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  1. Update: Now $7000.00 for package. Buyer pays shipping or makes arrangement for local LA pickup.
  2. O'Connor 2575 serial# 549126 for sale -Original owner well maintained/serviced regularly. Functionally Excellent, Appearance Very Good Includes: Arri sliding dovetail plate, Panavision sliding dovetail plate, and euro style sliding dovetail plate (seldom used) 2 handles & 2 handle extensions ELB -Eyepiece Leveling Bracket (seldom used) FBB- Front Box Bracket DET- Deal Enforcement Tool - Useful when handshake deal made on Monday does not in anyway match official Deal Memo received on Friday (seldom used) 2 QRP Quick release plates Shipping Case $7700.00 Head weight 25lbs. Shipping Case filled with head and extras 62lbs. local LA delivery. Will include $100.00 for shipping elsewhere. PayPal or cash.
  3. Yes..Still available. $2200 or best offer. sstjandfam@aol.com
  4. For Sale: Sachtler Studio 80 II Fluid head. Mitchell base. Quick release plate. Eyepiece leveler, front box bracket, handles. 200 lb. capacity. weight 34 lbs. shipping case. Serviced April 30, 2012 $4250.00 Plus shipping photos to follow. sstjandfam@aol.com
  5. FOR SALE: Transvideo Frameline Generator condition- rarely used VG/Excellent. $500.00 OBO plus shipping Stephen St. John sstjandfam @aol.com
  6. FOR SALE: GPI GEN #1 PRO MONITOR - works great, newer power supply. Includes 1- Monitor to PRO cable- long 2- Break out cables- Monitor to 4 pin canon 12 volt/video BNC 1- Bubble level sensor 1- Pelican case Best offer Stephen St. John sstjandfam@aol.com
  7. FIZ PACKAGE SOLD as 3 motor system DM-2 with motor cable, and 32/48/64 pitch gears remains for sale Thank you everyone, Stephen St. John sstjandfam@aol.com
  8. Complete PRESTON FIZ package. HU1 Upgraded- 2 antennas- 3 batteries/charger-9 focus rings MDR-1 Upgraded- 3 antennas /steadicam support bracket 4 motors-2DM1s (completely rebuilt warranty thru Feb. 2013), 2DM2s- 32/64/48 pitch gears 5- MDR power cables 12/24 -short/ long 5- on/off cables arri/2 pana/aaton/moviecam 5-motor cables 2 command cables 5"/25' microforce V+F zoom control/ bracket to HU/ short and long cable Remote iris box with long cable Hill and Preston motor support brackets/numerous Please check out the enclosed photos or email me directly for photos. Also included Pelican case that needs re-foaming. $18,500.00 for complete package. Stephen St. John sstjandfam@aol.com
  9. FOR SALE: 1 KS-4 GYRO modified by George Paddock including 12 volt Ken lab inverter. 1 KS-8 GYRO modified by George Paddock including 12 volt Ken lab KI-12-6 inverter. 2 Paddock male mounting studs 4 KS-4 inverter power cables 2) XLR 4 pin/2 pin ken lab, 1) lemo 2 pin (#0 shell)/2 pin ken lab connector, 1) lemo 2 pin (#1 shell)/2 pin ken lab connector 2 KS-4 gyro power cables both lemo 2 pin (locking #0 shell)/2 pin edison 2 KS-8 inverter power cables 1) XLR 4 pin/lemo 2 pin (#1 shell), 1) lemo 2 pin/lemo 2 pin (both sides #1 shell) 2 KS-8 gyro power cables lemo 2 pin/lemo 2 pin (both sides locking #0 shell) one 24", the other 26' bundled with bnc/bnc video cable Padded case included. Buyer pays shipping $4500.00 OBO Stephen St. John sstjandfam@aol.com 818 307-7409
  10. I am now offering a 2 GYRO PACKAGE. Check out new listing. S. St. John
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