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  1. Tjena Phillips! Tanken har slagit mig men lite mycket å lägga typ 40 pix för en sån. Sen så gillar jag ju å smyga upp pekfingret ovanför vilket inte går så lätt då ju. =)
  2. I'm looking for a 1.5" EFP Gimbal. Is there anyone out there in good condition? Please, let me know.
  3. Selling my backup-sled, a MK-V Nexus V4 with dual HD-SDI from top to bottom. It is in very nice condition, almost "brand new" with some tiny scratches. The package contains * MK-V Nexus with V4 electronics (J-box, D-box and post cable) and 1.5” post * MK-V Standard topstage with dovetail-plate * Genesis Gen2 1.5” gimbal with standard handle * Dual Anton Bauer battery mount * One extra Anton Bauer battery mount * Original monitor mount with rods * My homemade, fixed monitor mount * Docking bracket * Peli Stormcase iM3100 Cables * Power-cable, Lemo — XLR * Power-cable for RED-camera, Lemo — RED * Power-cable for monitor, Lemo — XLR Notice! This is just the sled. No stand, no monitor, no batteries. Located. Stockholm, Sweden. Price. 11 000 Euro or best offer. Contact. Please email, steadicam@tomas.se
  4. Hi Sebastian, Sad to hear about your house. Hope you got a good insurance. I'm selling my MK-V Nexus V4, which is in mint condition. Let me know if you're interested and I take som photos for you. The package contains.. * MK-V Nexus V4 sled (Dual HD-SDI) * Standard topstage * Monitor mount (No monitor) * Docking bracket * Stormcase Cheers, TOMAS
  5. Brand new MK-V Standard topstage with dovetail plate in excellent condition, for sale. Never used, no scratches. Fits almost every professional sled on the market, from EFP, MK-V to PRO. Check out www.mk-v.com for more information. Price for a new MK-V Standard topstage with dovetail plate is, $2,760.00 / 2,000€ so give me an reasonable offer! Buyer pays freight from Stockholm, Sweden. Please email me, steadicam@gloration.com
  6. Transvideo Rainbow II 6.5" SuperBright for sale, in good condition. Crisp, clear and high bright for the sunny days. I've used it on my Steadicam EFP and it have been great all time. What's included, * Transvideo Rainbow II, 6.5" SB monitor * Small Peli case No cabels included. I once had an original Transvideo-monitor mount but haven't been able to find it. I will continue to search for it. Give me an reasonable offer, buyer pays freight. Located in Stockholm, Sweden. Please e-mail me at, steadicam@gloration.com Cheers, TOMAS
  7. EFP topstage for sale with dovetail plate in good condition. Used and have a history of many tv-shows in Sweden, Norway and France, where I've been working. See attached photos. Give me an offer. Buyer pays freight from Stockholm, Sweden. Please email me, steadicam@gloration.com
  8. Hi there, I'm searching for a Steadicam EFP Battery base with Anton Bauer mount and the "slide" mount (.. see photo). Got one in your closet? Reply or send me a message, please. Cheers, TOMAS
  9. Hi Jens, I was recently in Beijing running steadi on the Clash of the choirs tv-show for CCTV in China. They didn't use any wireless control of the camera and there was no tally system to be found over there. We used a pretty new Gigawave link but the bought it as a one-way link. CCTV uses ENG cameras (?!) for steadicam so we did a white balance and I controlled the exposure myself. Since there are non or at least very few live shows in China I was told that they if the cameras didn't match exactly, they would "fix it" in the editing. Well. Let me know if you have any further questions. Cheers, TOMAS
  10. Hi Justin, The best sled for live television is still the unbeatable Steadicam EFP. Buy a used one in good condition, service the gimbal and upgrade it with some HD-SDI cables and maybe a new Betz Tools topstage. Then you have the lightest, smallest, fastest and smoothest sled available. Cheers, TOMAS
  11. New price, 6 250 EUR! And here is a photo of my Luna arm..
  12. Luna arm for sale, wich have been used as a backup arm and had a very little use. Bought it about 1,5 year ago so it is in "brand new" condition. Asking 6 500 EUR Located in Sweden. Please email me, steadicam@gloration.com
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