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  1. David Allen Grove

    Steadicam Operator Expo- accepting Exhibitor Registration

    These three companies will be at the Steadicam Guild's, Steadicam Operator Expo again the year.
  2. David Allen Grove

    Steadicam Operator Expo- accepting Exhibitor Registration

    Steadicam Operator Expo www.SteadicamOperatorExpo.com Exhibitors are already singing up! iSafe TV and Film www.isafetvandfilm.com Core SWX www.coreswx.com Camera Rickshaw www.CameraRickshaw.com Steadicam Guild www.SteadicamGuild.com
  3. The Steadicam Guild: Steadicam Operator Expo. (Formerly known as the Stabilizer Gear Expo) is an expo created by Steadicam Operators for Steadicam operators. Exhibitor Registration is now open. If you create products or offer services that cater specifically to Steadicam Operators this expo is for you! Please visit our website for more information. Website: www.SteadicamOperatorExpo.com Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/steadicamoperatorexpo
  4. $250 daily rental: Rickshaw $60 daily rental: Gorelink. $60 daily rental: Klassen Vehicle mount. $1000 daily: SteadiCAB includes delivery, set up and driver. Full advanced payment plus deposit and a certificate of insurance required on all rentals. Payment can be made online. www.CameraRickshaw.com
  5. I was just sent this COI for a rickshaw rental. Seems a "bit" light on information and coverage. I emailed the person back and asked that I be listed on the cert. I just now saw and I'm not sure what the "supplement $250" is? Has anyone come across this type of certificate with virtually no info on it and only good for the one day it's being rented?
  6. David Allen Grove

    Current Deal Memo

    Sample of a basic Steadicam Operator deal memo is on the Steadicam Guild website. Lower left side on the page called "Operator's Corner" There is a PDF version and a word version of a deal memo. Direct link to the main page: http://www.steadicamguild.us/indexmain.html
  7. David Allen Grove

    Stabilizer Gear Expo June 3 2018

    iSAFE TV and Film will be at this year's Steadicam Guild, Stabilizer Gear Expo! Joyce Gilliard, the founder of iSAFE TV and Film and Hairstylist who was seriously injured on the MIdnight Rider set will be there!
  8. David Allen Grove

    Stabilizer Gear Expo June 3 2018

    More exhibitors have signed on! Exhibitor registration is still open! Goto www.StabilizerGearExpo.com to register. Attendees do not need to register. Aaton Transvideo Heden Ignite Digi Greg Smith Steadicam Lessons Transvideo International Bright Tangerine. Optical Support Flowcine Tiffen Steadicam Guild CameraRickshaw.com
  9. David Allen Grove

    Stabilizer Gear Expo June 3 2018

    Exhibitor Registration is now open!! Early Bird special Now through April 30th. For more information email me through the website: www.StabilizerGearExpo.com Aaton Digital Transvideo has just signed on. Tiffen Steadicam is once again hosting the Steadicam Guild's Stabilizer Gear Expo! We will have more updates as planning continues. Stay Tuned.
  10. David Allen Grove

    Sony F65 - What Concerns Us

    Thank you, Alec. I'm glad to be back too! Yea, I'm feeling a little bit like Han Solo recently unfrozen from Carbonite. What? Luke's a Jedi Master AND the world has gone to HD?!?! :-) Seriously thinking about your decimator. What kind of power cable does your decimator have? I'll email you.
  11. David Allen Grove

    Sony F65 - What Concerns Us

    Excellent. In the past, when I've needed down converter, production has just rented it and the converter was powered off the camera. Since the job is in Iowa and I don't think there's a lot of rental houses that have down converters and power cable options may be limited, I imagine my best option would be to get a cable to power off my sled? I'm looking at this Decimator: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1091828-REG/decimator_dd_dec_2_3g_hd_sd_sdi_to_hdmi_with.html?ap=y&c3api=1876%2C92051678882%2C%2C&gclid=Cj0KCQjwtOLVBRCZARIsADPLtJ1mQMDY1Zc1Zjepg90XW0fo7Hq0xJhS1Bb3R9uIgIl7N6yUIBR0CzoaAs3PEALw_wcB Sorry for the rookie type questions. This is my first Steadicam job in roughly 5 or 6 years due to my temporary disability.
  12. David Allen Grove

    Sony F65 - What Concerns Us

    To clarify, Alfeo mentioned this in an early comment: "This camera is 24P not Psf, so they say some HD monitors may not work, test your monitor before hand, UltraBrite 2's (at least mine) are fine." So, I was concerned that a down converter could have issues too but If the decimator works, I'll get it or have production rent it. Thank you Alec. :-)
  13. David Allen Grove

    Sony F65 - What Concerns Us

    I'll be flying this camera for the first time very soon. This will be out of State and prep will also be out of state. I still fly with an analog monitor.. Question: Will a Decimator Down converter work with this camera? One of the earlier post mentions that the F65 outputs 24p and some HD monitors don't work with it? Will that be an issue with a down converter?
  14. David Allen Grove

    600 withholdings

    ICG600.com HOVER (don't click) over the "MY 600" menu item (top right menu item) Click on "Invoices and Statements" I went to the page and it said (Statements will be generated and posted annually by February 28th)"
  15. David Allen Grove

    For Rent Forum? Under Market place?

    I can't remember if I asked this before. There are a number of Steadicam Operators that have extra gear they are willing to rent to other operators. For example, I have rickshaws, a SteadiCAB, Vehicle mount and gorelink plus other items that I rent to other steadicam operators and productions. Is a "For Rent" section under Marketplace something that you think could be useful to this forum? Thank you.