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  1. For sale is my new cine live cable! 1x CIneLive to Arri Alexa 1x CineLive to RED 1x CineLive to ARRI Transvideo Starlite HD + HDI make me an offer… email: oliver.schumann@german-ta.de or PM... Located: Berlin-Germany
  2. Hi everyone around the world... I'm selling my Baer-bel / Cam-Tec Plate with some div. roods... Some signs of usage, but it's great working condition and look´s new. I'm asking € 450 EUR Buyer pays for shipping (around the world) and any upcoming transaction fees! Plate is in Berlin/Germany. For inquiries shoot me an E-mail at: oliver.schumann@german-ta.de Cheers Olli
  3. ARRI 5-inch OLED Monitor BRAND NEW ARRI K2.0006960 (K20006960) Transvideo Starlite HD5-ARRI 5-inch OLED Monitor with ARRI Bus Interface, Touch Functionality and Integrated H.264 Recorder 1 x StarliteHD5-ARRI 1 x Cable Lemo5 to Lemo6 with wiring for the EXT connector of the AMIRA/MINI* 1 x Magnetic snap-on screen cover 1 x 3D swing Arm 1 x Pelican case 1 x Standard Transvideo BNC Cable €1250 +Shipping Shipping worldwide. located in Berlin, Germany email: oliver.schumann@german-ta.de !NO PAYPAL! Only Bank to Bank
  4. Hi, I want to sell my Hybrid 2“ XCS/GPI PRO CineLive HD V-LOCK from 2018 with BETZ Topstage Use 2 times and look NEW and the 2“ XCS Gimbal ( we have not talk about it ;-) so PERFECT! Sled: - Betz Top Stage $3,700.00 -Upper Junction Box Cine/Live $3,050.00 - LOWER J BOX Cine Live GIMBAL (Custom from Christian Betz) see Pics $3,220.00 - BATTERY RACK GEN IV $2,190.00 -HD Center Post Cable $725.00 - new V-Look plates $1,00.00 - 2“ XCS Gimbal $ 6,900.00 - 2“ XCS Carbon Post $ 5,400.00 - XCS ERGO Handle (Goofy) $ 1,700.00 Dock: - 2"Docking Fork - Docking Rings 2.0 Cables: - Cinelive power cable - Monitor Cable Transvideo - PRO Cine HD to XLR -div. HD Pro Cable - special SKB Custom Case for the RIG (1000€) the Sachtler Carbon Monitor holder, not included! Comes with the XCS Monitor Bracket! ….. with out VAT and Shipping (World) I can provide more pictures upon request. I'm willing to ship anywhere at buyers expense. Serious inquiries only please. if any question send me an email! email: oliver.schumann@german-ta.de
  5. Hello All, I´ am selling a brand new, not used ARRI PCA Stuff. It was my backup…. 3x ARRI cforce plus Basic Set's (3x cforce plus Gear m0.8/32p) Based in Berlin/Germany email: oliver.schumann@german-ta.de Make me an offer...but please stay realistic! new price is 2450€ each one of them! Best OLLI
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