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  1. Hello Damien, I don't know that information. I was using it with a Pro DB II top stage. Maybe someone who knows can share it with us. Thank you, - Haris -
  2. Price reduction for the last plate: € 50 + shipping. Thank you, - Haris -
  3. Price reduction: € 300 + shipping. Thank you, - Haris -
  4. Hi all, About 3 years ago, I bought a Provid 2 system and modified it to HD, so as to serve me as a back up. I have decided to put it up for sale. It's a sled for light to medium camera set ups that can balance very easily in static and dynamic mode. - This system is fully functional, clean and well maintained & it is wired with contemporary quality wires. It's a 12volt sled. - The gimbal is like new and can handle loads up to 12kg with the correct arm. - The sled has 1 HD and 1 SD line down the post, which is a fixed one (not telescoping) and 3x Lemo 0B 4pins (FGG.0B.304) for 12v power and Video & 2x Lemo1B 3pins (FGG.1B.303) for 12v power. These Lemo have the same pin outs like the MK-V sleds (http://www.mk-v.com/?p=556). - The monitor bracket is made out of aluminium and carbon fiber parts and it is vey light and strong with no vibrations. It can be adjusted to accommodate other monitors too and it can keep the dynamic balance of the sled if you re-adjust the monitor. - The monitor that comes with the sled is a Marshall XHB with 800nits of brightness and works only in SD mode. This comes as a gift with the sled, so as the monitor bracket doesn't ship empty. - Included with the sled is the original Thermodyne case with pick'n'puck foam from Pelican, that can fit the sled and many other pieces of equipment above it. Also, 2 dovetail plates are included, along with some basic cables + a custom made rain cover for the lower sled. - The battery, the stand and the docking bracket that are in the pictures are not included in the sale. Price for the sled & accessories: 3.000€ + shipping. The equipment is located in Greece. Please message me for questions in here or at: haris_pallas@yahoo.gr Thank you, - Haris -
  5. Hi all, Selling my back up Tiffen docking bracket for 1.5" up to 2" centre posts. In great functional and cosmetic condition, cleaned and serviced. Price: 350€ + shipping. Located in Greece - will ship worldwide at buyers expense. Thank you, - Haris -
  6. Hi all, Selling my back up Jerry Hill GAD 1 fork and 1x ring for 1.5" centre posts. In great functional and cosmetic condition, clean and sharp! Price: 350€ + shipping. Located in Greece - will ship worldwide at buyers expense. Thank you, - Haris -
  7. Hello all, Does someone who own a Transvideo Stargate monitor can tell me the specifications of the recording (bit rate, quality etc)? Or even a sample video to see? I have contact Transvideo twice this week and they haven't responded yet. Thank you, - Haris -
  8. Hello Richard, I would be interested in the G50x arm only, if you decide to break the package. Thank you, - Haris -
  9. Hello everyone, A while ago, someone message me by the name Jeff Timothy, about a Jerry Hill docking bracket that I'm looking for. He's trying to make me contact someone else in the email: richardkaren004@gmail.com He joined the forum 1 hour ago, with no information, so this is an obvious scam. Be careful..! - Haris -
  10. Hello all, I'm in the market for a Jerry Hill docking bracket with tilt function, only from a European Union country. Please message me or email me - haris_pallas@yahoo.gr - if you have one for sale. Thank you, - Haris -
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