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  1. Rich Cottrell

    XCS ultimate 1 for sale

    sorry for not getting more info out over the weekend, but I will try to take some pictures tomorrow. also, I got a bunch of PM's and a few phone calls, but with Passover and then Easter my weekend was swamped so I really apologize to you all for not sending personal emails. A few questions have come up from multiple people so i figured I would answer them here: 1) I am working on getting you all some current pictures 2) this is a Ultimate 1 sled. That means it is an SD sled, but there is a "pass through" COAX that does support an HDMI signal path from the top stage to the bottom of the sled. It does have the PDL installed internal to the sled, but that is only visible when using an SD monitor This sled also has the "Uno" frame line generator installed in the sled. 3) This sled has the XCS "Egro" gimbal handle for a normal sided operator [meaning Right hand on the Yoke and left on the gimbal] 4) the GPI Pro Arm is what is now called the "Titian" arm. I am selling it with 4 Blue and 4 Black spring canisters. These are the original style canisters with the clear windows built into. 5) I am currently looking for someone based in the USA or Canada for this sale as I am a little worried about overseas transactions and I would mostly prefer to be able to sell the sled in person so there are no problems after the sale 6) if your not familiar with flying an XCS sled there is plenty of info on this forum about what makes this sled unique. http://www.xcsinc.com/manuals/LEGACY Ultimate 1 Sled Manual 2009 rev 4.pdf 7) I am not selling this sled with a TB-6 monitor, but I will include the XCS monitor mount and a SmallHD 702Bright LCD monitor
  2. For the people who do not know me, I have been dragging me feet for years on this: While I am selling my whole kit, I got the XCS sled for sale first. I will sell with my GPI arm with the sled at a discount, otherwise the arm only will be posted for sale after the sled is sold. PM me or call me rich cottrell, soc
  3. Way off topic, but we have a knowledgeable bunch here. I was wondering if anyone know if any other companies make a: "Universal Mitchell / Castle nut wrench" here a a link to one company which has mixed reviews: http://film-stuff.com/mitchell-/-castle-nut.html As some of you know, I work a bunch of conventional camera on broadcast sports... In recent years, it seems the machining tolerances of the Vinten Pan Heads [which are the typical pan head brand found on the broadcast mobile units] do not always match the tolerances of the various tripods on these broadcast truck. Some camera guys resort to taking a hammer and a screwdriver to attempt to get the Mitchell "Castle" nut tighter. While that works, I have seen some get of those Nuts get their fins broken off... So I can see why this tool could be useful. Anyone ever use one? and does anyone else make them? any input is appreciated. thanks, rich
  4. As I am sorting through my steadicam gear, and looking at my unused yet expensive paperweights... Does anyone still use analog video transmitters? I bought my Canatrans before the HD revolution but I am wondering if I should let my kids use my shark fin antenna as part of their home made drum kit... [and I never understand why pictures always get flipped when I post them, so my apologies]
  5. Rich Cottrell

    Weight of Sled

    Ok this post is anchient, but fast forward to today... I now own an XCS sled. Have had it a while actually. Just today I finally took it to the post office to find the "real" weights: I did not have it assembled. Instead we put each part on the postal scale individually: XCS Ultimate S/n 38 LEH. 5lbs 9.8oz Upper camera platform 1lb 7.3oz Gimbal with ergo handle. 1lb 12.7 oz Telescopic Center post 1lb 10.9 oz Monitor bracket without spud 9.3 oz Jerry Hill 2" docking rings 2.7 oz So in theory my XCS without a dovetail nor monitor nor batteries is 12lbs and 4.7oz.
  6. Rich Cottrell

    free dead Trimpac batteries

    sorry these batteries are long gone
  7. Will Arnot is right... in my new opinion. But i do not own one either... Just tonight i re-read this information. Sure i was flabbergasted when the price for the XCS HD PDL was first announced, but looking over some historic price information I have a new opinion... the last time i checked the price for the analog XCS PDL [which clearly set the standard for a digital level] was $2,875 in the year 2014. That XCS HD PDL version is two times that cost! BUT: The original XCS PDL cost $2800 in the year 2005 so I think the reality is the price of the original PDL never was inflated over the years so we all had sticker shock when we needed one to do HD... I just re-read the cut sheet on the high end "Plus" version of the XCS PDL. I never realized this, but I think it is actually a down converter and a cross converter in addition to being "just" a digital level... or am a missing something? rich
  8. Rich Cottrell

    Regular XCS Gimbal Handle $300 CHEAP!

    You still have this?
  9. Rich Cottrell

    WTB- Pro Socket Block

    Male or female end?
  10. Rich Cottrell

    Weight, size, inertia and bounce

    Trimm, You need to change your name to your real name. It's one of the rules on this forum Rich
  11. Rich Cottrell

    Pre Spring cleaning sale

    Is that a working TB6?
  12. Rich Cottrell

    Pelican silica gel "hydrosorbent" packs

    It's always ingesting when a old thread comes back a few years latter.... Thanks guys. I ended up just buying new ones and throwing away the old ones.
  13. Rich Cottrell

    Ultra2 vs Pro GPI vs XCS2

    funny reading this many years later... so this is a BUMP
  14. Rich Cottrell

    XCS Power Cables

    I will be selling off some of my XCS Camera Power cables. Unless stated otherwise, all cable were purchased from Greg Bubb. All are in "like new" condition. Some were never even used in the field. This is a good chance to get real XCS cables at a major discount. I will be updating this list as I get going, but I have been dragging my feet for too long so I am just trying to get started. All prices are firm and buyer pays shipping: XCS Camera Power Cables: Red One Camera Power $100 each [two available - both are coiled with straight connectors] 24 Vdc Camera Power Moviecam $100 [coiled with right angle connector on sled side] 24 Vdc Camera Power Moviecam $100 [coiled with straight connector on sled side]