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  1. Mikko, I am only half joking. That's one hell of a Steady-cam for the money. I wonder if an Ultra Cine gets shots that are 5,000 times better. Mind you, I can't see it flying an Imax. Dan, No offense meant. I am nostalgic about that page. Four months after reading it, I was hooked, trained, and partially bankrupt. Chris
  2. Got $14? Try: http://www-2.cs.cmu.edu/~johnny/steadycam/
  3. Try this review: http://film.guardian.co.uk/News_Story/Crit...1482359,00.html I enjoyed it more than the film.
  4. J, I got into Steadicam for similar reasons as you are quoting. I needed stabilisation for projects I was shooting. Within a few months, I had ditched the projects to concentrate full time on Steadicam. In my limited experience, Steadicam is too big a thing to just 'add' to your repertoire. (Have you read 'The Road Not Taken,' by Robert Frost?) I don't have a JR, so can't tell you anything other than that I saw Garrett Brown (the inventor of Steadicam) using one to magnificent effect. A JR is something you can pull out of the back of your car and use when you need it. That it is small, inexpensive, and has limited application seem, in your case, to be points in its favour. Hopefully, someone will chip in with XL1/JR experience. Chris
  5. Vale, intento escribir un poco de Español. A mí tambien me encantan los pequños 'rigs,' y no intiendo muy bien porqué mucha gente prefere los pesados. Utilizo el 'Flyer, ' con ganas de comprar un Geo. Todo lo de el 'vest,' no intiendo que quieres decir. Lo puedo traducir para tí? Chris
  6. J, If you want a tool to augment what you do as a video maker, you could buy a JR, and fly an XL1 very nicely on it from time to time. I think you'd see a rapid improvement on your hand-held work. My feeling is that when you get into Steadicam, it doesn't leave a lot of time, money, or energy for anything else. It's not something you whip out of the back of your car to get a shot. You should give Steadicam a try, by all means, but beware, it's addictive. Chris
  7. Way to go! Amsterdam posse is up for a tourist slalom on the Damrak this weekend. Back-pedal brake bikes only please, no gears. Afterwards, we can swing by my place and try out my .50 Rotring. Having a problem with ink drying in the nib, but I'll try to sort it out before then.
  8. Give me a call sometime. 06 2391 8492
  9. Bryan, If by some remote chance, you live near Amsterdam, I'll be happy to give you a turn too--and this offer is open to anyone. It's no substitute for the workshop though.
  10. Bryan, Good luck, whatever you buy. Any information particular to operating the Flyer, I'll be happy to help with. For information regarding other systems, trawl the forum archives. And before anyone else beats me to it: consider taking a workshop.
  11. Bryan, This is a Flyer http://www.steadicam.com/flyerDocs/Steadicam_Flyer_r.pdf It's the lightest rig Steadicam makes (as far as i know). It's quite cheap, but that's not why I bought it. It flies everything I need to be able to fly, and its light weight allows me to fly longer. Don't allow price to influence you too much. Buy whatever you need to do the job, but don't consider the smaller rigs inferior. Each has its function. Chris
  12. Dear Bryan, I've put a Digibeta on a Flyer. It flew well, with plenty to spare. The absolute max for a Flyer is just under 19lbs camera weight, though this may void your warranty with Tiffen. Don't forget to shed the battery and viewfinder for your calculations. Good Luck, Chris
  13. I have really no idea, Mikko, what the design pedegree is. Let me know, if you find out. Well, I viewed the rushes. It all stuck to the tape, and the horizon was in the right place too. Not bad for a chancer.
  14. Mikko My S/N is 0169*S Didn?t want to post it in full, you understand. I can?t believe I?ve got 1 1/2 thousandth though. Maybe the sled serial numbers carry on from the Mini. The arm doesn't seem to have a number. Just documented the opening of a new night club, here in Amsterdam. Shot 4 hours of tape in 5 hours. Mmm...fun. Now I have to edit it; maybe some of it's in focus and possibly even the right way up.
  15. Sorry Simon, In imperial measures: I have flown a 19lb camera on the Flyer. The arm was perfect on full tension. When docked there was 13/16in of space between the docking plate and the gimbal. The camera c.o.g. was 3in. A higher camera c.o.g. might have left no room to dock. (The sled weighed in at 8lb 6oz with 2 IDX batteries)
  16. Hi, I have flown an 8.6kg camera on the Flyer. The arm was perfect on full tension. When docked there was 20mm of space between the docking plate and the gimbal. The camera c.o.g. was 75mm. A higher camera c.o.g. might have left no room to dock. (The sled weighed in at 3.8 kg with 2 IDX batteries) I flew that rig all day without discomfort. The total system is so light, I didn't bother to take it off during breaks. I bought one of the first Flyers, and I'm very happy with it. I'm even happier with the support and service I've had from Tiffen. Hope this helps, Chris
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