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  1. Well, my website is gone but don't worry I'm still here. My site was originally hosted at my ISP provider until they stopped offering free hosting. Then I found a place offering free hosting but they went belly up and took my website with them (without bothering to tell me). At this point I do so little business there's no real reason to find someplace else to host it. So if you try to go there and can't be assured I am still here to do repairs and sell any spare parts you might need. My e-mail hasn't changed: jim@bartechengineering.com. Later, Jim Bartell BarTech Enginee
  2. I am switching the BarTech business number from the old standard, 562-987-9159, to a Google Voice number. The new number is 562-283-4805. I got tired of paying $70/month for a number that gets mostly robo-calls. The old number will be disconnected shortly. And, yes. I am still open for business! Jim Bartell, Owner BarTech Engineering
  3. Thanks everyone. They say the internet is the only thing man ever created that he doesn't understand. I'll chalk it up to that. Jim
  4. A customer just informed me that he was unable to view my website: http://www.bartechengineering.com/ . I have no trouble and I'm wondering if something is wrong. If you've got a sec please click on my link and e-mail me (jim@bartechengineering.com) a brief note describing if you see my website or not.. Best regards, Jim Bartell
  5. I was doing the on-line LA times crossword puzzle today and clue 35-down was "Stabilizer for movie shooters". When you start showing up in crossword puzzles you've officially made it.
  6. The BarTech Utility Zoom (BUZ) is back! I discontinued the BUZ in 2015 when I ran out of machined housings. As I was cleaning out my storage unit I found a whole box of them I had forgotten about so I am putting it back into production. For those of you unfamiliar with the BUZ it is a module that interfaces video zoom controllers, such as a Libec or VariZoom, with either zoom motors or focus motors. It performs the same function as a Preston Microforce at a fraction of the price. It is of particular use for Steadicam operators who want to control their own zoom. You can read more abo
  7. You will have to contact PLC for the answer to that. This offer is only for the single channel V2-1 and the focus handset. Jim
  8. Apparently saying the units were $800 each was unclear. It is $800 for the handset and $800 for the receiver so $1600 for the pair. I hope this helps. Jim
  9. 2018 is coming to a close and you may be looking for a way to get a write-off on your taxes and/or just get some gear to provide back-up if your main system goes down. Even if you just are starting out and you don't want to buy a cheap knock-off with no customer support, this is your chance for a better alternative. We have recently been approached by several people interested in a group buy but without wishing to pay the extra fees associated with a group buying website. This includes a couple of schools and Camera Community Libraries as well that are looking for a reliable, simple to use s
  10. I don't know how I missed this when it was posted. All BFD handsets will work with either analog or digital receivers. However, a very small minority (<5%) of older units that are still running obsolete software may need an update. The upgrade is $45 for the new CPU chip.
  11. I've got a WRC-3 (not 4, 3) handset and receiver you are welcome to. This was one of the first wireless follow focus ever made. Jim Bartell
  12. Whenever someone asks me for a person who can repair BFD's in Europe I send them to Carmine Zecca. Top notch, very talented. Jim
  13. Sold out! Thanks everybody. I thought I was going to take these things to my grave. Jim
  14. Since Don Wetzel passed away last year there is no longer anyone making analog motors. This leaves me stuck with a bin full of analog receivers I can't sell. I used to sell these for over $1000 each. Now is your chance to pick one up for $350! It is the ultimate backup for your analog system since more than 90% of BFD repairs are due to failures in the receiver. Buy one of these and you will never have to worry about your BFD failing on set. These are complete analog receivers, brand new housing and all! Get them while you can! Jim Bartell jim@bartechengineering.com
  15. Sure. It is just 3 parts: 1. A Lemo 2-pin socket, type B, size 0 (EGG.0B.302) or equivalent 2. A 1.2K, 1/4 watt resistor 3. A dual bidirectional red/green LED Solder one end of the resistor to the socket pin 1. Solder the other end of the resistor to the anode of the green LED (which is the cathode of the red LED). Solder the cathode of the green LED (which is the anode of the red LED) to pin 2 of the socket. Plug the cable being tested into power (12 or 24 VDC) and the 2-pin Lemo plug end into the socket of the tester. The LED will light up green for BFD cables, red for Teradek
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