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  1. I keep thinking about grabbing one of these - is there any trade off at all to be aware of?
  2. Price: $13,000 Includes: Steadyrig telescoping post Steadyrig top and bottom Electronics - same as PRO Steadyrig battery hanger - AB mount MK-V 1.5" gimbal Betz top stage (like new) w/ dovetail and rods Arri Alexa power cable Red Epic/scarlet/weapon power cable 2x jerry hill docking rings This sled was upgraded to HD. If you want I have a monitor and arm for it but I may hold onto them as a backup. I would consider selling the gimbal or the Betz top stage separately. Make me an offer. Extras: $1000 - 2x - Jerry Hill Docking Brackets one with balance pin - one for a cart
  3. Business as usual for him. He had my motor for over two months, and ultimately it wasn't fixed. I ended up sending it to Peter Hoare - he fixes and returns them from the UK in less than 2 weeks! pete@hocusproducts.com Let me know if you need an M-One in the mean time, mine is available for as long as you need it -
  4. Where will you be? I recently traveled to Brazil through São Paulo, just for vacation but customs was pretty serious and I wouldn't plan on just slipping through without having everything lined up perfectly. Including the proper visa. I was carrying some photo gear and they sat me aside to go over everything and what my purpose was in the country and only let me through once I could back up my story with documentation of my trip into the pantanal. Once you're there be extra cognizant of your surroundings. Crime is high and having your possessions stolen is a very serious possibility
  5. I've had vertical lines appear on a Marshal monitor when the HD-SDI signal had become weak because of what was likely a loose connection that eventually lead to no signal at all. I'd start by connecting the monitor to an HD-SDI line directly to the source and bypassing your sled to see if it is the monitor or a weak signal somewhere within your sled's connections.
  6. Both units I've used drain the batteries when it's turned off. Using lithium ion rechargeable that seem to last almost a full day.
  7. Still available if anyone wants to add a set of these to your cart.
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