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  1. Hi Haris 

    Is your monitor and yoke still for sale ?

    Talk soon 

    Louis Puli .


    1. Haris Pallas

      Haris Pallas

      Hello Louis,

      Thank you for the message.

      Yes it's still for sale.

      Let me know how I can help more.

      Thank you,

      - Haris -

  2. Hi all, For sale is my Marshall V-LCD70XHB-3GSDI 7" monitor with HD-SDI In/Out and 800nits of brightness. Comes with a Cam-Jam Yoke and a custom screen protector (not pictured). It has a V-mount battery plate on the back with D-tap output. The screen and the overall monitor is in mint condition. Price: 1.200€ + shipping. Please message me for any questions. Thank you, - Haris -
  3. Hi all, I have for sale a Steadicam docking bracket for 1.5" centerpost sleds. It comes from a Provid II rig and it is fully functional (the 2 bolts that are missing in the pictures will be replaced with new ones). Price: 120 Euros + shipping. PM for any questions. Thank you, - Haris -
  4. Hi all, I have decided to sell my 2 back up Steadicam Provid arms. They are both in fully working condition with some wear only at the outside painting. All the springs and wires are in great condition, very smooth and 100% soundless. One arm is from a 1998 Provid II rig and comes with a standard size socket block and the other is from a 1991 Provid rig with the pin hole vest bracket. They both have 28lbs / 15kg weight capacity. Price for both arms: 1.500 Euros + shipping Price for 1998 arm: 950 Euros + shipping Price for 1991 arm: 750 Euros + shipping PM me for any questions. Thank you, - Haris -
  5. Hey Lewis, I mentioned in my first reply that the Fs5 menu SDI output is very tricky! And there you go...although your monitor can and should handle 1080p. Glad you have signal after all !! - Haris -
  6. Hi Lewis, I see, it's the second suspect! Mouser.com is a good place to find those things. You must carefully open the back cover of the monitor so the boards are visible and see the SDI part number. Then search it on Mouser website. If the SDI is soldered on the board (most probable), you must refer to an electronic guy before you order it and for soldering it back. Otherwise you must send it to CVP in London but the cost will be significantly different. - Haris -
  7. A bad cable is always the first suspect. Any time man! - Haris -
  8. Hi Lewis, If you feed the HD-SDI input on your top stage (front one) you must use the separate BNC output on the bottom of your sled for picture and the 3pin lemo for power - 2 different cables to your monitor, 1x 3pin lemo --> XLR for power & 1x BNC --> BNC for picture (at the SDI IN of your monitor with the SDI button selected of course). That is the way to go. If this doesn't work check your cables or anything else. - Haris -
  9. Lewis, I just checked out the Zephyr's manual. Do you connect the camera's SDI output to the HD SDI input on the front of the topstage or the standard def BNC input on the rear? - Haris -
  10. Hey Lewis, Which 3-way cable? The 8pin Lemo --> XLR + BNC ? The 8pin Lemo port on the bottom of your sled (I think) outputs SD signal, not HD. Can you check that out just to be sure? - Haris -
  11. Hi Lewis, I have the same monitor on my main sled for some years now and I never had a problem with it. The Sony Fs5 is very tricky with the SDI output. If you manage to send picture to the viewfinder of the camera and your sled monitor at the same time, when you push record on the camera you will loose the image on your monitor. There is a way to have image on your monitor while recording at the same time but you will not have image on the camera's viewfinder. Search the camera's menu for the right combination. - Haris -
  12. Hello Mr.Dudeck, Is the trade-in program applicable to Europe too? Can we trade our old batteries in a place inside the EU? Thank you, - Haris -
  13. Hi all, I have 4x Anton Bauer ProPac14 , 65Wh batteries for sale. Two of them hold charge but not full and two are in the low voltage area so they need re-cell. These are perfect for the bottom battery plate of the sled to keep the centerpost short and help with dynamic balance as they weight 2,5kg each. Price for all: 135€ + shipping. Thank you, - Haris -
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