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  1. Benjamin Casias


  2. Benjamin Casias


    Looking to buy a betz tools wave I will be in Los Angeles all this week if anybody has one I'll pay cash.
  3. Looking for an american stand Looking for a jerry hill dock (no balence bar just the dock) Loking for a moses pole Looking for transvideo Yolk for 8" monitor Looking for Masters series adapter to transvideo yolk (rod mount) Any help would be appreciated. Email me direct BTCasias@gmail.com
  4. Benjamin Casias

    WTB. Teradek sdi bolt in LA

    I have 2 available The original Bolt 1:1 with a reliable 100+ feet threw walls and 200+ feet line of site And the original bolt pro 1:2 (i only have one recoever for it you would have to sorce a second one) It aslo has a reliable 100+ feet threw walls and 200+ feet line of site. BTCasias@gmail.com I will be in LA 20-25 and am happy to ship it to you if you need it sooner. $1000 for either +$50 for shipping 3day
  5. I need a backup rig so i can rewire my Rig. I am also looking for another arm. Master arm G70 Leather vest Masters sled Ultra / ultra 2 sled BTCasias@gmail.com
  6. Benjamin Casias

    PLC Veracity Wheels

    Can it work with Movi XL and Ronan 2?
  7. Benjamin Casias

    2x Kenyon KS-6 gyros sets for sale

    I am Interested Email me at BTCasias@gmail.com
  8. Whats your email? Or better yet Write me BTCasias@gmail.com
  9. Benjamin Casias

    Back mount vest for sale

    Sale pending
  10. Selling my back mount vest It has served me well over the years and is my preferred way to operate LowMode. Asking $1500 Steadicam Back Mount Vest
  11. Benjamin Casias

    Preston repairs

    Hello steadicam family. Recently my preston TX for the FIZ1 has taken a fall. The battery plate came off and needs repairs or replacement. Who is the person i can contact that knows this system? I dont believe Preston covers fixes anymore for the older models. Btcasias@gmail.com
  12. Benjamin Casias

    Preston MDR-2 with brackets and cables

    Photos Btcasias@gmail.com
  13. Benjamin Casias

    Wave1 "betz-tools"

    Looking for a "Wave1" single axies stabalizer for rent or purchase in California. Want to try it out. Message me directly if you have any leads. Thanks chaps
  14. I am selling my digital receiver for my Bartech. here is a link to the ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/182555572100 If you want to make an offer lemme know. Benjamin Casias STEADICAM/CINEMATOGRAPHER BenjaminCasias.com 818.850.2216
  15. Benjamin Casias

    Docking bracket

    Selling my gear on ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/182458891134