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  1. Hi Kevin, Have a look on my tips and tricks page. http://steadivision.com/tips.html All the best, Chris
  2. Youre welcome! Please let me know how it goes. All the best, Chris
  3. You can also take a look at this: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=PNBEV2cU7rA
  4. Yes! Peel off and retag the Velcro to size. You can just fold up any excess at the beginning of the tag, or cut it off if you prefer. Do one side at a time, so you remember how it goes. I’ve seen one vest with the Velcro running backwards! All the best, Chris
  5. Hi Cedric, Have you looked at the manual section on customising the waistband? All the best, Chris
  6. Kevin, The Zephyr vest is very capable. You'll find that with heavier loads, it will tend to flex more than a more robust vest, but as long as that doesn't feel uncomfortable, it will be OK until you can upgrade. All the best, Chris
  7. Jim, Garrett would love to add that to the museum collection. Ill PM you his address so you can contact him directly. Thanks! Chris
  8. I wont be out west until next year, so Ill pass this info on. Thanks again!
  9. Terry, That sounds great, thanks! If you see Jerry Holway, could you mention this to him? He might be able to collect the papers from you. Ill text him to look out for you. All the best, Chris
  10. Karsten, What vest are you using? If conventional front-mount, it could be too much iso in the first section. Dial the ride knob in a few turns to see if that helps—forgive me if you've already tried that! Another possibility is that you are leaning back when booming up. The greater range you admire makes the arm more sensitive to its mounting angle. It's fairly common, though not advisable, to lean back slightly when booming up, and that can cause the arm to lock up, so check yourself in a mirror. Certainly, the arm shouldn't behave like that. All the best, Chris
  11. Hey Al, Thats exciting news. Thanks again for all your trouble. I look forward to hear what turns up. All the best, Chris
  12. Hey Al, Thanks for that! I’m sure Garrett would be very interested in hearing more. All the best, Chris
  13. The Academy Museum of Motion Pictures in LA will honour more than 40 years of the noble art by installing a permanent Steadicam exhibit in place for its opening in 2019. Garrett has rounded up a selection of old prototypes, including early models (sorme of which you can see in this charming photograph) but he is missing three items that will make the collection complete. If you have, or know anyone that has, any of these, and would like to donate them to this worthy cause, please contact me with details. This is a project dear to Garrett's heart, and he sends his profound thanks in anticipation of your help. Required is: 1/ Cinema Products Model 1 Steadicam Arm. This is the version with the one-way hinge that had to be swapped for goofy. 2/ Cinema Products Throated Rear Arri 400 Mag for the Steadicam IIC. 3/ Zeiss Distagon 24mm (Arri Mount). These items are for display purposes, so do not have to be in working condition!
  14. Id lobby that the Zephyr is an excellent vest. It is actually Garrett Browns favourite vest after the Exovest. He carries any load with it. The over-the-shoulder adjustment makes it fit a wide variety of people. Chris
  15. Tim, It will hold a lot more weight than it was designed for, and no you dont need to change the socket block. Chris
  16. Hi Tim, She should look for a Zephyr vest. They’re very capable, and have a shoulder-size adjustment to fit smaller ops. All the best, Chris
  17. Colleagues, The M1 Volt will be available for demo at two events during IBC (see attached flyer). I hope you can make one of them. If not, try messaging me. See you there! http://www.fdtimes.com/2017/06/05/steadicam-m1-volt/ All the best, Chris
  18. I've used Transvideo for 9 years. Given the level of reliability and ruggedness, I wouldn't consider any other monitor. The image is fantastic too. Look at the blacks—they're black. You don't see that too often in super-bright monitors. Chris
  19. Colleagues, Here is a remake of the test video with the Titan tuned down, as requested. I hope you find it interesting. All the best, Chris
  20. On Monday, April 24th at 7:00PM there will be an NAB Steadicam party at Diablo's. All operators and friends are welcome, and Garrett looks forward to seeing you all there. Diablo's Cantina (2nd Floor Porch) Monte Carlo Hotel & Casino 3770 Las Vegas BLVD S Las Vegas, NV Food and Drinks will be served!
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