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  1. Hi, I hope everyone is well. For sale Genesis MK-V top stage and dovetail plate. Price 500.-€ (Shiping not included)
  2. I'm selling my Scorpio lens control FIZ. Private Owner . very litle used, Like NEW Price 5.500.-€ (Shiping not included) SCORPIO WIRELESS F+I+Z SYSTEM: Last Software v5.30 – ready for 3D NEW radio 1x F+I+Z handunit + spare antennas 2x+ focus marking discs 1x F+I+Z motor controller + spare antennas + mounting brackets from SVS 1x Sony charger ACSQ-950D for NPF-NPQ batteries 2x Sony batteries NPFM-50 1x long Bar 19mm 1X long Bar 15mm 1x SCORPIO V-42 motors 3x 3 Scorpio motor brackets (19mm with 15 and PV adapters) 1x motor cables – 0,8m 1x power cable XLR-4 SPLIT (12v) 1x pelicase #1520 I can ship worldwide, using FedEx, please ask for your quote, depending on your final destination. Please contact on info@joanmorato.com 00 34 607228812
  3. 100cm chest, 95cm waist You can adjust it : Chest, from 90cm to 115cm Waist ,From 85cm to 100cm
  4. Hello friends : I sell this vest PRO, it is very little used The price is € 3,900.-
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