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  1. Hi Damian,

    Thanks for your message.

    How old is the gimbal, can you send me pictures? steadikam@gmail.com

    how much are you asking for the gimbal?


  2. Hey Rachid, I have a pro gimbal that I would be willing to sell. It has a short handle but I believe that you can add a long one to it. let me know, Damian.
  3. Hi Damian,

    Thanks for your message. 

    I was looking for a pro docking to use it with a back up. I have already a Hill bracket.



  4. Hey Rachid, I have a Jerry Hill GAD 2 docking bracket for sale. Works with Pro Sled 1.5". Has the tilt function and comes with 2 docking rings one for Low Mode. Its a really great dock. https://steadimoves.com/product/gorelock-1-2-complete/ I paid $1200 with the 2 rings. I can sell for US$650. I live in Los Angeles. I also have a Mag Dock 2 https://steadimoves.com/product/mag-dock-1-2/ Paid $580 happy to sell for US$300 Let me know your thoughts. - Damian.
  5. Hey Y’all, Has anyone got info on how to center an M1 gimbal. Mine is a little out. I looked through digital manual they sent me but found nothing there unfortunately. Hope everyone is keeping safe and well. Cheers, Damian.
  6. Hi, Would it be possible to create a new category based on just talking about the volt. It’s quite a new piece of kit with a lot of adjustments, settings and ways to run it. It would be great to see what mode people are using it in for certain situations. Also discussions on bugs that have come up and how to deal with them. Not sure if this is the place to ask for this. thank you, Damian.
  7. Hey Michael, What did you end up going with? Im in the same boat and looking to upgrade to a yoke with my Pro telescoping Arm. Cheers, Damo.
  8. Hi Rick, I have one that I could rent you. Best, Damian 510 493 6105
  9. Hi Jared I have one for sale in Los Angeles.
  10. Asking $1750 OBO MDR 2 - Blue Dot - Great Condition - Comes with Various power and run cables - Located in Los Angeles Contact me at 510 493 6105 or deardamo@gmail.com
  11. Hi Joseph, You can just use the regular socket block on the vest and the arm. You might have to slightly sand down the main connecting pin on the arm side. It takes about an hour with fine wet and dry sand paper. It did it to mine. cheers, damo.
  12. How much are you asking and where are you located?
  13. Hi Joel, Im interested in your Transvideo 8 xsbl Let me know what you would like for this. Thanks, Damian.
  14. Hi Guys & Gals, IIIA Gold Spring Arm #215 - Complete overhaul and rebuild by Robert Luna (cost $1360) Feb 2018 Invoice available on request - Genuine Titanium Springs (worth $3500) Not fakes or steel springs. - Brand new tension adjustment screws - Readjusted no play socket block - Rated 32lbs - 56lbs The arm is in super smooth working condition. I used this arm on "Get Out" and it worked great. Very light nice arm. Perfect for someone starting their first package or as a backup. $6500 OBO Ships out of Los Angeles. Thank you, Damian.
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