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  1. Hi Michael, please email me harveyrglen@gmail.com thanks
  2. Hey Justen, please email am interested in this harveyrglen@gmail.com thanks
  3. Hi Justen, am interested in your sled. Please get in touch harveyrglen@gmail.com Thanks Harvey
  4. Hi been trying to get hold of you via email. is your rig still available? I’m interested. Is so please get in touch. harveyrglen@gmail.com thanks Harvey
  5. Hello thanks so much for all the emails ref offering Rigs and advise. I really appreciate it! I'm currently weighing up the options and my budget. Thanks so much Harvey
  6. Hello I have just completed the Tiffen Steadicam Workshop in Atlanta and am now in the market for a Rig. Ideally, I would like to buy a complete Rig. It needs to be able to fly the heavier cameras including a fully kitted out RED. Having an HD monitor would also be great. I am based in Dubai Thanks so much Hope to hear from you soon Harvey
  7. Hi Alex, is this rig still for sale? Thanks so much Harvey
  8. Hello I have just completed the Tiffen Steadicam workshop in Atlanta and now have the bug! I am looking to purchase a rig to improve my operating skills. Exciting times! Harvey

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