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  1. Found mine a couple weeks ago. Battery died at an amusing moment. Thought today would be a good day to post.
  2. Hi Jens, I just posted this bracket. If you would like to pay shipping it's yours. If not check back in a few days best, Steve
  3. Old School PRO docking bracket. Should work with any 1.5" post. One docking ring. $150.00. Includes shipping within USA.
  4. Cinema Products offered this in the early 1980s in the era before Jesse Garfield's hard mount. If you are working on shows with a grip department using speed rail this might not be necessary. If you are working on low budget shows or out of the country, this is a tremendous time saver. No big on set construction project. Mount this to a piece of of plywood and you are ready to go. Used on many projects with success. Never let me down. 3' tall. base 14"x14" 20lbs. Case included (caja de muerto) 39"x16"x16" 38lbs. Total weight 58lbs Fex-ex ground $170.00 LA/east coast. Arm socket receiver NOT included. Steel Socket preferred. Titanium Sockets strong but brittle may fail if used off road/rough road with any hard mount. Local LA pickup or buyer pays shipping $400.00 plus 3% Paypal
  5. Very Good Condition: Friction tape on top stage to inhibit camera from rotating on 'touch and go' plate. Includes two handles, 'touch and go' plate. Buyer pays shipping 40lbs. or local Los Angeles pickup. $4,000.00
  6. Very Good/Excellent condition. Elements clean. Very sharp. Includes PV and PL mounts. Assortment of shims 2 Diopters +1 and +2, Shipping case Medium/heavy lift drone work, steadicam or handheld. $12,000.00
  7. The fastest 300mm. Nikon built 441of these for the 1984 Summer Olympics. Fully panavized by the great Dan Sasaki. It's a beauty. Includes PV and PL mounts. Would cover "Vistavision" format when using large sensors with a change of the rear mount. Make an offer.
  8. Update: Now $7000.00 for package. Buyer pays shipping or makes arrangement for local LA pickup.
  9. O'Connor 2575 serial# 549126 for sale -Original owner well maintained/serviced regularly. Functionally Excellent, Appearance Very Good Includes: Arri sliding dovetail plate, Panavision sliding dovetail plate, and euro style sliding dovetail plate (seldom used) 2 handles & 2 handle extensions ELB -Eyepiece Leveling Bracket (seldom used) FBB- Front Box Bracket DET- Deal Enforcement Tool - Useful when handshake deal made on Monday does not in anyway match official Deal Memo received on Friday (seldom used) 2 QRP Quick release plates Shipping Case $7700.00 Head weight 25lbs. Shipping Case filled with head and extras 62lbs. local LA delivery. Will include $100.00 for shipping elsewhere. PayPal or cash.
  10. Yes..Still available. $2200 or best offer. sstjandfam@aol.com
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