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  1. To whoever bought the vest. Contact me for a video fitting, if you like. Skype: steadivision All the best, Chris
  2. Andrew, where are you based?
  3. What Rupert says. Make those fore-aft and side-to-side adjustments looking in a mirror, to ensure you are standing upright when you set the float point of the rig. Centre of shoulder girdle directly above pelvic girdle, no leaning back. No leaning to one side or the other. All the best, Chris
  4. John, Here's a couple of exercises. Stand with the rig in front of you, feet 2' apart, then shift your weight from one leg to the other moving side to side keeping your body erect and your knees locked. Feel how your pelvis moves, and the vest with it, then take a few steps allowing the same movement to happen naturally. Also try taking a few steps deliberately swaying your pelvis like a catwalk model just to stretch out the muscles that are usually in tension, then continue walking normally, just allowing your pelvis to move normally. Your gluteus medius and your abdominal muscles should be relaxed. http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gluteus_medius_muscle Let us know how it goes! Chris
  5. Hey John, Glad you're loving it! Maybe your pad problem is due to your keeping your pelvis level as you walk. That's an old habit I struggle to get out of, but it causes the vest to rub as it's trying to pivot with your movement. Let me know if that's the case, if not, we'll sort something out for you pad wise. Keep in touch. All the best, Chris
  6. Gregor, Let's try to arrange a Skype fitting for next week. This week, I'm at the NAB show full time. What you describe is most likely caused by working with the rig off to your side. The closer you are to a good missionary, or Don Juan, position the better the Exovest works for you. Check out this preview of Jerry's book for details: http://books.google.com/books?id=tfaBAAAAQBAJ&lpg=PP1&pg=PP1#v=onepage&q&f=false All the best, Chris
  7. Alec, I put horizon, battery level, and timecode down there, then try for a clean monitor feed, so the image is clear. Love it like that, Chris
  8. Hey Karl, Have a great evening in Santa Monica, but don't get hammered. It's going to be an intensive week! See you Sunday, Chris
  9. I'm with Jens. I find the form factor of the Transvideos perfect already. I don't like anything overlaid on the image. The 16:9 inside the 4:3 leaves the right amount of space for information like level and battery level to be displayed at the bottom of the screen. My €420000¢ Chris
  10. Knights of the Order of the Gimbal? http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Order_of_the_Garter
  11. Hi Thomas, In that steel is cheap and dense, and can be rigidly mounted, I'd count it as being 'practical' weight too :) All the best, Chris
  12. Hiro, What you might have had was meralgia parasthetica, a temporary nerve damage, which can over time transition into permanent nerve damage—if you repeat whatever caused it too much. You need to shorten the vest a little so you don't experience this problem again. In the enclosed photos, you'll see the (white) inguinal ligament passing over the (yellow) lateral cutaneous femoral nerve. When the ligament is compressed, it traps the nerve against the pelvis. Try to avoid comprising that area by following Jerry's suggestions. All the best, Chris
  13. Love that cheapo solution. Link? :)
  14. Garrett was saved twice. Once from a car, once from Rhino!
  15. That's a little threaded washer that Tiffen gives away with its rigs. They also sell them for a couple of $. You can make something similar, and every bit as good, or better, by taking any screw with the right size head to slot into your dovetail, and a very thin nut that fits into the rear recess in the camera. Some vigorous use of a metal file will probably be required to make it right. I believe Peter Abraham was considering making these for his longplate. Perhaps he'll chip in. This is indeed, as described, a hack, but it is the simplest, lightest, lowest, and cheapest solution! All the best, Chris
  16. Yes, by all means, add weight, lots. I usually add a V-Lock battery and plate, plus a Transvideo Titan HD Tx, plus 10lbs of steel to balance those thingies.
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