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  1. We had an estimated 600 attendees at the Steadicam Guild - Steadicam Operator Expo this year! Special thanks to Tiffen for allowing us to invade your parking lot again this year. Thank you exhibitors and attendees for participating! Hope to see everyone again next year!
  2. Free Online Raffle ticket. (You must print and bring the ticket to the Steadicam Guild Booth at the Steadicam Guild- Steadicam Operator Expo) Some rules: 1. Sign up by following the link below. 2. PRINT your FREE RAFFLE TICKET. 3. BRING your Printed Raffle ticket to the Steadicam Guild booth and put it in the Raffle bowl. 4. You must be present to win. If you aren't there when we call your name, another ticket will be drawn. CLICK HERE FOR FREE TICKET TO PRINT We have ONE Aliens Vasquez Action figure with Steadicam Arm. These now sell for $80!
  3. Free Raffle Ticket for the Steadicam Guild Steadicam Operator Expo. Rules: You have to sign up on the eventbrite website following this link. You have to print your free ticket and you have to bring it to the Steadicam Guild booth You have to be present to win. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/steadicam-guild-steadicam-operator-expo-raffle-ticket-tickets-62683963422
  4. Thank you Louis for your positive post! Sorry to hear you aren't coming. Maybe next year?!
  5. Tom, Ouch. I dont believe I know you but I have to correct you here. We actually have 7 exhibitors who will not be at Cinegear. We will have a Steadicam obstacle course thanks to Flowince and anyone who wants to try on any rig and test can do so. The Steadicam Guild and Tiffen will have separate raffles and Tiffen is providing In-N -Out this year to attendees.
  6. The Steadicam Guild's Steadicam Operator Expo (There are only a few Exhibitor spaces left!) Contact us: Steadicamguild@gmail.com 2019 Exhibitors: XCS Inc. Zalex Accessories-(Expo discounts being offered!) Randy Nolen, SOC Vintage Steadi-Stuff Core SWX RDC iSAFE TV and Film Flowcine Inovativ Carts Optical Support Tiffen Steadicam Heden Group AB Transvideo International Steadicam Guild Camera Rickshaw NEW THIS YEAR: LUNCH: We will have TWO In-N-Out food trucks there during lunch. (Lunch Provided by our Host, Tiffen Steadicam) OBSTACLE COURSE for attendees!
  7. Hello everyone, It's come to my attention that there is a problem with the online Exhibitor registration form on the Steadicam Operator Expo website. While I have had several people use the form without issue, a couple of people have said they submitted the online registration form a few weeks ago and they received no email response from me. When someone registers, I receive the online registration form through email and for some reason, some of the forms were not forwarded even though exhibitors received a web page confirmation. If you didn't hear from me the same day you registered, I didn't receive your online registration form. please send EMAIL me at SteadicamGuild@gmail.com and let me know which exhibit space you would like. Look at the map to see which spaces are still available, as I've updated the map this morning: Steadicam Operator Expo I'm so sorry about this. P.S. This notice is for potential Exhibitors and not attendees. Best, David Allen Grove Steadicam Operator Expo
  8. That's awesome! I found it online! https://laxcrossword.com/tag/stabilizer-for-movie-shooters-crossword-clue
  9. Peter Abraham's Zalex Longplate will be on Display at the Steadicam Guild Booth during the Steadicam Guild-Steadicam Operator Expo. He has a special Steadicam Operator Expo 10% discount rate for his products so if you are going to buy from Peter, do it before Midnight Sunday June 2nd. Details below.
  10. These three companies will be at the Steadicam Guild's, Steadicam Operator Expo again the year.
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