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  1. Hi Karsten I Read in old topic that you used a Rock-a-bye system… 
    have you a good feedback? 
    Thanks a lot 


  2. Hi, ever thought about a third arm segment? It's the perfect companion for those challenging Trinity, Omega or Gimbal shots or also while regulare steadicaming, where boomrange is king. or whatever. it is a nice tool in your kit to have the option.. https://tiffen.com/products/steadicam-x3-3rd-arm Fortunately i have one for sale! :) (i sold my Exovest because i never realy got used to it, so now it is kind of sitting there, sad and useless as i cant connect it to my other vest) virtually unused, it comes with the mountingadapters for Exovest and Walter Klassen. Selling for 5500USD (before VAT) + Shipping Located in germany
  3. Hello, i bought an Exovest for a second Steadicam Kit but i ended up using always just my 'oldschool' Vest i learned on, so finally it must go. It has some marks of use, but nothing to worry about. just cosmetic. -currently it is set to goofy, but can easily reversed. -also for sale is a X3 third arm segment, i bought second hand (the original owner did not use it as well i think) in perfect condition. I like the idea of the additional boomrange but since it is Exovest & Walter Klassen Backmount Vest only, i wont use it in the future as well. (there is just one little scratch on top of the armcover, you can see in one picture) it comes with mounting adapters for Exovest and Walter Klassen. Both can also be used for Gimbalsupport with huge boomrange (like Gimbal on a stick or with Tiffen Steadimate) located in germany Exovest with bag and pads 4,000 USD X3 5,000 USD will ship worldwide (buyer pays shipping) more pictures on request. please contact me over email: karsten at cineone dot tv cheers :)
  4. any updates on this? i have the same issue on my g50 (x upgraded). But since i only have the arm as a backup, i did not worked on that for a long time. i have the feeling, that the problem might be the rubber bumbers on the inside of the segment which wore out so that the arm can boom up just a bit over the usual height making it snap. -when i put 1/4 - 1/2 inch of tape on these, it worked way better. -but maybe this is just rather a workaround than a fix...
  5. hey Karsten, hast du noch was von deinem Teradek zeugs?

    lg robert

  6. i still have a 500USD letus store credit, what i dont need due to fraud of letusdirect.com what turned out to be NOT letus direct, though letus partnered with that guy so i would asume they need to take full responsibility as they licensed their name to him ...but anyway... if anybody is about to buy something at their online shop, let me know, you might safe some buck ;)
  7. selling a Tokina 16-28 Cinema ATX PL. Lenses are crystal clear. Common marks of usage on the housing. 2,600€ OBO will upoad photos soon Beautiful lens, used it a lot in addition to prime sets when we were missing some on the short end. Nice precise flares, little distortion, full frame coverage (doing monstro easily) very useful for light-weight wide-angle steadicam work! retail price: 3,600€ (https://www.teltec.de/tokina-cinema-...tokina%2016-28) located in germany
  8. selling a Teradek Bolt 3000 SDI&HDMI 1:1 Kit common marks of usage and velcro on the housings but of course in perfect working condition. Bought in 02/2018 we always try to stay on top of the gear game so this unit needs to go for a new 3000 XT though this 'old' 3000 Set almost just became comfortable with us... will upload photos soon retail price: 9,191€ (https://www.teltec.de/teradek-bolt-p...am=bolt%203000) selling for: 8,000€ located in germany
  9. Selling a single Teradek Bolt 500 Receiver (SDI+HDMI). Technicaly in perfect working condition. Opticaly some usual marks. pics will follow located in germany retail price: 1280€ https://www.teltec.de/teradek-bolt-p...ram=bolt%20500 asked price: 900€
  10. selling a used Bolt 600 set. it has the usual wear&tear and velcro remains but is technicaly in perfect working condition. comes with: 1x TX (SDI+HDMI) 1x RX (SDI+HDMI) 7x Antenna 1x PTap Cable 2x SDI Cable 1x case pictures: https://www.cineone.tv/wp-content/up...312_193546.jpg https://www.cineone.tv/wp-content/up...312_193729.jpg https://www.cineone.tv/wp-content/up...312_194102.jpg 2500€ (before VAT) located in germany. will ship worldwide please contact via emal. thx
  11. Hello, i dont use my x upgraded G50 a lot but i keep it as a nice lightweight and higher boomrange option to my Pro arm. a few weeks ago i used it for the first time since months (maybe about a year) and experienced that it is locking out very hard when completely boomed up. -so hard that i had to push the arm segment(s) back by hand. i remember that it always had a lockout issue i am just wondering if it got worse or if i am just used to the Pro arm now, what doesn't do this entirely. (had this arm for inspection and maintanance at Tiffen Pinewood 1 or two years ago i think) anybody here with an G50 oder G50x wanting to share his/here experience? It would be highly appreciated :) thanks! Karsten
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