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  1. Hey Bradley, I’m interested, I’ll DM you. Cheers, Damo
  2. Hey Mark, I’ll take it, I was in the market for a new one of these. Mine has a few holes and needs repair. Cheers, Damian.
  3. Hey Loren, Do you know who makes these? Probably better than a superpost right? - D.
  4. Hi Hendrikus, Yes mate, what you said does sound about right. Getting a pilot sled to practice with in the mean time is an excellent idea. If you can get one of those lighter weight sleds to fly nice and smooth you’ll be in great form when you make the move to a heavier sled and arm. They are actually more forgiving with their greater mass and inertia. It’s a long road but now is a good time to start. Best of luck. - Damo
  5. Great, thank you all so much for your helpful replies. I’ll try and reach out to steve about that landing pad, that would be very handy.
  6. Hi everyone, Happy New Year! I'm looking for a nice way to add weight to the bottom of my sled. Anyone got any cool solutions or suggestions? I have a Pro 2 sled with the old style battery hanger. Cheers, Damo.
  7. Hi there, I'm selling my Pro Donkey Box II with the upgraded stiffer diving board. Everything in great working condition. I'm selling as I have upgraded to the DB III. Item is located in Los Angeles. Asking $1800 Thank you, Damian Church.
  8. Hey Mike, I’m interested in your DB3. How much would you let it go for? cheers, Damian.
  9. Still selling that hill gorlock dock?




    1. Jesse Eagle

      Jesse Eagle

      email: JesseEagleFilms@gmail.com




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