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  1. Hi Patrick, I agree that the Zephyr vest is great. When Garrett is demoing at a workshop, he always picks up a Zephyr vest. As for the lumbar pad, I don’t think it’s going to have any effect on the working of the vest, but if it feels good, do it! Opinions about support belts differ I side with the argument that if you have a healthy back they just make it weaker, it’s really something you wear under medical advice All the best, Chris
  2. Hi Tim, This link is working for me: http://steadivision.com/info/tips/index.html#img=exovest.pdf But I’ll mail it to your address too. All the best, Chris
  3. Hi Javier! Let me know how it goes. All the best, Chris
  4. Hi Javier, Contact Tiffen Steadicam directly. If you’re in the US, try the Burbank factory; if in Europe, try Pinewood. They should send you the screws you need. If you have any trouble reaching them, you can contact me directly. All the best, Chris
  5. Hi Daniel, If you ask a vest designer for an opinion on that subject, you'll get a biased one, but here we go! Wherever you connect the arm to the vest, the weight of the Steadicam is still out front, so let's first rule out any differential there. Connecting the arm to the back of the vest does not magically transfer the weight into your back. Although the Exovest can be front or rear mounted, I use mine almost exclusively front mounted. The exception is when I'm using a 3rd arm section. The extra section has to go somewhere, and rear mounting provides the perfect solution of creating space. The main difference in feel between front and rear mounting, in this case (as it's the only one I'm really familiar with) is that there's less torque bending your body forward, but that's because you now have some extra counterbalance weight out back. That might feel nice, but I'd rather build up a little back muscle than subject my hip, knee, and ankle joints to carrying around the extra weight that rear mounting entails. Apart from the extra weight, there's the extra girth to deal with too. You're always going to be wider with a back mount, and there are often going to be situations when that's a liability. However, and most importantly, comfort and confidence in the equipment is paramount. Whatever works for you is the right system. All the best, Chris Chris
  6. Hi Stefano, There is only one version of the Exovest. In the first weeks of production, we changed several details, and immediately offered these changes as free upgrades. I believe we tracked down all the vests that were shipped prior to the changes, but it's possible—though pretty unlikely—that some owners didn't bother with those upgrades. There have been two further changes since then. The shoulder latch used to have a Delrin grip. This was switched to an aluminium grip, which was lower profile. The pads were also improved, though only marginally, and you'd only notice the difference if you work in extremely hot or cold conditions. Both these changes are offered for sale through Tiffen. Neither is essential, but they make for nice improvements. The structure, and underlying function, of the Exovest is unchanged since its inception. If you are on the cusp of buying a used one, I should be able to identify any variations if you can send me photos. The older shoulder-latch grips are glossy black, and about 1cm thick; the new ones are about half that, and are clearly metallic. The old pads are black, with a closed mesh against the body; the new ones have a dark grey, open mesh. chris@steadivision.com All the best, Chris
  7. Hi Henry, Since nobody else is weighing in. I designed a vest that works front or rear mounted, so maybe I can answer your questions, or at least give you my perspective on them. DM me and we can arrange a call on the subject. Chris
  8. Hi Caitlin, I understand your dilemma. Vests are such a personal choice. I do suggest you try the Zephyr again. It’s got more built-in adjustability than many vests because of the shoulder Velcro, yet it’s rigid enough for up to G50 loads (IMO). I’ve noticed that it’s Garrett Brown’s go-to vest for workshop demos, yet it is usually the best fit for smaller ops. If you get one, I’ll be happy to help advise you how to alter it—should that prove necessary. Meanwhile, it’s worth holding out a little longer for your perfect Ultra vest, if you can. Try the Facebook groups that deal in buying and selling Steadicam gear. Wishing you the best of luck, Chris
  9. Hi Caitlin, Zephyr vests can be adjusted to be really small, and you can also alter them yourself by shortening the front spar and the waist strap. All the best, Chris
  10. Hi Nick, I’m happy to hear that. If you need anything else, feel free to contact me at any time. All the best, Chris
  11. Hi Nick, Clearly this should not happen. Even if you did bump the vest, bits should not fall off it—sorry for that. If you send me your address, I’ll have some new screws shipped out to you. That joint with the circular plate is there so you can confirm the vest to the shape of your shoulder girdle. There’s an explanation of how to do that in the manual, and there’s a video on my website, link below. Once the vest is the right shape for your body, and the shoulder latch closes easily, all 8 screws holding the shoulder section should be tightened and sealed with Loctite 222. if you’ve any further questions, I’ll be happy to arrange a video call with you. Please contact me at chris@steadivision.com Here’s a link to the Exovest videos The one you’re looking for is Sizing the Exovest You’ll find other videos about working with the vest there too http://steadivision.com/info/tips/index.html All the best, Chris
  12. Hi Robert, Thanks for your interest in the Exovest. There are a few videos here explaining what the Exovest is and how it works. I hope they answer your questions. If not, let me know, and I’ll try to help further http://steadivision.com/info/tips/index.html All the best, Chris
  13. Hey Cedric, Thanks for pointing this out. I’m going to have a good think about it. If I come up with anything, I’ll let you know. I look forward to hearing if you have zany ideas or suggestions. All the best, Chris
  14. Hi Cedric, You're right, the vest looks well-fitted to me. As you point out, when the load is on, the chest plate should stay well away from your throat. As for the the little screw at the back, you could try filing it down until it's flat. I did have a fall in the vest, down some icy stairs when not wearing the rig, and though I hurt my knee, the vest saved me from hitting my spine on the step. I do take your point, however. In some circumstances it could be that the vest may cause you to get hurt. I honestly don't know what to do about that. All the best, Chris
  15. You can make your own easily enough. There’s a video here on this tips & tricks page: http://steadivision.com/info/tips/ Chris
  16. Hi Cedric, Please insert a(nother) booster pad at the shoulders if any part of the rod assembly touches your back. Also, try to not shorten the rear rods as much, but instead pull the front rods down away from your throat. The chest plate should be on your chest. It sounds like it’s too high. We can do a video fitting if you like. All the best, Chris
  17. Hey Patrick, Be sure to try it before you buy it! I hope it will work for you, but it’s best to be sure. Let me know if you don’t get your screws. I can try someone else. All the best, Chris
  18. Hi Patrick, Take a picture of the missing screws, and send it to Marcus Johnson: mjohnson@tiffen.com He should be able to help. All the best, Chris
  19. You can make and add your own cross-back straps very easily. Here’s a link to a video: http://steadivision.com/tips.html All the best, Chris
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