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  1. DeFoe 2 stage side loading clip-on matte box 4x5 plus 80mm round rotapol stage. Can go from 110 to 80mm. Asking $1,000 OBO. Arri 2 stage 3x3 clip-on matte box. Comes with ND 3, 6, 9, and pol. Asking $500 OBO. Email me @: steadihandluke(at)gmail.com
  2. For sale, excellent condition single channel MDR with 2 arri power cables, 1 pro to MDR power, mounting bracket, hand unit strap, and custom case by Master cases. Asking $2,000 OBO Contact: steadihandluke(at)gmail.com
  3. Clearing out all the extra bits and pieces: XCS 1.5” sleeve asking $800 2” XCS telescoping super post 39”-70” with Pro mounts and Pro 2 HD modified centerpost cable, and travel case, asking $3,000 Pro power & accessory cables, asking $100 each pro to red one pro to 4 pin xlr pro to panavision Pro to bfd (2) Pro to Teradek (3) Pro SD centerpost cable Buyer pays shipping. email direct at: steadihandluke(@)Gmail.com https://ibb.co/BgrdLvd https://ibb.co/vdhf59p https://ibb.co/NnWfyXG https://ibb.co/QbGySSG https://ibb.co/2knZ2xh https://ibb.co/QK5ZLPr
  4. A moment from Alan Caso ASC...his last official steadicam shot on the job after 20 plus years of wearing the rig. Show was Blackbeard...early 2000s I think. The look on his face is priceless, thank you Alan!
  5. Pro sd centerpost cable, $200 OBO. Buyer pays shipping. Steadihandluke(at)gmail(dot)com
  6. 7 AB dionic 90s that need to be recelled and 1 shell. Asking $50 each, $20 for shell. $300 if you buy them all! Buyer pays shipping.
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