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  1. Update: Now $7000.00 for package. Buyer pays shipping or makes arrangement for local LA pickup.
  2. O'Connor 2575 serial# 549126 for sale -Original owner well maintained/serviced regularly. Functionally Excellent, Appearance Very Good Includes: Arri sliding dovetail plate, Panavision sliding dovetail plate, and euro style sliding dovetail plate (seldom used) 2 handles & 2 handle extensions ELB -Eyepiece Leveling Bracket (seldom used) FBB- Front Box Bracket DET- Deal Enforcement Tool - Useful when handshake deal made on Monday does not in anyway match official Deal Memo received on Friday (seldom used) 2 QRP Quick release plates Shipping Case $7700.00 Head weight 25lbs. Shipping Case filled with head and extras 62lbs. local LA delivery. Will include $100.00 for shipping elsewhere. PayPal or cash.
  3. Yes..Still available. $2200 or best offer. sstjandfam@aol.com
  4. For Sale: Sachtler Studio 80 II Fluid head. Mitchell base. Quick release plate. Eyepiece leveler, front box bracket, handles. 200 lb. capacity. weight 34 lbs. shipping case. Serviced April 30, 2012 $4250.00 Plus shipping photos to follow. sstjandfam@aol.com
  5. FOR SALE: Transvideo Frameline Generator condition- rarely used VG/Excellent. $500.00 OBO plus shipping Stephen St. John sstjandfam @aol.com
  6. FOR SALE: GPI GEN #1 PRO MONITOR - works great, newer power supply. Includes 1- Monitor to PRO cable- long 2- Break out cables- Monitor to 4 pin canon 12 volt/video BNC 1- Bubble level sensor 1- Pelican case Best offer Stephen St. John sstjandfam@aol.com
  7. FIZ PACKAGE SOLD as 3 motor system DM-2 with motor cable, and 32/48/64 pitch gears remains for sale Thank you everyone, Stephen St. John sstjandfam@aol.com
  8. Complete PRESTON FIZ package. HU1 Upgraded- 2 antennas- 3 batteries/charger-9 focus rings MDR-1 Upgraded- 3 antennas /steadicam support bracket 4 motors-2DM1s (completely rebuilt warranty thru Feb. 2013), 2DM2s- 32/64/48 pitch gears 5- MDR power cables 12/24 -short/ long 5- on/off cables arri/2 pana/aaton/moviecam 5-motor cables 2 command cables 5"/25' microforce V+F zoom control/ bracket to HU/ short and long cable Remote iris box with long cable Hill and Preston motor support brackets/numerous Please check out the enclosed photos or email me directly for photos. Also included Pelican case that needs re-foaming. $18,500.00 for complete package. Stephen St. John sstjandfam@aol.com
  9. FOR SALE: 1 KS-4 GYRO modified by George Paddock including 12 volt Ken lab inverter. 1 KS-8 GYRO modified by George Paddock including 12 volt Ken lab KI-12-6 inverter. 2 Paddock male mounting studs 4 KS-4 inverter power cables 2) XLR 4 pin/2 pin ken lab, 1) lemo 2 pin (#0 shell)/2 pin ken lab connector, 1) lemo 2 pin (#1 shell)/2 pin ken lab connector 2 KS-4 gyro power cables both lemo 2 pin (locking #0 shell)/2 pin edison 2 KS-8 inverter power cables 1) XLR 4 pin/lemo 2 pin (#1 shell), 1) lemo 2 pin/lemo 2 pin (both sides #1 shell) 2 KS-8 gyro power cables lemo 2 pin/lemo 2 pin (both sides locking #0 shell) one 24", the other 26' bundled with bnc/bnc video cable Padded case included. Buyer pays shipping $4500.00 OBO Stephen St. John sstjandfam@aol.com 818 307-7409
  10. I am now offering a 2 GYRO PACKAGE. Check out new listing. S. St. John
  11. For Sale: This arm utilizes original Cinema Products red springs. It has been updated by Robert Luna with an articulated center section and a reversible titanium block. It will handle systems weighing up to 40 lbs. Most digital, all DSLRs, 16mm, and light 35mm cameras can be supported. The arm itself weighs only 10 lbs. Package includes straight post, and J-bracket. Also included 3 spare pins, 2 spare knuckles, and 2 original hinged knuckles. The hinged knuckles could be re-installed by those preferring a closer and tighter feel. Supplied with a soft padded arm bag. When you hear the director's voice screaming through a megaphone, "Run, you bastard, run!" this is the arm for you. $5500.00 Buyer pays shipping Stephen St. John sstjandfam@aol.com 818 307-7409
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