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  1. I’m looking for a PRO gimbal Please send me a PM or an email. niklas@deadbee.se
  2. Having problem with my gimbal. Got perfekt static balanse, and after i wipp-pan the sled gets out of balance. And doing another wip-pan the sled goes back to perfect balance againg. Something i happening with the sled and I cant find out what. But i suppose it is the bearings. Anyone know where to order new bearings to the efp gimbal and mayby know the part#. // Niklas
  3. J7 zoom control wanted. // Niklas niklas@camcrew.se
  4. I´m looking for a EFP sled or a complete EFP rig that is ready to fly. Please email me if you have one for sale, or mayby you know a rig that is for sale. Best regards Niklas Östling niklas@camcrew.se
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