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  1. I hate to be the malcontent in this. Tiffen will never have a volt for a 2" post. tiffen is a 1.5" company, it goes against all business models for them. As far as mk-v is concerned... that will never happen. I had a 2"mk-v until 6 months ago. I was placed on the receipt list at tiffen before it was even on the market. Ashley at Mk-v kept his empty promises of working on a adapter on their end....IT NEVER HAPPENED. He promised me for over 14 months it was almost ready. I even shipped him a 1.5" gimble for him to work on it. He had it for months, and nothing happened. Then I decided to simply convert to a 1.5" mk-v post to simply get the volt operational.... mk-v couldn't even supply me with that... their own 1.5" post!!! Mk-v is full off empty promise, and never should be trusted, or even identified as a legitimate camera support company at all. They came up with nothing on every move. Total losers. After 16 lost months of dealing with them... I had to go back to a 1.5" pro post, and restructure my whole package cause of mk-v lied about their progress, and even doubled down to say they were working with tiffen on a fix... they were NEVER working with tiffen on anything. If the volt was to ever work on a 2" post... it would have to be by bubb. Not sure if all the R&D for him would even make it worth it. hope this helps.
  2. A..

      After shaking everything out...

     The only way for me to do this, is.. 

    I hace to buy a mk-v 1.5 post, and HD post cable.

    So... that means i will only need a PRO gimble.

    I would be willing to offer you 2500.00 just for your gimble.

    As... I think if you piece out the restbof your package, you would make a lot more money as its a bit of a piece meal.

    Get back with your thoughts.

    Thanks again.


    1. Alekos Yiannaros

      Alekos Yiannaros

      Hi Ben

      It sounds decent to go all MK-V

      sorry I can't let the gimbal go alone

      but thank you for interest




  3. Matt... Hope this finds you well. Wondering if you would be interested in selling the hu3 separately???? Thanks Ben
  4. V.... I will have a g70x avail. In the next few weeks if you are still in the market for one. It's less than 3 years old and still under warranty. Please get back to let me know, Thanks, Ben
  5. Dave... Looks good. If you are willing to take 2500.00 now consider it sold. Get back when you can. Thanks, Ben Spek.
  6. Jules... If you are interested in parting out.... I would be very interested in the arm. Let me know your thoughts
  7. Stuart... If you currently have a "pro" socket block.... The g70x is barley bigger. All you need to do is get a couple sheets of sand paper and sand your pin down to fit the pro block. Does take long at all.
  8. Marc.... I know it's hard to piece out a full package, was checking in to see if you would be interested at this point to possibly doing that. I may be in the market for the monitor and batteries. Your thoughts.... Thanks, ben
  9. Jason... In the market for a backup iris control. Would you take 100.00 us???? Would it work on my mdr1???? Thanks, BEN
  10. victor... I may be in the market for your cart, can you post a few pics for me, thanks, ben
  11. mike... check your emails and get back to me when you can. thanks, ben
  12. joe.... interested in the possible cables you have. get back to me via email benjxavier@hotmail.com thanks, ben.
  13. Riccardo... im very interested in vest if still avail, please send pics please get back to me asap vai email: benjxavier@hotmail.com thanks, ben.
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