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  1. For Sale Used ARRI Artemis Act2 Monitor bracket with clamp. Pictured below. Monitor not included. $1200 USD Located in NYC Matt@nysteadi.com
  2. Lightly used Small HD Cine 7 monitor with AB Gold Mount and matte screen protector. $1300 MATT@NYSTEADI.COM
  3. Used Bartech and M-One Motor for sale. With ptap power and motor cable. $1300 MATT@NYSTEADI.COM
  4. Very Lightly used Decimator MD-X Cross Converter for sale. 1 Ptap Power Located in NYC. $200 MATT@NYSTEADI.COM
  5. FOR SALE ACT 2 Monitor Bracket No Post Clamp. Could be a great backup for someone with another one of these on the sled. Have it setup on your backup monitor ready to go. Asking $1000 MATT@NYSTEADI.COM Monitor not included but yoke pictured on monitor.
  6. Going through some old stuff and I have a 6in Transvideo SBL Classic for sale. Here’s the thing it works, however it has a subtle flicker on the backlight, it is definitely useable but not perfect. A while back I reached out to Transvideo and they made me an offer to trade it in for a value applied to the price of a brand new monitor. Figured I’d see if anyone wanted it. Could be good to fix up. Asking $400 but make an offer! MATT@NYSTEADI.COM
  7. For Sale— $1500 Or Best offer! Used Scout 37 EVO Cart without Steadicam accessories. These can be purchased from Inovativ. Comes with Travel bag. Sold in as is condition. Besides some cosmetic issues this is a great cart. Available for local pickup or drop off in NYC. Happy to ship Ground anywhere at buyers expense. Please email me at MATT@NYSTEADI.COM
  8. USED CINETRONIC GEN 2 Monitor for Sale. Located in NYC $1500 USD MATT@NYSTEADI.COM
  9. Try and get a GZOOM. Gimbal mounted focus and zoom controller. https://www.g-zoom.com/gzoom/
  10. Preston HU3 MDR 2 System FOR SALE— Preston HU3, MDR2 system with 3 motors and cables. HU was purchased new in April 2017 and MDR2 was upgraded to G4 at that time. All motors have Hill brackets and arms. System packaged in a Pelican 1600 case. Will only sell as a full system. Asking - $20,000 USD located in NYC will ship at buyers expense. MATT@NYSTEADI.COM FIZ— (1) HU3 (Serial 3198) (2) MICROFORCE V+F (Serial 95382) (3) DM 2 Motor (Serial 3456) (4) DM 2 Motor (Serial 2861) (5) DM 1 Motor (Serial 1807) Cables— (6) Motor Cables (3) ARRI 3 Pin Run/Stop (1) RED Run/Stop (2) Alexa Mini EXT Run/Stop (2) MDR to PTAP Power (1) MDR 3 pin Fisher Power (2) Microforce to HU Cable (2) Handset to MDR Hardwire Cable (30ft and 100ft) Power— (6) Handset Batteries (3) Chargers Accessories— (3) 19mm to 15mm bushings (7) Motor Adaptive Gears, 48 pitch, 64 pitch, .4 mm, .6 mm (3) 5/8 Pana Arm Reducers (1) Pana Slide Mount
  11. If you call the national office they can email it over to you.
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