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  1. Tyler Allison

    Preston FIZ 3 HU3 kit for sale

  2. Tyler Allison

    Preston FIZ 3 HU3 kit for sale

    Price drop $14000 excellent shape, serviced at Preston annually. All boards and firmware are upgraded and up to date. Thanks
  3. Preston HU3 #1551 Digital microforce 1 #D7064 MDR2 # MT-2435 DM1 # 627 DM1 #1089 Heden #52878 6 focus disks 5 large Sony batteries 3 chargers 4 motor cables 2 Arri 3 pin power cables 1 cinetape cable 1 short zoom cable 1 long zoom cable (15ā€™) 1 ā€˜yā€™ cable 3 pin power to power and camera 2 Arri 3 pin run cables 1 Sony f55 run cable 1 Red run cable with time code splitter box Camera accessories microforce to handunit bracket (frees up the 1/4 20 on back for monitor or mount brackets) handle and handle cover Pelican style storm im case with custom foam and handy lid pouch 3 cable pouches $15,000 Iā€™m in Woodland Hills, CA email is best tylerinla at gmail dot com thanks
  4. Tyler Allison

    Cardellini Tri-Hat

    Still for sale?
  5. The package is worth over 30k new. It's only at $2000 in the bidding with buy it now at 10k and less than 24 hours to go. its about to end on ebay: http://r.ebay.com/R7oziP Thanks Tyler
  6. is it a 702 "bright" or 702 "lite"
  7. Tyler Allison

    Full Glidecam Gold rig for sale

    Just listed on eBay Full HDSDI upgraded gold rig in immaculate condition with extras. http://r.ebay.com/5I1NqI
  8. Just listed on eBay Full HDSDI upgraded gold rig in immaculate condition with extras. Look at my other posts for details http://r.ebay.com/5I1NqI
  9. Tyler Allison

    Full Glidecam Gold rig for sale

  10. Tyler Allison

    Full Glidecam Gold rig for sale

    Price Drop...$8,500!
  11. Full Glidecam Gold Rig upgraded for HD-SDI by Glidecam in Massachusetts. Sled with Anton Bauer battery plates, two monitors,3 types of low mode-f bracket and 2 S hooks, camera cage, two camera plates, dual battery charger, all kinds of cables nuts and bolts and backup replacement parts. Gold Arm very smooth and capable of flying DSLRS to full size film and Digital cinema packages Vest Sled Stand Hill Docking Bracket Does not include the magliner and post (just used it to display the rig and take pictures) customized pelican 1650 rolling case pelican 1610 rolling case The entire rig fits neatly in the two pelicans for travel. Sled has both 12 and 24volt capabilities for flying various camera systems. Has Red and Arri power cables or XLR for any camera out there. I had the entire rig looked at by Glidecam recently when I had it upgraded. The Technician told me it was the cleanest, well maintained rig that has come across his bench. This really is a nice smooth and comfortable rig for anyone looking to get into steadi or as a backup rig. Thank you Total Price $10,500 Tags: Arri camera Optimo Angenieux cooke zeiss moviecam camera arricam Panavision Red camera canon lenses motion picture lenses motion picture cameras oconner head steadicam glidecam remote head remote camera follow focus digital motion picture cameras HD cameras High Definiton camera digital video Alexa camera red epic red one red mx canon 5d mark ii Panasonic varicam sony f35 sony cinealta jvc camera 3D camera
  12. Tyler Allison

    WTB Cinetape

    looking to buy a cinetape. please email me. tylerinla@gmail.com