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  1. Price reduced to £7500 ($9100), the dm2 motor will need servicing as it's noisier than it should be
  2. Preston FIZ 2 full package (not breaking it up) located in London UK. Asking Price $10 000 + postage + postage insurance (be mindful of customs wherever you are based) Will ship anywhere PRESTON KIT LIST: PELICAN CASE CONTAINING: 1 x MDR2 (Transmitter) with cheese plate and camera lock 1 x HU2 (Hand Unit) + Receiver (recently serviced at Optical Support in London UK) 7 x Marking Discs (4 new ones) 1 x HU neck strap 1 x DM2 (Motor) 2 x DM1 (Motor) 2 x Sets of various gear adapters (for use on broadcast cameras, etc) 4 x Motor Cables 3 x Jerry Hill Motor brackets 1 x Preston Motor bracket 4 x 15mm blue collet 2 x Panavision red collets 1 x Preston fast charger 1 x IEC Power Cable for US plug 4 x Preston FIZ batteries (2 in full working conditions and 2 in need of recelling) 1 x Iris Control 1 x Iris Control cable 1 x Digital Microforce 2 1 x FI to Z HU bracket 1 x Microforce to pan handle bracket 1 x HU2 to Microforce cable 1 x Microforce Y cable PWR/Motor 1 x 24v PWR 1 x 12v PWR 1 x 3pin fisher PWR 1 x D-tap PWR 1 x 3pin fisher run cable (Arri) 1 x Epic / Scarlet run cable 1 x F55 run cable 1 x Red One run cable 1 x Genesis run cable 1 x Panavision run cable
  3. Hi David, this isn't the compact version by any chance?
  4. if you were willing to sell just the two batteries how much would you sell them for?
  5. Hi all, Apologies if this post is in the wrong place, I am desperately in need of a gimbal zoom control for a live shoot I am doing tomorrow. This would have to work with the CANON CN7 17mm - 120mm I am based in London UK and if someone has one and can hire it out I will put you in touch with production as this would be needed all day tomorrow Thursday 24th. Thank you for your time Larry
  6. BUMP **** POWER CONVERTER £200 **** **** Docking Collars for £50 both as a package ****
  7. Hi Tim, Are these for the Jerry Hill gorelock 1 bracket? Not the 2? If so I'd be interested in one of them and am based in the UK like yourself Best Larry
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