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  1. Hi All, Just a quick mention... I just saw the new BVB07 panel outside in bright SoCal OTS sun. Its 2000 nits and looks, well, really really bright :-) Did I mention that cover glass (matte finish) is now built-in over the panel? Please lemme know if you'd like to take a look..... Also...for those of you that have pre-ordered....they are shipping today.... Many thanks...
  2. Hi everyone, Hope all is good and busy..... Boland is just back from SMPTE (last week). I have one BVB07 "show" monitor available in case anyone has a need...? Essentially brand new, but with a nice extra discount baked in... If interested please feel free to drop me a line...
  3. Hi Everyone, Happy Holidays..... Just a quick price note for December. If you are in need of a BVB07 DayBrite, orders placed and shipped between December 1 and December 21 will be on sale at $1907.75 (which I think is our lowest price offering ever). Any questions? Please let me know any time..... As always...many thank you's... Best, Gary
  4. Hey everyone, Hope all is good with all of you...?! We (Boland) are thinking about the possible re-creation of the wheel. Well, maybe not exactly, but at least of the ultimate SC monitor. Not an overnight process of course...but you all have been so supportive of our BVB07 that we want to do something even better for all of you. So...we'd love to hear your thoughts and wish list. Size, LCD properties, built-in features and abilities (far beyond that of mortal men and women :-) Etc Etc Anything you'd like to see changed or added! Please feel free to let me know.... Man
  5. Hi All, A few of you have ordered BVB07's this week at the special price of $1995. It just dawned on me that I had neglected to post that price here on the forum (whoops!). It's good until Sept 28.... Questions? Please let me know any time.... Many thanks.... Best, G
  6. Hi guys and gals, Just wanted to let you all know that the new BVB07 DayBrites (with H&V flip) are shipping...and are looking really really nice :-) Any questions? Please ping me any time.... Best, Gary PS- see you at cinegear in 2 weeks?
  7. Hi David, The new models all have yet to be released...
  8. Hi Mike, To be honest it would have absolutely been free (just like all of our other updates...even those that have to be modded in-house).....but the older units can't be upgraded for this (at all). I guess we had to actually change the hardware, and even the casing was modified (very slightly) as a result. Some original BVB07 owners are getting new replacements. If it's at all helpful (??)....I am offering a monster discount to all Original owners. Just contact me offline and I'm happy to share what the savings is... And....again....my sincerest apologies for not being able to up
  9. Hi gang, Just wanted to let you know that image flip is now (finally) on the new BVB07's. Same awesome Daylight Viewable non-glare panel. Special pricing for NAB 2018. Questions? Please let me know any time... Many thanks... Best, Gary
  10. Joe- just wanted to make sure....we all good, etc?
  11. Hi All, Happy Holidays..... Just wanted to let you know that next week, December 4-8, Boland is having it's annual holiday sale. Part of this in-stock clearance includes BVB07's and BVB09 DayBrites. Pricing should be around / under $1700 each. I know a lot of you already own BVB07's, but if you'd like a backup, or of course if you don't already own a Boland, now might be a good opp to save some dough. This is part of a larger sale, so of course there are 17" models, 25" OLEDs, etc etc also available. Questions or requests? Please feel free to give me a shout any time. Man
  12. Hi everyone, A few weeks back I noticed some postings on / for rain covers. And....had someone recommend a company today that makes them. They are out of SoCal. I called and spoke with Susan...seemed cool. Here's her contact info in case anyone needs it: shooterslicker@yahoo.com SUSAN M OTTALINI 310-821-5659 Office Best, Gary
  13. HI everyone, Happy holidays to all of you.... And...some good news. The fix for the tally issue has been resolved. Anyone that has an issue with the tally via 8pin Lemo, please, whenever it's most convenient for you, feel free to give me a shout offline and I will personally set up the service / upgrade for your model. (gary@bolandcom.com or 1-800-918-9090). Thank you...!
  14. Hi all, Some of you have reached out to me about the possibility of a volume discount / group purchase for the BVB07. I checked with my production folks, and am told that if we could get a group purchase of 75 units, I could offer a really large discount ($475 off). If anyone is interested, please let me know. These units would need to be ordered in November, and would ship early January. Many thanks!
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