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  1. Selling a Boxx Atom Complete System, including Boxx Atom Transmitter, Boxx Atom Large Receiver with square antenna, and Boxx Atom Lite Receiver. Includes 2 sets of antennas for the transmitter, 2 sets of cables both BNC and power cables. Includes AC/DC power adaptor as well. Boxx Atom Lite also includes 2 sets of BNC and power cables. All items in perfect working condition. Cost over $10,000 USD new. For sale at $5950 USD. Please contact Gottfried Pflugbeil at 416-573-9026 or gottfried.pflugbeil@protonmail.com
  2. Ward Sniper Mark III - Reduced to $3950 USD

    Great price for a fantastic focus pulling tool.

    1. Gottfried Pflugbeil

      Gottfried Pflugbeil

      Email me at: gottfried.pflugbeil@protonmail.com 

      or call 416-573-9026

  3. Ward Sniper Mark III for sale in excellent working condition. Has updated protocol to work with the Preston hand units - it comes up “Sniper” on the HU3 and HU4. Lightning fast readout - much faster than the Cinetape. Plus the range is good 100+ feet versus the cinetape’s 20 feet or so. It is basically a Cinetape with a much faster display readout and a much better throw. Includes mounting bracket, rotation swivel for the sniper, and all cables, plus 6x rechargeable batteries & charger. Awesome focus pulling tool. Bought for $13,000 USD. Selling for $4500 USD.
  4. Boxx Atom Transmitter/Large Receiver/Receiver Lite System for sale. Included: Boxx Atom Transmitter with 2 antennas, power cable and BNC Boxx Atom Large Receiver with Large White Antenna, as well as 5 black antennas Boxx Atom Lite Receiver with power cable and BNC 2 x Power supply box from AC to 4-pin power Pelican Case All for only $6995 USD plus shipping
  6. REDUCED! $2850 for the Large Boxx Atom Receiver each $1700 for the Boxx Atom Lite Receiver
  7. Boxx Atom Large Receiver (2 for sale) and 1x Boxx Atom Lite for sale. Works perfect. Recently serviced by Boxx for software update. Brand new one Large Boxx Atom Receiver costs 3500 pounds or $4,400 USD each, and the Boxx Atom Lite costs 1800 Pounds or $2,304 USD. Selling the Large Boxx Atom Receiver for $2900 USD each and the Boxx Atom Lite Receiver for $1750 USD. Please contact me on my email if you have any questions or you need serial numbers. gottfried.pflugbeil@gmail.com
  8. FOR SALE: COMPLETE PRSTON F.I.Z. SYSTEM WITH REMOTE IRIS CONTROL Everything you need is included in this system; HU3, MDR3, F/I Unit, 1X Motor & 2 other motors for Iris & Zoom, Digital Zoom Controller, Sony Charger and 2 batteries, all cables & brackets and Pelican Case. An absolutely complete set. All pieces have been recently serviced at Preston. What a fantastic opportunity to buy an absolutely complete set for one low price! Brand new this set would cost over $27,000 USD + tax from Preston. Please email me directly if you have any questions regarding this kit, or require any serial numbers. gottfried.pflugbeil@gmail.com Asking $18,900 USD
  9. SmallHD 703 Ultrabright On-board monitor with cables. Paid over $3500 less than a year ago. Asking $2350 USD. Comes with 2-pin to D-tap power cable and BNC cable. Monitor in excellent condition - works perfect. 1080p 7-inch LCD Monitor with 2200 nits Brightness The Brightest 7-inch monitor available with HDR Preview, Waveform, 3D LUT support and 12v Lemo power Model: MON-703U Input: 2-SDI, HDMI Output: SDI, HDMI Display: 7-inch, 1920x1080, 2200nits, Gorilla Glass Power Consumption: 13 watts Weight: 26 oz
  10. For sale: A Preston DM1 Motor (Ser# 1019) with Bracket and Motor Cable. Please see photos. Asking $1195 USD
  11. Selling a Preston MDR2 (Ser#MT-2514) Blue dot G4 Upgraded with the latest software (works with HU3 and F/I unit) with metal bracket for mounting, a Preston DM1 motor (Ser#1019), all cables including a Cinetape interface cable, and a Hard Pelican Case. Just add a Preston HU3 or a Focus/Iris Unit and you're good to go! Selling it as a package for $3495 USD plus shipping or separately: Preston MDR2 with metal bracket: $1975 USD Preston DM1 motor: $1245 USD All cables including Cinetape Interface cable: $495 Pelican Hard Case: $100 All prices above please add shipping as well. I will charge exactly what it actually costs to ship.
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