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  1. what a wonderful post from a true veteran. thank you so much for sharing.
  2. I think Adam Mendry has some wedge clamp copies made. he might still have some of them.
  3. I wouldn't use a welded socket block Michael. if anything, you might want to use a new one as main and the welded on as a backup (if you really really want to keep the broken one that is). adapter+standard socket (tiffen/pro) seems much more safer.
  4. Hey Victor, I had similar issues as well with M-one slipping a while ago. my solution was using a standart style dogbone with both ends having a tightening screws instead of badly designed m-One dogbone with a single kipp serving both. also if you use a 19 to 15 adaptor make sure that the adaptors' cutout is placed motor rod clamps' cutout. since I made these changes I had zero slippage. also you might wanna end the manual calibration of BFD a liitle bit before the lens' hard stop. as the M-one is extremely powerful it will push itself of the barrel when it hits the hard stop. I hope this helps.
  5. Both lt and st arricams have 100 percent video top. Its weird that both pana and arri said there isnt. Am i missing something?
  6. hey axel, i had a similar problem a while ago. the hd line on u2 is a strait line with no electronics involved. in my case the problem was the connection between the post cable and the stage bnc connector. the mini bnc connector came a bit loose after years of use. so i cut just a few centimeters before the connector, put a new connector on the cable side and done! i made this repair last year and never had anymore problems with it since. you might wanna check all the connections before cutting and slicing anything though. hope this helps.
  7. Peter serviced my analog mone's pot a couple of times. But i don't know if he can service the digital version. You should contact him.
  8. i found this http://www.bbc.com/news/business-32316865
  9. chicken wire trick worked for me wonderfully. don't buy a very thin wire with big holes or it gets stuck between the threads on your shoe.
  10. my reasoning was: the smallHD might be a little brighter but the trade off is so big as the transvideo has a GREAT customer support, less than 1 frame latency, awesome build quality (becomes near water-proof with a piece of well placed gaffer tape protecting the buttons), an actually working digital level, great tool-set for analyzing the image and good second hand value as the transvideo monitors are famous for being very durable. edit: my decision was between smallHD and rainbow as the boland 7" was not availble at that moment.
  11. digital level on transvideo rainbow HD is very well programmed an it works as it should. i heard very bad feedback from smallHD users about their level although i never saw myself. when i mailed small HD about a possible upgrade they said "There is not a firmware upgrade coming to address the horizon indicator. "
  12. just bought a rainbow HD 7" SBL. very happy with it. no problems of daylight viewability at all. and awesome build quality. also transvieo's customer support is one of the best in the industry.
  13. Hey Marianne, how do we record still frames on rainbow HD. i didn't see any instructions on the manual about this.
  14. you should contact Adam Mendry. He made several of them last year. he is a member on this forum as well as the steadicam group on facebook.
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