes please I want to buy it Lee. Thank you. Pyare
  4. I have a very lightly used Blackmagic Design SDI to Analog Mini Converter. I was using it to convert HDSDI video to my standard def Hummingbird monitor and it worked great. I upgraded to an HD monitor and simply no longer need it. UPGRADED: The less secure factory power port has been removed and upgraded to a 2 pin lemo input (3rd picture below). INCLUDED: I am throwing in the 2 power cables I had made. One was to power it off of my MK-V (3 pin lemo) and the other will power the unit from an Alexa 2 pin lemo accessory power port. The MK-V cable has a small board box in it to prevent video noise. The MK-V end of this cable could be changed to power off of a different sled. Retail this box is $280 US without the port upgrade or cables. Those probably cost me $400. PRICE: I am asking $250 US.
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