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  1. Thank you guys! Anton, thanks for the link, it didn't answer all my questions but it was a good start and a resource I wasn't aware of. Evrim, thanks for sharing your story, very inspirational and it made me realize that if I just give it time I can get there too. Rob, no unfortunately no related to the Apple guy, I wish tho ;) I am originally from Poland but raised in Sweden, studied Film and Television Production in Sydney but located in Cape Town since 2010. Luckily, steadicam is a niche market here, not too many operators however competition is hard when overseas productions come here and the more established operators get the jobs. Been trying to get to know the guys in hope that someone will take me under his wing. Hard part is to finance a rig but harder is to find a rig to dry hire. Only know of a Flyer rig, small but enough to practice with which I know is really the important part to begin with. I keep my hopes up and keep dreaming of flying one day! Regards Michal
  2. Hi there. Becoming a steadicam operator is not something that happens over night. It is a very specialized field to be in, and you have to establish yourself as an operator amongst your peers to get known and get the jobs. Wanting to start out is not easy without your own rig, and the price tag of a complete rig can be quite intimidating for someone who is wanting to pursue a career in steadicam. So this is a plea to all you established operators, to please share your stories of how you got interested into operating steadicam, how did you finance your first rig, how did you operate before owning your own rig, and apart from maybe doing a workshop, did you have a senior operator mentoring you? I think that other newbies, including myself, will happily receive your war stories, which will give us hope that if there is a will, there is a way. Kind regards Michal Wozniak
  3. Why it has taken me so long to find this forum I dunno, but now I'm here!

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