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  1. Selling it off at 1500 US $ (or 1335€). Still one of the best monitors on the market in terms of visibility, ruggedness and reliability...
  2. I decrease the price to 1700 US $, or 1482 euros, plus shipping costs.
  3. Well, I'm getting to my very last price, otherwise I prefer to keep it as a precious back-up for my Transvideo: 2600 US $ (2295 Euros) buyer pays shipping
  4. I'm bringing the price down to 3000 US $ which is only 2639 euros at today's rate.
  5. I'm now reaching my bottom price which is 7000 euros (7667 US dollars) shipping not included. Lower than that, I prefer to rent this perfectly efficient kit.
  6. I forgot to tell that you can shoot me a message, for any inquiry, at jeanmarc.bringuier@gmail.com
  7. I'm selling my trusty CRT TB6 smart monitor from XCS which remains a world standard among Steadicam operators in terms of daylight viewability, wider angle of view, sharpness and electronic versatility. Among other features, 3 user selectable channels with built in pattern generator, separate vertical and horizontal zoom & sweep controls and possibility to zoom up & down in aspect ratio or to use 8 pages of programmable frameline storeable settings. It comes with a lyre-shaped support arm that I designed with neutral balance when tilting the monitor in mind. It includes a MK-V 19 mm monitor clamp with the standard center distance (I'm not providing the bars) and can thus be adapted on virtually all brands of Steadicam. Package can be tested in Paris (France) and includes a Pelican case, TB6 with Duo Digital Frameliner (#152), custom-made yoke, monitor hood and three 8 pin 1B power and video input connectors and one D-tap power connector. Some minor cosmetic blemishes but in perfect working order. You'll need a down converter for HD use. I will sell separately the original straight 15 mm rail system monitor support arm. Current purchasing price of my package is around 15000 $ (without case and extra cables). I'm asking for 3000 euros (3325 USD). Buyer pays shipping.
  8. For sale : Complete Scorpio FIZ remote system (3 digital motors) with additional Scorpio Servo Lens Digital (micro zoom kit) and Jerry Hill's PAM bracketry Including : Hand Unit FIZ Control (SN : DCF191) with 2,4 – 2,5 GHz 15 channels half duplex microwave link to MDB with 4 marking disks, neck strap, handle and one 6 meters emergency backup command and power cable from the hand unit to the MDB Motor Driver Box (SN : 191) with three power cables (including one XTR), two swiveling brackets for attachment on 15 &19 mm rods in the camera axis, reduction bushing, seven "on-off" driver cables (HD cameras, Red, all Panavision, Arri 535, 535B, 435, SR3, Arri III, BL4, SR2, Moviecam compact, Aaton 16 & 35) 3 Scorpio Digital Motors (SN : v42TX 370, 371 & 376) with three command cables, two additional ball bearings, nine additional gears (one 0,80 output .50" wide, one 48 pitch for Panavision zoom, one 64 pitch for Panavision iris, three M 0.5 Canon & Angenieux video, three M 0,8 Fujinon video) Scorpio Lens Digital (SN : CMZ0011) for wired operation directly by a Steadicam operator (two brackets provided) as an alternative to zoom on radio so that zoom can be controlled on virtually all cameras, with two power cables. Micro Zoom command with integrated additional knob for ajusting speed and two flexible 1,5m command cables for manual Steadicam use, with two side-clamps to fix on any gimbal handle. Jerry Hill's complete PAM bracketry including five various length Scorpio to PAM brackets (which can position the rosette on each on the desired side), five rosette to arm PAM D-clamps (three regular and two offset), six PAM arms (three 15 mm and three 5/8" Pana not on the picture). Three Service Vision direct 15 mm motor rods (alternative to using the PAM system), one 15 mm bracket support for all Sony digital cameras and one 15 mm bracket support for Arri Two high capacity NiMh batteries (each lasting one shooting day), two spare Duracell NiMh DR11 batteries and one Sony AC v55 charger One Flight-case (52 X 42 X 22 cm exterior) with foam compartments for accommodating the all kit, invoices and user's manual This system is in perfect working order, was very well taken care of and regularly maintenanced. The radio is one of the most reliable on the market and the motors always precisely hit their marks. Fully functional, only slight cosmetic wear and tear. You can test it at my place near Paris (France). It has cost me, with its eighteen cables, more than 24 500 euros. I'm selling it for only 8000 euros, but buyer pays shipping.
  9. I'm willing to lower the price to 1500 euros obo, shipping not included
  10. Back to my first love of front mounted vests that I've successfully used during the first 21 years of my Steadicam career, I'm on the verge of buying an Artemis one which is nice, but... My new one can't compare with the one I'm currently selling in terms of comfort under heavy load and orthopedic integrity. I just made my first stint with an Alien Revolution and gosh!, I was on the verge of canceling my sale, even so I consider myself as quite fit. Thus, I'm still selling a Daniel Sauvé Design back-mounted vest. Very universal, will accommodate many sizes thanks to a large assortment of extra padding, along with an air bladder. I'm 1m80 tall and I weigh 83 kg, but this vest has never failed to fit other people in many workshops and trainings. I routinely use it both in goofy and regular and the carbon arm swaps in a jiffy. Very minor cosmetic signs of use I provide the original large DSD soft case, along with leather soft bags for the carbon arm and the back plate. Extra screws, latches and spare parts included. If you happen to be in the Paris (France) area, you can test it to your heart's content. I lower the price to 2500 euros, shipping not included. Paypal welcome. Please contact me at jeanmarc.bringuier@gmail.com