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  1. Hey everyone - I've got a near-mint condition set of PLC Veracity Control Wheels for sale. It currently has a Spektrum transmitter on it (for MoVI) and comes with a cable to connect to a MoVI controller. You can easily change the transmitter to one for Ronin or Maxima. These are the only wheels that currently work with the ARRI Maxima. I bought these from Peter Barta last month for a feature and we ended up using a completely different tool! They have not seen a day on set with me and you can see Pete's previous post for his info too. • Pan and Tilt Veracity Control Wheels • Slice • Spektrum DM8 (for MoVI or any gimbal w/Spektrum receiver) • Spektrum AR7010 • High Gain Antenna • Base Plate • 1x Wheel Connection Cable • 2x P-Tap Power Cables • 2x Spektrum Control Cable • 1x PLC Serial Data Cable • PLC / Pelican Storm Case w/Foam Cost is over $5000 new and has to come from Canada Asking for $3500, located in Los Angeles (You may notice this is slightly more than Peter was asking - this is because I paid to ship them in to the US from him in Australia, this price is 'at cost' for me). Please feel free to ask any questions! Ben
  2. M1 Volt isn't coming through in time and production demands perfection! If you're looking to unload a Wave, I'm your guy! Please e-mail - ben.verhulst (at) gmail Thanks! Ben
  3. Kevin - you carry more than $1 million liability? Unless it's drone work, almost every commercial policy I've ever seen has been $1 mil per incident. Occasionally you'll see $2 mil.
  4. Yes, always get the COI and check the limits. On a side note - my renter's insurance with USAA provides me with liability. I can raise it to $1 mil per incident and it would only cost me around $95/year. I called to check it out and it covers me anywhere, including when I'm working under someone else's employment. Much cheaper than a special camera operator's liability policy and more universal.
  5. Thanks Janice - that's a good rationale. Also, a good reason to have Umbrella Insurance in your life!
  6. I don't mean to hi-jack your thread Janice, but has anyone ever had to use their operator liability insurance? I pay for lots of different kinds of insurance in my life and I understand the rational for operator liability, but I have trouble imagining a scenario in which the company hiring you wouldn't be the liable party as long as you're an employee. I've also never heard of anyone who has had to collect on it. Any thoughts?
  7. Thanks Matthias - I should've reached out to you first - your customer service has always been first rate! I talked to Pro a while back about it too and they seemed to think it was because the spud didn't have the conical bit on the end that provides the surface area to lock down with. I might take you up on that guide pin. I'd go to the telescoping arms, but I really like the low profile I have now.
  8. I bought the camjam bracket that just goes to the Pro spud a few years ago (without the telescoping bracket). I love the monitor bracket itself, no vibrations with my DP7 HB. However, it keeps spinning on the Pro Spud Receiver if given enough force (not a ridiculous amount of force either). I've gotten it mostly under control with lock-washers, but my nightmare is it coming loose on a vehicle mount or similar. Anyone else had this issue at all? Thinking of having a machinist try to add a key seat / keyway. Hope I'm not hijacking your thread Justin :)
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