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  1. Hi, i want to sell my chrosziel aladin mk2 wirelss focus system It comes in a pelicase with 2 Heden motors, handunit for focus and iris, 2 battery´s with charger, cable for fuji and canon lens. itall worksperfect and is in a good condition. There are some scratches but they dont affect the function More pictures online https://www.amazon.de/photos/share/7JDC5UjozWT1FFc922VKEYsJpgEgd0BsvIYn4Qq66jY i prefer to sell this as a complete set. Price 4500€ located in Hanover /Germany
  2. I managed it to disassemble the gimbal without cutting the cable. The connectors at the lower end are small enough to fit through the hole in the post.
  3. Hello, I noticed a little play where the post is attached to the lower sled of my CP EFP. Does anybody know how the post is fixed and if this is problem wich i can fix by my self ? Are there maybe any drawings around ? Thanks in advance Holger
  4. looking for monitorbracket pervarable 3a or similar cheers holger
  5. This is the way i do, but i would like to have a Little More comfort .
  6. Hi I am looking for a Docking Collar for the 1.5" Centerpost of the EFP. I have the original Docking Bracket . Thanks Holger
  7. Animation If this is the Future .... You can replace more than us.... Electrican, Grip , Actor .....;)
  8. More less ....but whats with the Future
  9. Hello everybody. I was asking myself what is the Future of Steadicam and Steadicamoperating ? For all you Operators who are more in to the Business than i am. What do you think ? With all the Mövi Stuff and other Brushless Gimbals and Productioncompanys who trying to lowering the Rates ? Is there a Future for Newbieoperators to Enter the Business ? I did all my Jobs with Rentalequipment. As well as Big an Small Rigs with Alexa and C300. Now i think of investing more and more in own Equipment. Might this a Good Idea ? What Kind of Rig ? Big, Medium or Small ? I would like to hear some Ideas Out of the Crystal Ball ;) Maybe i see some interesting Stuff at the IBC in Amsterdam the next to Days .
  10. Hi guys, Thank you for the Feedback .... I am working on the mentioned points. @ Jens ... Ich weiß das die Vielfalt nicht riesig ist. Aller Anfang ist schwer, mit der Zeit wird es hoffentlich mehr werden . ;) Aber aktuell gibt es nicht viel mehr was ich nutzen darf.
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